FFXIV 3.2 Paladin (PLD) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! PLD Best in slot guide! “THE SHIELD IS BACK!”. PLD Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

It isn’t the best time for Paladins right now…. but there are some of you out there, I know, that once you’ve picked up the shield: YOU HOLD IT UP FOR LIFE! Be the SHIELD with this Paladin Best-in-slot gear guide!

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Heavensward Paladin Best-in-Slot

I will only be putting the offensive setup for Paladin right now. Since this is the area they’re severely lacking in. I will put up the EHP version on my second pass of the BiS guides!

For the sake of “interchangeable filler slots”, Ravagers <-> Gordian serve as natural replacements to each other (And any Crafted Accessory <-> Gordian, as well).

PLD SlotBiS - DPSNo Gil to meld?-
WeaponGordian Blade
OffhandPrytwenBest 210 Fending-
HeadCreed WingsGordian Neckband of Fending
BodyGordian Plate Mail of FendingEarring: Fabled (ACC) / Gordian (DPS)
GlovesCreed GauntletsFabled Bracelet of Fending
BeltFabled Belt of FendingFabled Ring of Fending
LegsGordian Breeches of FendingGordian RIng of Fending
BootsCreed SabatonsBest 210 SlayingBest 210 Mix
NeckCitrine Choker of SlayingFabled Necklace of SlayingGordian Neckband of Fending
EarringsChrysolite Earrings of FendingGordian Earrings of SlayingGordian Earrings of Slaying
BraceletChrysolite Bracelet of FendingFabled Bracelet of SlayingFabled Bracelet of Slaying
RingChrysolite Ring of SlayingFabled Ring of SlayingGordian RIng of Fending
RingChrysolite Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of SlayingGordian Ring of Slaying
FoodBaked Pipira Pira

Melded accessories are insanely strong on tanks: Paladin especially! Below we will discuss the melds. You can at anytime mix and match any 210 slaying/fending as a replacement to these crafted accessories and it would still be considered BiS (I placed all the good combinations above).

So if you’re too poor for crafted: It’s fine. Ill be listing the best possible mix in the near future.


Paladin Accessories: Choices & Melding

Since PLD’s are best off with full crafted as a baseline…

Equip onSlot 1Slot 2Slot 3Slot 4Slot 5
Chrysolite Earrings of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Bracelets of FendingSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR IVSTR III
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+
Chrysolite Ring of SlayingVIT IVVIT IVVIT IVFREEVIT III+

(FREE) Melds can be SS, DET or ACC!

Melded accessories undoubtedly have the highest overall power level. However, they will never pack as much of a punch as 210 slaying, and never give you as much EHP as a 210 fending. However, they do require some amount of gil. If you’re short on gil, I also listed all possible ‘good’ accessory setups (210 Slaying, Fending or Mix) in the table above.

PLD BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

A small value note (in relation to buy orders)… Creed Wings may have worse stats then the Creed Sabatons, but it’s a lot easier to obtain the boots – which is why I recommend buying the ESO helm first. But when gearing an ‘alt’ or if you’re farming content pick up the boots over the helm.

Creed Cuirass isn’t BiS but a solid filler. It fixes accuracy, but gives parry which is suboptimal. Most people will be able to afford this (and even twine it) before their first A4S clear. DO NOT HOLD ON TO ESO TOMES just because it isn’t BiS – buy it to help your raid out! The same goes for Creed Cuisses. Don’t be too stuck up thinking about BiS or non-BiS with these ESO purchases IF IT HOLDS BACK YOUR GROUP.

But from a stats perspective the BiS list above is FAR ahead of its 210 alternative.

A1S Pages: Accessories… hehe. The biggest point of contention in tanks BiS…
Slaying: Ring > Earrings > Filler
Fending: Ring > Neck > Filler

A2S Pages: 4 or 5 Gobcoats should cover all your needs…  > Filler

A3S Pages: Legs > 3x Gobtwine > Filler.

A4S Pages: Body or Blade > Filler (Gobdip for eventual Prytwen upgrade)

3.0 Paladin Esoterics Buy Order

“What should I buy first with Esoterics for my PLD!?” Here’s an outline!

  1. Weapon: Hauteclaire CAN BE DELAYED after some left-sides! It’s not too important.
  2. Creed Wings (Helm): Accuracy!
  3. Creed Sabatons (Boots): Accuracy Crit!
  4. Creed Gauntlets (Gloves): Careful – no accuracy!
  5. Fabled Belt:
  6. Prytwen (Shield): Horribly inefficient in terms of currency spent.
  8. Chest & Legs: Bonus for DEFENSE, STR & HP. Your healers will be thankful!

Picking up the left-side first is never a bad option for a tank. Armor, VIT and STR are all VERY RELEVANT!

On belt: If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, buy it sooner than you would have, if you do choose to buy it. Prytwen becomes bearable if you can coat it, too.

Paladin Crafted 180 Left-side Melding & Notes

This is exactly the same as the melds posted in the WAR BiS.

Adamantite Barbut of Fending: CRIT IV x 4 – CRIT III
Not much to say here. lol.

Adamantite Pauldroncoat of Fending: ANY ACC OR CRIT x 5
What a weird piece.. I’d recomment putting at least 2 ACC IV’s in it.

Adamantite Vambraces of Fending: DET IV x 3 – ACC III x 2
Not a bad piece. Caps ACC > CRIT and some det.

Griffin Leather Twinbelt of Fending: ACC IV x 3 – FREE – ACC III
Strange… FREE can be any non-crit stat. ALT: DET IV x 5 (or mix it up)

Griffin Leather Skirt of Fending: CRIT IV x 5.
Theres really no other meld for this garbage.

Admaantite Sollerets of Fending: CRIT IV x 4 – CRIT III
Oh boy…

Usefulness Summary
: Use 180 instead! Skip.
BODY: Not too hot but since Gordian is BiS… Luxury (buy 200 instead)
GLOVE: A decent filler, especially if you’re down on accuracy. Luxury.
BELT: This is only easily beaten by the BiS 210! OK.
LEGS: Would have been powerful but the 190 is damn good. Skip.
BOOT: Any boot is better than this. No value.

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Remember – Shield Oath is your best mitigation, and it’s free! Don’t get too greedy fellas!

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  1. Thanks for this wonderful guide! I probably already know the answer, but are you going to making a guide for 3.4 as well? If so, when can we expect it?

      1. Well it depends on if you want a high or a low Sks build, if you get a 2.35 gcd on DRK, you can get an extra gcd in BW, which is very useful. that takes 750 sks iirc, and if you can’t reach that or higher, you shouldn’t take any. I have seen two builds, and personally I prefer the high sks build.

    1. Eh? That’s downright impossible. Those little green circles below the stats are materia slots. Each gear with at least 1 slot has a total hidden 5 slots.

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