FFXIV Keeper of The Lake Guide & Speedrun

UPDATED! Keeper of the Lake dungeon strategy guide! Having trouble killing the last boss? Beat up those dragons – get in here and find out how!

Unlocks via Story Quest Requirement. (Dungeon located in Mor Dhona)
Item level requirement: 90
Item level of dropped gear: 100
Also drops 3-star crafting materials (Saurian Skin, Cashmere Fleece etc tier)

General Info (Top) || Speedrun/Map || Boss Guides

Keeper of the Lake: Speedrun

KOTL: General enemy tips
Pre last boss pulls: 
the random helicopter bombs can damage enemies!

keeper of the lake kotl speedrun map ffxiv

KOTL can be completed in a minimum of SIX PULLS. Seven should be the absolute max! Special thanks to Claes Henrietta and Rylai Ariamis for the help with notes/map!

Pull 1: Useless pull… 3 crabs. Don’t blow any CD’s here.
Pull 2: A bit of a beefy pull. Get all 7 mobs and don’t spare any cooldowns. (boss 1 follows)

Pull 3: Another time extending useless pull. Kill them and get the key to proceed.

Pull 4: THIS CAN (and USUALLY is) split into two. Aggro the chumps, kill the computer, aggro the robot then AoE them down. Do not kill the dudes, then robot… You can pull the whole family but this can be RISKY! This is by far the best use of LB if you do try to pull this off! (boss 2 follows)

Pull 5 and 6: The flying machine AoE’s AFFECT THE ENEMIES. Lure the AoE to the pile by having everyone loosely stack around the mobs, as it targets a random party member.

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First boss: Einhander

Spawns tanks of fuel at certain intervals. His frontal cleave (and presumably other skills) destroy it and deal damage to nearby allies. Face the boss away from all times and move away from tanks if needed. Sucks all tanks and party members towards him, so move a bit away and face him outside. In a nutshell

  • Spawns fuel tanks you should be far away from. His skills damage these objects – don’t let them die.
  • Small (auxiliary) tanks do around 1-2k… large (main) tanks explode for a TON.  Tanks can set off other tanks… be careful!
  • Pulls all party members and spawned fuel tanks towards it.
  • Reposition away from the fuel tanks and face away from party as usual.
  • Tanks can be knocked around just like Brayflox HM bombs.

Having your MT make small efficient movements to prevent explosion clusterf*cks is key to reducing encounter time here. Pure tunneling, while possible, can cause some unexpected chain explosions.

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Second Boss: Magitek Gunship

A big mechanical middle finger to melee classes, this guy is just annoying.

  • Spawns adds: 4 chumps, (interval) Magitek Vanguard. The vanguard is chunky.
  • When he moves randomly, he’s setting up his flame skill.
  • He moves in a random direction leaving behind an extremely painful fire DoT. Stay away from these. Especially sucky for melee.
  • If you didn’t use Magic LB earlier: consider using it on Vanguard+Boss. BETTER YET: Ignore the Magitek Vanguard and focus down the boss – he vanishes when it’s over!

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Final Boss: Midgardsormr

After pulling the boss, a short time passes until first dragon (yellow) resurrrects:

  • Boss is invulnerable during this time.
  • Has a frontal cleave.
  • Wait for a smaller add to spawn – kill this ASAP and get inside the shield it spawns (Similar to Halatali HM)

Boss does a raidwide kill unless you are inside the shield. Kill yellow before the second (blue) dragon spawns:

  • Boss is invulnerable during this time.
  • Has frontal cleave.
  • Must be NEAR BOSS to be damaged.
  • Same mechanic here… small add spawns > kill it > get inside barrier.

Again, your party is dead if you fail to get into the shield. Kill the blue dragon before focusing on boss and killing it. Aside from the above, just avoid all the colorful AoE and you’ll be fine.

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Other dungeons released in this tier (2.5):
Amdapor Keep (Hard) || Wanderers Palace (Hard) || Keeper of the Lake

Well, I hope you found our Keeper of the Lake guide helpful! GL to you Speedrunners and new players alike!

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5 thoughts on “FFXIV Keeper of The Lake Guide & Speedrun”

  1. I’ve noticed that for boss 1 if dps/heals all stay close (and off to sides) but out of flamethrower you can avoid the line aoe setting off the bombs since it seems to only target dps/heals.

  2. I’ve had tanks pull the second dragon all over the room and I still did the same amount of damage no matter where it was…

  3. Fun fact — in case of an EMERGENCY where the tank cannot get inside the shield during the dragons in the last fight, they CAN survive with use of Holmgang/Hallowed Ground.

    Our FC tank was wondering if it worked, so we ran the dungeon and tested it out. It’s probably a rare case where this will happen, but it’s still a neat trick.

  4. Both adds take up a portion of the bosses life. We used a limit break on the blue add and almost killed the boss with it. I think he went down about 4 hits after.
    Also, the bird adds drop a shield generator that needs to be activated to dodge the full AoE.

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