FFXIV Gardening (Seeds / Soil / Crossbreeding)

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So you’ve decided to harvest moon it up, huh? Let our FFXIV Gardening guide help you out! Put your science hats on…

Basics | Seeds | Soil | Cross-breeding

FFXIV Gardening Basics

To garden you need two things, FC Housing (or Individual?), and a Gardening Patch. While we can’t help you getting the former, Garden Patches can be found in the housing vendor located in your respective ward.

To plant a seed you need two things. A Seed + Soil. Watering Plants isn’t so bad, and you only need to water them once every human day (estimate). And takes around 3-5 days depending on seed to grow (estimate).

Where do I get Seeds?  Seeds can be farmed by Botanists. There are a bunch, to say the least. (30-40+?)

What about Soil? Soil is obtained by Miners. It comes in three types and three grades. You don’t need specific soil to plant seeds, but full research may be needed if plants are grown on their “home-soil”, though unlikely.

Fertilizer!? You can fertilize a crop to make it grow faster. It can be placed once an hour(human). It speeds it up by an hour growth at minimum (estimate)

What does gardening give!? We don’t know yet, give us a few days to grow our seeds, lol. We will be tracking our Gardening Rewards & Items in P2 of this post.


Seeds – Where and how?

(Node ID is in relation to: Botany Node Locations)

Seeds are a DoL “Rare Drop”, which means it will not always spawn when you inspect a node. There does not seem to be a way to increase the discovery rate of Seeds. You can also get seeds from a Botanist Retainer Venture (which is a pretty decent way to get them)

Where do I find certain seeds? They spawn in any node where you can gather the corresponding fruit. It’s no mystery but we can list them if needed…

Soil – Effects, Properties & Locations

Soil is also a “rare drop”. (See “Seeds” Section). (Node ID is in relation to: Mining Node Locations)

There are three types of soil in the game: Thanalan, La Noscean and Gridanian. Each type of soil has its own unique effects.

Thanalan Soil: Increases cross-breeding chance.
La Noscean Soil: Increases chance for an HQ crop.
Gridanian Soil: Increases crop yields.

Once we harvest a few crops, we’ll know more about the effects.

Crossbreding Seeds?

To be honest, we don’t know much about this yet. There are some question that are still unclear to us…

Crossbreeding is chance based (pretty much confirmed)
Do two seeds have to “grow together”?
Can a seedling Crossbreed with a plant?
Can a plant Crossbreed with a seedling?
Do “tier 2” Crossbreeds exist?
What are the possible rewards for Crossbreeding seeds?

We cannot know any of this without time and luck, so if you know anything – let us know!

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7 thoughts on “FFXIV Gardening (Seeds / Soil / Crossbreeding)”

  1. in 8 spots alternated honey lemon and prickly pineapple 4 of each pineapple planted in corners using grade 3 thanalan soil we recieved about 80 or so lemons and pineapples and 2 sacks of apricot kernels.

  2. I planted my seeds in an L shaped pattern each with grade 1 Thanalan soil so it was difficult to tell which gave me what but I’ll list all the possibilities:
    Flax + Mirror Apples = blood currant
    Mirror Apples + Fairies Apples = blood currant or pixie plum
    Fairie Apples + Lowland Grapes = pixie plum

  3. grade 3 thanalan soil prickly pineapple and dzemel tomatoes gets you la noscean leek seeds you have to plant the 2 different plants side by side of course to get the cross breed results its quite random it seems only one pack of seeds in whole garden. I am trying some new strains in this current garden

    1. The housing vendor sells it. It’s called “Fishmeal”. Culinarians can also make 12 out of 3 Lominsan Anchovy

  4. I had Wizard eggplant in Thanalan Soil (3) next to La Noscean Lettuce in Gridanian Soil (3), Got 12 HQ lettuce and 18NQ eggplants (NQ) crossbreeding gave me 6 more eggplant seeds.

    That would leave me to believe you could harvest seeds of what you wanted if you isolated it in Thanalan soil. (i.e. you just want more of that same seed without getting something else)

    Next crop I will do full on Thanalan Soil and see what happens!

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