FFXIV 3.2 Paladin (PLD) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! PLD Best in slot guide! “THE SHIELD IS BACK!”. PLD Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.2 CONTENT, and will probably contain dOUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 6-10 onwards***
Gearing to be a concrete, Paladin eh? Wondering what PLD gear is like in 2.2, huh? Here you go!

[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]
PLD BiS & Options | PLD Soldiery Buy Order | PLD Gear Notes

Here’s the golden rule for Paladins (tanks):

  • Priority 1: Reach the required Accuracy Cap (512~515)
  • Priority 2: Get the highest vitality/armor possible (left side iLevel)
  • Priority 3: Most amount of Parry possible.

Understandably, mixing and matching gear to fit your accuracy cap whenever you get a new piece is the life of tanks. So make sure you have a good stock of gear to rotate, and these two pieces of food to make your life easier:

  • Oh, I’m at or very near accuracy cap: HQ Finger Sandwhich.
  • Oh, Accuracy is far behind… : HQ Lava Toad Legs / HQ Stuffed Cabbage

The below table represents three different COMPLETE sets of gear.

PLDBESTNotable Filler GearNotable Accuracy Gear
WeaponHigh Allagan BladeBurtgangCurtana Animus /
Curtana Zenith
Off-handHigh Allagan Kite ShieldNoct Hoplon / AnyAllagan Round Shield / Any
HeadHigh Allagan Circlet of FendingAllagan HelmValor Coronet /
Heavy Wolfram Helm
BodyNoct LoritaHeavy Allagan Armor-
HandHigh Allagan Gauntlets of Fending-Heavy Allagan Gauntlets /
Noct Gauntlets
WaistHigh Allagan Belt of FendingAllagan Plate BeltHeavy Wolfram Plate Belt
LegsNoct BreechesValor CuissesHigh Allagan Trousers of Fending !!
BootsHigh Allagan Sabatons of FendingHeavy WolframValor Sollerets
NeckNoct ChokerRibbon of Fendingx High Allagan Choker of Fending
EarsNoct Earringsx High Allagan Earrings of FendingAllagan Earrings of Fending
WristHigh Allagan Bracelets of FendingAllagan Bracelets of FendingNoct
(But "waste" of sol)
RingHigh Allagan Ring of Fending-Heroes Ring of Fending
RingNoct Ring--
FoodFinger Sandwhich HQLava Toad Legs
ACC/PRY517 / 563-

ANY END-GAME PALADIN WEAPON can be used for set 1! 

The second and third columns are viable gear choices and notable filler gears on your road to BiS. In the end, though, it’s mostly based off how lucky your coil drops are. As long as you follow the golden rules  it’s not much to stress over. You can craft nearly countless sets of “BiS” worthy (Can clear t9) gear within the golden rule parameters.

Interchangeable Gear? Bad luck with Coil Drops? Check out the PLD Gear Notes.


2.2 Paladin Soldiery Tomes Buy Order

Tank Soldiery buying is a little tricky. “What do PLD’s purchase first with my tomes of Sol?” here…

  • Noct Lorita (High Allagan is T9, and it sucks)
  • Noct Breeches
  • Noct Ring
  • Noct Choker
  • Noct Earrings
  • Noct Hoplon is a very flexible shield to own.
  • Noct Gloves (can be used to switch around)
  • Noct Plate Belt (can be used to switch around)

For Paladins the above are the most useful to own, AFTER THE ABOVE, the rest is purely optional.

  • Burtgang Tokens (1300 sol) –  Might as well, at this point.
  • Noct Wristlets
  • Noct Greaves (purely filler, go for wolfram)
  • Noct Circlet is garbage, but if you got nothing else to buy…

Owning as much Pally Gear as you can means you can mix and match with ease.

2.2 Paladin Key Gear Pieces

Certain pieces of gear are really valuable, since they contain both parry and accuracy, and are likely candidates to be PERMANENT gear (not to be switched around if accuracy drops due to a new upgrade)

  • Noct Lorita
  • High Allagan Sabatons of Fending
  • Noct Hoplon (While shield is 115, this piece is never bad to have in any Paladins Arsenal)
  • High Allagan Bracelets of Fending
  • Noct Ring
  • Allagan Choker of Fending (i90) isn’t bad, but couldn’t be listed above due to space.

Theres a ton of excellent filler gear to choose from… (Check column 2/3 for ideas) Examples:

  • Allagan Helm (Turn 5) is great until you get High Allagan. Save your sol and DO NOT buy the Noct Circlet….
  • Hero’s Ring of Fending (Myth Gear) is great as a sub in the meantime since the other ring is a T9 drop.

PLD Interchangerable Gear? Instead of using Noct Bracelets + Noct Earrings, High Allagan Bracelets + Earrings basically serve the same purpose, and still be “BiS”.

Bad luck with Coil Drops?

Looking at column 2 and 3, theres a wealth of sub gear to choose from…

  • Head? T5 Helm, Melded Wolfram or Valor!
  • Shield? Noct Hoplon > Allagan Round Shield or ANY!
  • Hands? i90 Allagan is great!
  • Belt? Save Sol and go for i90 or better yet a Melded Wolfram!
  • Boots? Melded Wolfram or Valor!
  • Bracelets? i90 allagan works well!
  • Ring? Heros Ring of Fending (Myth) will last till turn 9!

There is simply no lack of viable gear for PLD in 2.2!!!

2.2 Paladin Crafted (Heavy Wolfram) Viability?

My rule for the Heavy Wolfram Set in regards to Paladins: If it has no Parry OR Accuracy, don’t bother.

Heavy Wolfram Helm is legit (if you’re lazy to farm T5 for Allagan Helm)
Cheap effective melds: Acc IV, Parry IV, Acc III, Acc II, Acc I

Heavy Wolfram Belt is mostly luxury, but…
Cheap effective melds: ACC IV, ACC III, ACC II, Parry II, Parry I

Heavy Wolfram Sabatons again is a luxury but…
Cheap effective melds: ACC IV, ACC IV, ACC II

The rest of the Heavy Wolfram pieces are pretty DPS centric and would be difficult to meld to make worthwhile for a Paladins use.

IF YOU’RE GOING FOR EXPENSIVE MELDS: then having SLIGHTLY increased DPS is the reward, in exchange of a MASSIVE gil reduction. It’s probably not that worth it for Paladins.

[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]
PLD BiS & Options | PLD Soldiery Buy Order | PLD Gear Notes

Good luck gearing up your Paladin! This page be updated as more gear will be introduced into the game. Want to add something? Violent Reactions? Comment Below!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful guide! I probably already know the answer, but are you going to making a guide for 3.4 as well? If so, when can we expect it?

      1. Well it depends on if you want a high or a low Sks build, if you get a 2.35 gcd on DRK, you can get an extra gcd in BW, which is very useful. that takes 750 sks iirc, and if you can’t reach that or higher, you shouldn’t take any. I have seen two builds, and personally I prefer the high sks build.

    1. Eh? That’s downright impossible. Those little green circles below the stats are materia slots. Each gear with at least 1 slot has a total hidden 5 slots.

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