FFXIV T10: Imdugud Strategy Guide (FCoB T1)

Strategy guide on beating Imdugud! Charges, Prey! All you need to know about this SHOCKING fight!

Welcome back to Page 2 of T10: Imdugud strategy guide! Here we tackle everything from past the first add phase (around 53%) all the way up to the end of the Fight! Your first clear for FCoB T1 is coming soon! Keep it up!

[PAGE 1: Phase 1: Pull to 85% – Phase 2: Adds]
[PAGE 2: Phase 3: Heat Lightning – Phase 4 Adds II – Final Phase]

Imdugud Phase 3: Electric Burst to 53%

“I’m dirty! I’m dirty! Someone else pile up!” – More questionable T10 convo

Wild Charge (Blue) and Prey (Red) are still around. Of course so it the tailswipe and cleave. So what’s new in this phase? Heat Lightning.

Heat Lightning targets 3 random raid members. They will burst, affecting themselves and nearby allies with moderate damage and applies a VULNERABILITY UP debuff. Here are a few pointers to deal with heat (we’ll talk about how it affects other mechanics later)

  • Spread out. Getting hit by 2 heat lightnings is a no-no. Hitting otherwise unafflicted members can potentially cause wipes.
  • Set positioning and stick to it. Having the same setup for each “heat” is integral to consistency.

Red is dealt with the exact same way as usual. It’s blue that’s the problem in this phase (onwards).

The vulnerability debuff means that you cant just save the victim as easily anymore. here’s a few reminders for “Heat + Blue” rotations.

Offtank gets hit by heat: Means that he can no longer be the front guy in the train. “Fix” this by having them tankswap, and MT blocks the first hit instead. Other guys hit by heat also cannot join in the pile. So once heat + blue is seen cal out “All cleans save” (Meaning those without the debuff).

Now, keep in mind that if they do tankswap, the cleave right after charge has to be taken into account. Make sure your NEW maintank positions in such a way that it wont decimate your party! (He is highly likely to cleave after charge – sometimes tailswipe)

That’s the basic addition in this phase. It cycles from Heat->Red, Heat->Blue (Repeat).  At around 53% you go to another cycle of adds phase. The skill “Electrocharge” signifies phases are changing. Have your tanks position accordingly.


Imdugud Phase 4: 53% Adds II (Sons and Daughters)

This phase is pretty much the same as the previous adds phase with the exception then and extra Son spawns at A and an extra Daughter spawns at B after a short time. So your first objective here is simply

Burst A’s Son and B’s Daughter” consider using Magic Limit Break here to make things easier. Save up for meteor if needed. Again any tank cannot have 2 of the same kind of add – so kill them fast. Don’t sweat if you dont have LB. You can use it before you kill the first 2 or after. Just remember those first 2 have to die fast!

After the new set of adds spawn have the tanks pick up their respective children. As usual this is a timed event. Regardless if you’ve killed the adds or not Imdugud will proceed to final phase after some time.

Red happens here again, and can be annoying. Notably, double red happens right after phasing. I’ve found Surecast  an actually a legit spell to use if you find yourself getting interrupted by random positioning problems here! (God knows we need more reason to use Surecast haha)

If you finish early you get some more free DPS time make the most out of it! Get your healers in it, too. Again, the phase change is signified by “Electric Burst”.

Imdugud Final Phase: ALL THE THINGS

The encounter becomes significantly more difficult at this point onward. Errors in this phase are HEAVILY PENALIZED, and can lead to almost certain wipes. Anyways here we go!

Red, Blue and Heat from Phase 2 are here again. The only additional mechanic is Tether.

Tether happens on a random target. It’s easily seen, theres an electric wire between the target and Imdugud (Similar to Ramuh rolling thunder). The tether mechanic has three parts.

  1. After a short delay, the tethered person will get massive AoE damage which can be shared. If it’s not shared, they’re likely dead.
  2. All people afflicted by tether get vulnerability up.
  3. All people afflicted by tether get knocked back.

Keep in mind, the “minimum” people needed to help for tether is TWO. Meaning if a guy gets tethered, at least two people must “save” that person.

So the final phase combines certain mechanics. Here’s how it looks.

  • A) Heat + Red: Chumpy, deal with it as usual. (Same as P3)
  • B) Heat + Blue: As usual “All cleans pile up”. (Same as P3)
  • C) Heat + Tether: Will be discussed below (All cleans pile up is the same call here)
  • D) Tether + Blue: Will be discussed below, most risky combination.

As far as we know, there is no set pattern in the combinations coming up. We find that familiarization with each combination and reacting accordingly was better than trying to discover any set rotation.

Heat + Tether isn’t so bad. Treat it the exact same way as you would Heat + Blue. Meaning, all those unaffected by heat lightning, gather in middle and save the tethered person. Again use the call “All cleans save” for both of these.

How to handling Tether + Blue!

Tether + Blue, however is the most risky combination in this phase. It’s the combination that causes the most wipes, hands down. What do you need to consider to pull this off successfully?

Where to handle tethers and blue is the main thing all people should know. Keep in mind that you must not tag other people with either mechanic (excess vulnerability ups = death). (Boss) – (Tether) – (Blue) is what we do, though (Boss) – (Blue) – (Tether) is fine as well, we just find our safer. Why? If you accidentally join tether, there’s some value – while messing up blue is a wipe.

Since there’s no heat in Tether + Blue, its a little harder who will act as the “cleans” to join in for tether. We use a numbering system to determine who saves, similar to T8’s Ballistic Missle. Mark 4 people, 1-2-3-4. Usually Healers + Ranged DPS are numbered. Here are the possible scenarios

  1. Non-numbered person is tethered? 1+2 save.
  2. Numbered person tethered? 2 highest available numbers save.
    • Sample: 1 Tethered? 2+3 save.
    • Sample: 4 Tethered? 1+2 save.
  3. Numbered person tethered & numbered person is blue: Remaining 2 clean numbers save.

The above list is in regard to saving TETHERS, the first priority for Tether + Blue. Once that’s sorted out, you have to line up for blue! From here, it’s easy to determine who CAN stack up for blue since theres only so few guys remaining. Anybody used to save tether, cannot stack up for blue!

Don’t panic when this comes out. It’s not that bad as long as everyone knows what to do. Remember, take care of tethers first, then all cleans stack up for blue! If you’ve got this down – Imdugud is as good as dead.

[PAGE 1: Phase 1: Pull to 85% – Phase 2: Adds]
[PAGE 2: Phase 3: Heat Lightning – Phase 4 Adds II – Final Phase]

T10: Imdugud Loot List

Since a by-turn loot list looks pretty weird (until I get a better idea) check this out: Coil loot list.

Well, that’s about it! Good luck taking your first step into FCoB! Imdugud ain’t so bad – but don’t underestimate him! Good luck!

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