FFXIV ARR Titan Hard Mode

Getting tired of Titan? Are you stuck in Titan Hard Mode? Keep your hopes up and let us guide you through one of the most fulfilling fights in FFXIV ARR.


From deep within their mines, the kobolds have watched and waited for another opportunity to summon their Great Father and wreak havoc on Limsa Lominsa. With the destruction of Ultima Weapon, the final obstacle to their plans was removed, allowing the beastmen to summon their god without fear of imperial reprisal. Once more, it falls to you to ensure that the Lord of Crags never sees the light of day.

The first LEGIT Gear check in the game, and if you have lag issues, get ready to die in this fight! We had fun learning how to play Titan and beat him. We will show you two videos below, one is our first defeat of Titan and the second is where we helped a few of our FC members get past him.

Our very first Titan HM Kill:

One important thing to note is, all non-tank players must ideally have more than 3,500 life to survive this fight (specially important in the last phase where he does 6-8 Tumults straight). Lag and slow reaction time also play a major factor in beating Titan, you must be focused, know his rotation and position yourselves carefully in order to win.

Team Compositions:

  • PUG: 2 Tanks, 2 Healers, 4 DPS (The type of party you get from duty finder)
  • 3 Healers: 1 Tank, 3 Healers, 4 DPS (Safest run, best for lesser geared groups)
  • 5 DPS: 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 5 DPS (Ideal for more experienced groups)
  • Carry: 1 Tank, 2 Healers, 3-4 DPS, 1-2 Carry (when we want to get a guild member through)


In hard mode, Titan has some a new rotation with new abilities also

  • Landslide (Pushback): Like in Titan Story mode, watch out for this frontal pushback ability, if you get hit chances are you will fall from the stage, and the moment one party member falls its practically a wipe.
  • Tumult (AoE): Back with a vengeance, in post heart phase, Titan can dish out 6-8 Tumults in succession.
  • Weight of the Land (Plumes): Another skill from Titan Story mode, this time with a vengeance. It’s important the team positions themselves so that when he casts this they can move away to a safe position.

FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-1 FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-2 FFXIV-ARR-Titan-Hard-Mode-Bomb-3

  • Bomb Boulders: A new mechanic, Titan calls down bombs that explode in a certain pattern, there are 3 types to watch out for but the rule of thumb is, the first bomb to light up is the first bomb to go
    • Type 1: Clockwise detonation, tanks will either take one bomb damage or hide between two bombs so they do not get hit (takes practice to hide believe me!)
    • Type 2: We call this the easy bombs, just find a safespot in either the N,S,W or E areas of the map
    • Type 3 (Post heart only) : This is where it gets tricky, 3 bombs get dropped parallel to each other. In this set the middle group of bombs always blow up first. So you want to stay where the last set will blow and immediately move to the middle once it blows up. (Titan usually casts Landslide right after these bombs show up, the moment he lets go of Landslide is when we move to the center)
  • Gaol: Much like the Story Mode mechanic, a random party member will get imprisoned and will be tagged with a determination down debuff (it’s important that the healers strip this debuff after the party member gets freed from the Gaol). Also, Titan sometimes casts Landslide on an imprisoned member of the team, make sure you wait till after he casts Landslide to free your team member.
  • Geocrush (Jump): Just like in Story Mode, Titan Jumps up and after each jump the stage gets smaller, key position here is to group up so that healers can cast their AoE heals before going back into position
  • Earthen Fury (Ultimate): Same mechanic in story mode, if you do not defeat his heart in enough time Earthen Fury will destroy you! This is a DPS check and you will need to your whatever limit break you have to kill the heart. We usually time this right after the last Weight of the Land in the heart phase.
  • Mountain Buster: Heavy hitting frontal cone attack (never stay near the tank in this phase or you will fall. Tanks need to time their mitigation for this skill if they are not topped up.


General Strategy for roles:

Tank: Positioning is important, mitigation should be timed. You want to position Titan as close to the edge as possible to give your party enough space behind to move around and dodge ‘Weight of the Land’. Positioning is also important during the ‘Bomb Boulder‘ phases. In our FC, it is the tanks job to memorize Titan’s rotation and call out ‘Weight of the Land‘ and ‘Mountain Buster


Healer: Healers are the key to this fight, if one falls you are in for a ride! Positioning is important for healers to make use of their AoE abilities, after each Geocrush, Healers need to pre-cast their heals so the party gets topped up and during the post heart phase the healers need to ensure they top-up the tank before ‘Mountain Buster’ and also pre-cast AoE heals before he does ‘Tumult

DPS: All the DPS need to be careful of is avoiding Landslide, Weight of the Land and getting to know positioning during the bomb phases. They must also be conscious of their position so that the healers can have a place to run to when weight of the land hits.

Titan Hardmode Infographic


1st Phase (Pre-heart)

Skill rotation: Landslide, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump), REPEAT > Weight of the Land, Landslide, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump), REPEAT > Landslide, Weight of the Land, Bombs, Landslide, Weight of the Land, Gaol, Tumult, GEOCRUSH (Jump)


In the first phase we see Titan showcase some of his new abilities namely the Bomb Bomb rotations. This phase will test how well the group can dodge Landslide and Weight of the Land. You will also be able to get a feel for how much DPS your group can do. Remember to save DPS cooldowns for when he reaches the heart phase

2nd Phase (Heart) 50% life

Skill rotation: Gaol, Landslide, Weight of the Land, Tumult, Gaol, Landslide, Weight of the Land, EARTHEN FURY

One the heart pops out, pop all DPS cooldowns and make sure to free whoever is in a Gaol. Note that when he casts Gaol the second time, the party should ignore the Gaol and focus on defeating the heart. We suggest to use your limit break, whether level 1 or 2 right after he casts the last Landslide or Weight of the Land. Once the heart is defeated immediately focus your attention on the imprisoned party member, if they are not freed from the Gaol before he casts Earthen Fury, the party member will fall.

3rd Phase (Post-heart)

Skill rotation: Mountain Buster, Tumult, Weight of the Land, Bombs, Landslide, Gaol, Mountain Buster, Weight of the Land, Landslide


The scary phase here are the first 3, most specially for the healers who will need to ensure the tank is topped up just before Mountain Buster and immediately focus on healing the group in time for Tumult. Swiftcast for healers is an awesome and almost critical mitigating skill in this part of the fight.

The Bomb phase always takes first timers by surprise. The key to dodging the bombs in this phase is not to PANIC. in the Bombs Type 3, always remember that the middle bombs will explode first, simply find where the last exploding set of bombs are and stay in that area (dont be afraid to stand next to a bomb! you will need to move because he casts landslide) just remember to move to the center right after he lets go of landslide.

One more thing to note is that when he reaches about 25% life he increases the amount of Tumults he does from 6 to 8 times, this is where AoE healing and positioning is key.

Visual Notes on the Titan Hard Mode Fight

Dont Release your Party Members from the Gaol until after he casts landslide on them like so:


This is an example of Type 3 Bombs, in this case I move with the party to my left, and wait for Titan to cast landslide and then move to the middle



Sample Positioning for Weight of the Land


The three main reasons people die at Titan hard:

  1. Weight of the land: Your dps and healers should already look for where to run BEFORE weight of the land hits. Because of this, unnecessary movements should be avoided. If you know WHEN the next weight hits, and WHERE to run beforehand, you will dodge it 100% of the time, believe me.
  2. Type 3 Bombs: The triple line bomb formation is the reason most people die. To be honest, it’s largely because they panic. All non-tank players should simply move to the middle-bomb of the last set that spawned. Once titan punches the ground, move towards the center. Simple as that!
  3. Mountain Buster: Both the tank and the healers should be aware of when the next “table flip” occurs. Tanks can pop a cool-down, and healers can pre-cast shields and heals. Note that every random damage that happens to the raid makes it harder for healers to keep the tank up to 100%. As a DPS, you got one job: Avoid damage.

Finally, Good Luck in your fight with Titan!


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11 thoughts on “FFXIV ARR Titan Hard Mode”

  1. I’ve entered too many times….having mastered his moves and avoiding everything….the reason i keep lossing is post heart Tumults! They hit so hard and so many times that the wipe the pt….i’ve entered with people with almost full level 80 or 90 gear and still cant win…

    1. This sounds pretty hard.

      Me made this with noone better than ilvl 75 but ofcourse we needed many trys.
      In the end the success was due to avoiding every landslide and plumes, timing of the healers and tank and a tank lb for the post-heart tumult. Maybe you could save save the lb for the first post-heart-tumult and then dps like hell. if you already are doing the 3-healers-setup maybe try the 5-dd-setup. If not, maybe 3 healers will help you through the tumults with a well-timed aoe heal.

      You really should make it! Good Luck!

      1. My good friend and I, in separate groups I might add, both gleared this in ilvl65 gear and below. Its just a huge mechanic fight and dps race. If your willing ot stick with it and teach people how to do it its not a bad fight at all.

        (Our first lvl50’s and 3 weeks or so since we started playing.)

  2. There’s definitely a pattern here, I’ve just run through Titan HM (unsuccessfully) many times tonight. The pattern matches up with this guide pretty nicely. Unfortunately, two things are key here that people seem to be forgetting – dodging and patience. Nobody is going to win this on their first try, and it may take a long while to actually beat him, but it’s very much possible. There’s no random element to this fight aside from who is targeted with the gaol and landslide. I think I was also having some lag issues at the time (I’d get out of the way of Titan’s Landslide, but still be hit), but others in my house were on the internet so that may be a factor.

    If we all had a bit more patience, and looked a bit more closely at the tactics required, this guy would be beaten quicker. Unfortunately, the game before this point is a bit on the easy side and fails to prepare players for the massive spike in difficulty this boss brings, so there’s a lot of people that seem to get impatient with this fight. Honestly, it doesn’t take long to learn the patterns – I did so in about an hour – as long as you have enough patience to pay attention and run multiple times.

    Sure, it’s not the most fun thing in the world, but hey. The music is awesome.

  3. ok, so i found an epic party today. We killed Chimera, Hydra, Ifrit HM, Garuda HM and Titan HM (2 times, their fc m8 that needed it wasn’t online at the first kill). All in 1 day. It was first time for me on all that. You don’t have to remember the pattern, you just need to know how to counter certain skills. Also helps if everyone knows how to counter them (especially the healers). If certain attacks are making you too much trouble, look them up and see how other people counter them (youtube, or text above).

  4. Thats nice. too bad hes unwinable now. He has no pattern anymore and hits too hard. hes unbeatable. Im pretty much never gonna get my relic now. Titan hm is a scam so se can milk more cash outta ppl at this point. If i dont beat him by my birthday next june im quiting ff14 and im a day 1 ps3 player. i really liked 14 too ….. but theres no point in playing anymore if you can never win or make any forward progress now.

    1. It took us close to a month to clear Titan Hard Mode. Don’t give up so easily, Titan Hard Mode is a push over compared to Extreme mode and its child’s play compared to the content found in The Binding Coil of Bahamut.

      1. Yep! Lag was a huge factor for us, but when we tried some tunneling services, stuff got better and we cleared it right after!

    2. Why unbeatable? I don’t know if he keeps the pattern or not, because most of the time I just react to the stuff that’s happening, but I often help others to win this fight with my friends.
      This fight certanly can be mastered, you just have to practice it. I was so bad the first time I did this on my blm… my FC did the fight with me almost for 2 weeks, every day for hours, till I stopped being bad and finally learned it. It became more and more easier with time (and I was sure at the beginning that I will never learn it).
      I even got my relic for my whm and sch at the first try now. And I am not considering myself a hardcore player, we don’t sell Titan kills, we just helped people every time help was needed and got a lot of experience this way.
      Your only enemy you can’t beat in this fight (if you have it) is lag. Everything else depends on the people and can be mastered with time and practice.

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