FFXIV 3.2 Monk (MNK) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! MNK Best in slot guide! “GL3 is down but TK is up -_-“. MNK Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.2 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 6-10 onwards***
Don’t be the Monk that “drops his stacks”! Gear and skill are to sides of the same coin! Let our Monk BiS gear guide help you PUNCH STUFF CORRECTLY.

[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]
MNK BiS & Options | MNK Soldiery Buy Order | MNK Gear Notes

Some notes before we begin!

  • Monks do not have a junk stat (except EXCESS skillspeed). This makes many sets of “bis-worthy” gear possible.
  • around 500~ accuracy would be nice for T9 frontal attacks.

Column 1 is a complete set. Column 2 contains notable filler gear that is mostly not bought with soldiery. (Of course HA and Gloam pieces are a natural filler to each other, if we dont list it – it’s an obvious conclusion)

MNKBESTNotable FillersAccuracy Problems?
WeaponHigh Allagan BaghnakhsGlaznfaust(Gives a good Accuracy Boost)
HeadHigh Allagan Headgear of StrikingANY!Melee, Saurian
BodyGloam TabardSAURIANAny i90 (Melee, Allagan)
HandHigh Allagan Gauntlets of StrikingSaurian<--
WaistGloam Belt == == High Allagan Belt of StrikingHero
LegsGloam BraisMelee Gaskins<--
BootsGloam BootsHigh Allagan Sabatons of StrikingSaurian (Melded)
NeckHIgh Allagan Choker of SlayingRibbon of SlayingRibbon of Slaying
EarsHIgh Allagan Earrings of Slayingi90 MaimingHero / i90 Maiming
WristHIgh Allagan Bracelets of Slayingi90 MaimingInferno / Hero
RingGloam RingAllagan Ring of Striking
RingHIgh Allagan Ring of SlayingAllagan Ring of Maiming
FoodApkallu Omelette /
Black Truffle Risotto
Deviled Eggs /
Buttons in a Blanket
Lava Toad Legs /
Stuffed Cabbage
[linking added soon]

Column 3: Naturally, any Saurian piece can contain Accuracy. The ones noted in column 3 have accuracy innately on them. Strangely, no high level boot has accuracy on them by default.

BiS Seems to have a bit of high skillspeed – but this cannot be avoided. HA fists give a huge amount of SS, and due to combination constraints, 420~ seems to be the number we land at.

The choice between Omelette and Risotto is for the need of Accuracy. You might want it for T9.

Bad luck with drops? Need filler gear? Check out the 2nd/3rd table above, and the MNK Gear Notes.


2.2 Monk Soldiery Tomes Buy Order

If you’ve asked yourself “What do MNK’s purchase first with my tomes of Sol?”, read on!

  • Glaznfaust*only if you’re neat UAT.
  • Gloam Brais (Great accuracy and a T9 drop)
  • Gloam Ring
  • Gloam Boots
  • Gloam Tabard
  • Gloam Belt

After the above the rest is OPTIONAL.

  • Gloam Wrist (T8)
  • Gloam Bracers (T8)
  • Gloam Choker (T7)
  • Gloam Tabard (T7)
  • Gloam Coif (T6)

Hacing the entire Monk Gloam set isn’t bad. Just keep it for switching up / glamors.

2.2 MNK Gear Notes

Bad luck with Coil drops? (Any Gloam piece is okay, but costs Sol)

  • Head? Any headpiece can be used by monks in one way or another!
  • Hand? Saurian is a really good buy.
  • Neck? Moogle ribbon for life.
  • Ears? Wrist? Ring?  i90 Maiming for these slots is REALLY GOOD.

Interchangable Monk Gear? The following substitution in Monk BiS are considered harmless.

  • Gloam Belt and HA Belt is pretty much the same.
  • Gloam Earrings and HA~

The next substitutions will birng you above the “recommended” skill speed, and should be used as fillers if possible.

  • Gloam Boots to HA Sabatons.
  • Gloam Tabard to HA Cuirass.

Theres no lack of good gear substitutes. Just remember not too much ss! (But don’t stress too much)

2.2 MNK Crafted Gear Viability

Again, since there are no junk stats, any piece of crafted gear can be used by Monks.

[Melding Strategy to follow)

As Always – you can shift around the melds here quite a bit if you need accuracy or not, or are willing to spend more.

[Page 1: 2.2 Gear] [Page 2: Pre-Turn 6 Gear]
MNK BiS & Options | MNK Soldiery Buy Order | MNK Gear Notes

Good luck gearing your Monk! This page be updated as more gear will be introduced into the game. Want to add something? Violent Reactions? Comment Below!

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25 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Monk (MNK) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. hi im curious instead of det on some of these can i just but a strength V materia?

    1. Not really, the Only one that seems retarted and prolly butthurt is you so please go back play crap games like Wow or for Kids u can also choose Hello kitty online.

    2. not really little boy, seems the only one that is ” extremly ” retarted is you here prolly also butthurted after or brainless comment. mayb go back play crap games like WoW ? sounds like you coming from there lol

  2. monks need SKS lol if ppl say they dont need, they dont understand the job then, SKS incr ur dps and if u cry u fast out of tp then manage ur skills and learn to play it, for that we have also brd or nin to asssist mnk with TP whenever needed in coil exampel and u got invigorate or whatever name, mnk is single target dps king and that will stay like that. SKS is NOT a wasted stat!!

    1. Definitely not wasted. But anything above X amount is definitely “too much”. Without a highly specialized coil group, you will run out of TP.

      1. uhm not really, even with 450-470 SKS u wont run out. dungeons are easy bosses die fast. raids like ST or WoD u can also manage it bosses dies actually fast enough to not run out of TP unless the dps from the other ppl is so low that it take ages to kill the boss but even if so u ll be short on TP in the last 15-20% until the Invigorate ll be ready to use, if u got a brd or nin and he use his head to assist u, u wont run out, but even then u ll only run out of TP if u manage or adjust the fight wrong due to the high SKS. in coil u wont run out either

        1. Dark, could you provide your skill rotation? I’d love to see how to effectively dps and keep my tp under control, and skill rotations seem to be so varied.

  3. Ummm. Considering the T13’s Earthshaker which can make monk move away from boss, I think at least we need around 400 SKS (which is still the global standard for monk) What do you think about the BiS for T13? Thanks for the general BiS though.

    1. Hmmm well.. After I switch gears in the gear calculator, I think can use Dreadwyrm Bracelet with 531 acc, 448 crit, 383 det, 407 sks. But the accuracy will barely made it.

  4. I think it would be much more useful if you had a pre-T13 vs post T13 set. The “zero sks” build is clearly inferior. You’re just picking up wasted extra accuracy for no reason.

    1. Alot of people are pretty anal about SKS. A few extra points of acc isn’t a massive loss cosidering the crit and det gained.

  5. Dumb question. What does that note next glazefaust mean? I’m not entirely in mmo lingo so i have no idea what the neat UAT stands for

  6. Can you do a Gloam Ring coupled with a Weathered Gloam Ring instead of the High Allagan ring? The trade off would be more determination compared to the 2 extra strength and 7 extra accuracy. Since you don’t really need the skill speed, wouldn’t the extra determination be worth it?

  7. Neither of the page 2 links actually go to Pre-Turn 6 right now. Top goes to 2.2 DRG and bottom link to 2.2 WHM.

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