FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide 1-80 (Shadowbringers UPDATED)

Shadowbringers UPDATED! How to level up Fishing Quickly!? Confused with Fishing Levequests? Looking for FIsh & Fishing Spots? Power Level your Fisher!

One again, back into the fishing holes! Welcome to the Shadowbringers tier, for fishing L70 to 80! Without further ado, let’s go!

FSH Leveling Navigation:
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Fishing L70 to 80 – Reminders

I’ll just post some useful info here for you to easily refer to if you need it.

LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXY#Slap/Trade?Note
79Rak’tika GobySmall GigRaktika GreatwoodNorth Lake Tusi Mek’ta52659Viis EarShadows
79Elder PixieMedium GigIl MhegCentral Longmirror Lake3026128Blue Mountain!?Shadows
78Winged HatchetfishRobber BallKholusiaUpper Watts River271511Any…Precision
76Diamond PipiraRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodThe Red Chalice1021440Any…TIME 12p-7p
76EryopsRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodLake Tusi Mek’ta930690Cannot!Mooch C. Tetra
75BothriolepisLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238865Little Bismarck!?Shadows
74Little BismarckLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238750Bothriolepis!?Shadows
74Golden LobsterMarble NymphIl MhegSaint Fathric’s Temple3426208Skipper/LoachPrecision
72Weedy SeadragonMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3727135Cod>>AnyPrecision
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful
LFacet FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYSlap/Trade?Note
80HQ Prospero EelMoyebi ShrimpTempestNorvrandt Slope3115Storm>>SycoPrecision
78Amber MonkfishDesert Dessert FrogAmh AraengThe Hills of Amber1715Crab>DustPowerful
77HQ Calico TroutFruit WormIl MhegLongmirror Lake1315Loach>SkipperPrecision
75Brightmirror ClamMoyebi ShrimpIl MhegThe Spoiled One2815Loach>SkipperPrecision
73Creamy OysterMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaWestern Kholusian Coast1432Cod>FlounderPrecision
70Eigheyes EelFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215Candy>SnailPrecision?
LLevequestFishBaitMapFishing Hole#Slap/TradeXYTypeNote
70The Source of the ProblemPurple GhostSmall GigLakelandNortheast Source6(18)Glass>Goby1430Triple
70Needs More EggSand EggDesert Dessert FrogAmh AraengThe River of Sand3Crab>Dustfish3113SinglePrecision
70Eco-Warrior of LightXanthic BassFruit WormLakelandThe Source3Candy>Skipper2026SinglePrecision
72AetherquakeFinned EggplantLarge GigLakelandThe Isle of Ken6(18)Carp>Warden833Triple
72Jelly SaladBlood CloudMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3Cod3327SinglePoweful
72Full of FishGeayiMedium GigLakelandSoutheast Source6Cod/Noble1238Single
74A Cherry-red HerringCherry HerringMarble NymphIl MhegThe Spoiled One3(9)Skipper/Loach2815TriplePrecision
74The Bride AquaticLittle FlirtMedium GigIl MhegNorth Lyhe Ghiah6Tear/Shade2113Single
74Faerie FishLemonfishMarble NymphIl MhegHandmirror Lake3Skipper>Pixie327SinglePrecision
76Fish for DaysHucho TaimenRobber BallKholusiaUpper Watts River3(9)Any2715TriplePoweful
76Magic MushroomsParadise CrabSmall GigIl MhegThysm Lran6Deala>Ire3030Single
76Crab CorpsGourmand CrabMedium GigRak’tika GreatwoodNorth Lake Tusi Mek’ta6Pleco525Single
78A Feast for the SensesStippled EelShort Bill MinnowThe TempestWhere the Dry Return3(9)Storm>>Caliban375TriplePrecision
78Short-term GainsBlack Tri-starRobber BallRak’tika GreatwoodThe Rotzatl3Any1521SinglePrecision
78Deep-sea DivingAzure Sea SpiderShort Bill MinnowThe TempestPurpure3Stormbfish3230SinglePrecision

Fishing L70 to 71 – The DEADZONE

The first level of any expansion is usually a “deadzone”, and Shadowbringers is no exception. This is due to many things, but MAINLY due to LOW or “RANDOM” gear levels.

Scrip gear and above - obliterating the deadzone

The EASIEST way to get out of the deadzone is gearing up, and the cheapest/most cost efficient set for that right now is the Landking’s Set, obtained via scrip.

Buy the Landking scrip pieces:

  • All left side pieces are fine. Weapon and Chest are EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD.


  • Lower scrip tier: Tackeking, Augmented Tackleking.
  • Crafted Rods: Zelkova, Ala Mhigan, Black Willow.
  • Left-side: Serge, Ala Mhigan, Yamashi, Gazelleskin, Twinsilk.
    (including augmented and ornates)
  • Accessories: Gazelleskin & Slothskin

I would still recommend reading the rest of the deadzone segment as a refresher to the leveling process either way.

“Scrip gear” from now on, in this guide’s, means the Landking’s set.

Luckily, Custom Deliveries and the new Facet quest system gives us tons of scrip to buy this gear!

Getting out of the Deadzone

Here’s all the practical ways of getting EXP to beat the deadzone. But, first and foremost you have to unlock your new “class quest”…


Shadowbringers gives us “Crystarium Deliveries“, which is oddly named since it’s nothing like the other delivery systems. It’s essentially a new type of “class quest”.

UnlockingHow does it Work?Try it out!

It’s a 2 quest process to unlock this:

  • 1st Quest: The Crystalline Mean (L70) – Area: The Crystarium
  • Requires: MSQ “The Crystarium’s Resolve (L72)”.
  • 2nd Quest: Well Eel be Damned (L70) – Area: The Crystarium
  • Requires: The Crystalline Mean (the 1st quest listed above)

You have SIX submissions per tier PER FACET. After six submissions your esteem goes up and you need to fish up a new set of six items at L73, 75, and 78 respectively.

For the L70 Fishing facet quest, head on over to Lakeland – Rift of Sighs (32 15) using Fruitworm bait. Remember to have your collectable catching on! Fish on the river at the bottom of the valley/cliff.

I mention this NOW because this gives some pretty chunky EXP. Now whether you can catch Eighteyes Eel or not, I don’t know. You can try if you’re desperate. If you can’t, farm and submit them when you’re L71.

Other ways of gaining EXP & BEating the Deadzone!

Keep in mind many of these apply even PAST the deadzone. First of all, SCRIP GEAR IS THE EASIEST WAY – It’s pretty worth it, especially if you’re leveling all 3 DoL classes. There are pieces you don’t really want though…

Improving Gear (SCRIP GEAR!)

I know I just talked about it, but to hammer the point home…

Scrip gear is the most “practical” way to beat the deadzone at level 70 without breaking the bank. 

Buying the weapon, and all left-side pieces are fine. Avoid accessories. If you don’t have access to the scrips, don’t worry – simply proceed with the advice below, while saving scrips up.


Definitely the easiest method to get out of the deadzone FAST. You can submit 12 Custom Deliveries per week to these NPC’s:

  • Mnaago in Rhaglrs Reach
  • Adkiragh and Zhloe Alpaioh in Idyllshire
  • Kurenai in Ruby Sea.

Each submission gives great EXP and other rewards. The obvious downside to this method is the weekly limitation. You should primarily use these to get out of deadzones, or difficult tiers.




Seriously, fishing is the most RNG to level up class. This tip, while useful in the deadzone, applies to the rest of your leveling journey. Getting megachunks of EXP per cast will at least make you a little less salty that you can’t catch these damn levequest fish.

If you’re leveling the non-fishers too, gettings Scrips to buy Manuals is VALUE. It GREATLY speeds up the FSH leveling process.


Are almost impossible to do if your gear is bad. You can try it, but unless you’re packing scrip gear or above I wouldn’t bother. Even then, I feel there are better things to do. Save it until you’re 71+.


Farming your OWN FISH for levequests will be difficult to say the least, if you’re undergeared. Save it for 71+. Again, only if you have scrip gear or above.

You can opt to buy cheap fish from the MB (NQ if you’re desperate and overflowing on leves!). This isn’t a bad way to level up, while spending otherwise excessive levequests.

Grinding - Stormblood zones & Crystarium

Straight up fishing in the older areas yields decent EXP. You can easily break out of the deadzone if you grind in any Stormblood area that you can manage, while preferably using a EXP Manual, or having Rested EXP.

This is kind of related to the above, Custom Deliveries, as you’ll be getting other fish while trying to obtain the collectable.

Daily GC Submission?

If you’re lucky to find them in the marketboard for an affordable price, great. Otherwise, I personally wouldn’t waste time going for them out in the wild.

A great source of EXP, but can be pretty impractical for Fishermen at L70 to 71 – the pool of required fish changes at 72/73 so this is an iffy source of EXP until then.

Personally, this can be a little tedious to do as you level up. Marketboard can be your friend if you can find cheapo ones.

The easiest ways to punch through are getting the Facet fish Eigheyes Eel if you have the gear, or blowing your custom deliveries on it!

Reminder: Patience II Rotation

This “rotation” greatly increases your chances to land the various collectables, Facet fish and some levequest fish. I will refer to it in this guide as the “Patience Rotation”.

  1. Wait until GP is full and Cordial available
  2. Use Patience II (Patience I if you’re feeling lucky)
  3. Use Cordial right after.
  4. Reel in using the appropriate Hookset.

Fishing L71 to 72

A lot happens upon reaching L71, most critical of which are Surface Slap, possible gear updates, and how to level up once you’re past the dead zone.

L71 Skill - Surface Slap

A great tool going forward, Surface Slap prevents you from catching the fish you just caught FOR THE NEXT PULL. It only lasts one pull, unlike Veteran Trade.

While not as godlike as Veteran Trade, it helps us a tiny bit, given that Fishing really is an RNG fiesta. I will list the best slaps and trades in the tables going forward.

FSH L71 Gear Update!

If you have the scrip gear, you can use that too! But not every scrip gear is okay. Here’s a summary of what your gear SHOULD look like going forward.

Crafted means “HQ w/ Materia V/VI (you can safely unslot them)

Example SetL71 Crafted gear?

Here’s a SOLID pile of items to bring going forward. The most important points to remember at this level, going forward…

  • Landking (scrip) Weapon and Chest are far superior than L71 crafted.
  • Accessories should be L71 HQ crafted melded with Perception V or VI.
  • All the other body slots are “roughly equal”, L71 crafted with melds being “slightly better” or “slightly worse” – meaning the easily obtainable Scrip gear is preferable to a vast majority of people.
SlotItemSourceCheap MeldCheap Meld
WeaponLandking’s Fishing RodScripNANA
HeadLandking’s TurbanScripNANA
ChestLandking’s CoatScripNANA
HandsLandking’s GloveScripNANA
BeltLandking’s Survival BeltScripNANA
LegsLandking’s BottomsScripNANA
BootsLandking’s ShoesScripNANA
AccHQ Smilodonskin AccCraftedPerception V or VIAny / None

The crafted accessories with melds are HUGE. I would never use the scrip accessories.

TECHNICALLY SPEAKING, the crafted gear “slightly edges out” the scrip gear – but wether it’s worth it or not is up to you. Scrip gear is simply “cheaper” in the sense that scrip is rather easily obtainable. If you’re rich, or don’t have scrip, here’s how the L71 gear compares:

!!! There’s no excuse to not get the Landking (scrip) weapon and chest !!!

ALL NON-CHEST NON-WEAPON HQ L71 CRAFTED GEAR is, roughly, 2 to 5% stronger than their scrip counterpart. It’s really miniscule and negligible, but an option if you don’t have scrip.

But, as the table in the previous tab suggests, HQ L71 Smilodonskin Accessories are a great investment since you can meld Perception in them.

I’d rather save money for the future optional upgrades.

Fishing L70 Levequests

L70 FSH Levequests
LevequestThe Source of the ProblemNeeds More EggEco-Warrior of Light
FishPurple GhostSand EggXanthic Bass
BaitSmall GigDesert Dessert FrogFruit Worm
MapLakelandAmh AraengLakeland
HoleNortheast SourceThe River of SandSullen
L70 Levequest fish discussion

Sand Egg felt like the basic fishing leve. However, the bait/location causes unnecessary line pulling noises which I dislike.

Purple Ghost (triple) felt a little sucky side. The chances of the “other” spearfish targets were simply too high even after veteran trade. The EXP is trash as well, compared to the effort required. Farming Albino Caiman collectables felt FAR MORE EFFICIENT.

Xanthic Bass is by FAR the best option for leves in terms of sanity IF you can fish them up in Sullen at L71, as it’s listed as an L72 hole (I’m pretty sure you can…). Try it, since fishing up Xanthic Bass at the “L71 hole”, The Source, was COMPLETE GARBAGE.

L70-72 FSH Collectable Reference

Level Appropriate FSH Collectables
LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYMinSlap/Trade?Note
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful

ALbino Caiman was quite good.. You’ll be fishing there, anyway, for your facet quest fish. They didn’t seem to be that rare, and at L73 you can catch significantly more if you upgrade your bait to Marble Nymph.

What do to in this tier?

After you sort out your gear, farm/submit the Eighteyes Eels if you haven’t already at Lakeland, Rift of Sighs (32,15) with Fruit Worm. Put your Collect on, as you can get Albino Caiman collectable too.  The Patience rotation is a little weird here since Precision hooks in Eels, and Powerful hooks in Caimans.

Honestly the above process is a pretty good way to level up to 72. Albino Caiman is pretty easy to catch, and try to get as many HQ Eighteye Eels. The levequests in this tier felt bad…

But if you insist on using leves… I would advise AGAINST this tiers triple. The levequest I prefer is Xanthic Bass. Check out the notes in the box.

Fishing L72 to 74

Fishing L72 Levequests

L72 FSH Levequests
LevequestAetherquakeJelly SaladFull of Fish
FishFinned EggplantBlood CloudGeayi
BaitLarge GigMoyebi ShrimpMedium Gig
HoleThe Isle of KenEastern Kholusian CoastSoutheast Source
L72 Levequest fish discussion

Finned Eggplant (triple) sucks. It loses out to its counterparts due to both of the other levefish having “other value moves” attached to them. I wouldn’t bother with this. Hell, Geayi is directly superior as it’s a spearfishing leve too.

Geayi is great for the spearfishing enthusiast. It’s not so rare, and the rotation described below also gives you a chance at a later collectable “Little Bismarck”.

Blood Cloud is a straight catch, and using the Patience rotation gives you a great chance to snag the Weedy Seadragon collectable in the same hole!

Geayi and Blood Cloud are both great options due to having “Extra value” in their fishing holes. Your choice!

L72-74 FSH Collectable Reference

Level Appropriate FSH Collectables
LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYMinSlap/Trade?Note
72Weedy SeadragonMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3727135Cod>>AnyPrecision
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful

What do to in this tier?

You got two choices in this tier. If you wanna fish normally, “Blood Clouds & Seadragons”. If you’re a fan of spearfishing, the “Geayi > Bismarck Rotation” is for you.

Blood Clouds & SeadragonsGeayi > Bismarck Rotation

Set up your rod at Eastern Kholusian Coast (33, 27), since there are two possible catches here – Blood Cloud (for levequests), and Weedy Seadragon (collectables). Use the Patience II Rotation.

This method ain’t so bad, as I got a decent amount of both, and having the advantage of being “relaxed”. While Seadragon collectability is an issue, doing it on the patience rotation is reliable.

Risky process that might test your stats a little…

I’ll just explain it step by step… This method is strong but your stats may or may not be enough depending on what gear you decided on.

  • Go to Southeast Source (spearfishing area) (12 38)
  • Equip Medium Gig Head.
  • Fish hear, only VETERAN TRADE COD if it’s the first thing you caught. You’re okay to get either Geayi (Levefish), or Noblefish (spawn shadows).
  • Once the node spawns, EQUIP LARGE GIG HEAD BEFORE YOU BEGIN. Make sure COLLECT IS ON.
  • Both catches from large gig are ‘future’ collectables. Little Bismarck (min 750). and Bothriolepis (a future collectable which you are unlikely to reach the collectability for).

Admittedly, the collectability is difficult to get. If you want, you can surface slap Bothriolepis since you might be too weak right now.

If you cannot get the collectability ratings for Little Bismark, its not so bad as you’ll be getting a lot of Geayi levefish in the process.

Both felt okay, depends on what method you prefer.

Once you’re L73, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING, and fish up the new Facet quest fish – Creamy Oyster. It’s found at Kholusa, Western Kholusian Coast (14 32) using bait Moyebi Shrimp. The Patience rotation with precision will get you the 6HQ ones you need very quickly.

If fore some reason you’re not 74 after submitting those, do the ALBINO CAIMAN COLLECTABLE WITH MARBLE NYMPH BAIT – unless you’re having luck with the Geayi > Bis/Bothrio rotation.

Fishing L74 to 76

FSH L74 Optional Gear Check

Should I Upgrade?

The L74 Weapon isn’t much of an upgrade from the Landking’s scrip rod.

The other body pieces however, start to look amazing compared to their scrip counterpart – but still not NECESSARY. If you want an easier time, and are leveling all other DoL classes, getting all of the L74 left-side gear can be worth it. If you’re poor though, save it for the L77 optional upgrades.

BUT, if for some reason you’re still not wearing Landking weapon or chest, pick up the L74 ones now!

Accessories? The HQ L71 ones with Perception melded are good enough to last you until 80, UNLESS you want to hit GP tresholds for gathering nodes. This isn’t so important for fishing.

Fishing L74 Levequests

L74 FSH Levequests
LevequestA Cherry-red HerringThe Bride AquaticFaerie Fish
FishCherry HerringLittle FlirtLemonfish
BaitMarble NymphMedium GigMarble Nymph
MapIl MhegIl MhegIl Mheg
HoleThe Spoiled OneNorth Lyhe GhiahHandmirror Lake
L74 Levequest fish discussion

Little Flirt is unremarkable. Don’t bother with this unless you’re hellbent on spearfishing.

Cherry Herring and Lemonfish WERE EQUALLY AMAZING. Both were weirdly common (well, “common”) compared to all the previous levequest fish. I prefer the Lemonfish leve since I prefered to do non-triple leves.

L74 FSH Collectable Reference:

Level Appropriate FSH Collectables

Some collectables aren’t available every day!

LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYMinSlap/Trade?Note
75BothriolepisLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238865Little Bismarck!?Shadows
74Little BismarckLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238750Bothriolepis!?Shadows
74Golden LobsterMarble NymphIl MhegSaint Fathric’s Temple3426208Skipper/LoachPrecision
72Weedy SeadragonMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3727135Cod>>AnyPrecision
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful

What do to in this tier?

Wow… so many choices… Well you have 2 mainstream choices here that felt great.


As mentioned above, either of the levequest fish felt amazing to gather. It’s simple, you only have 2 sub-choices here.

  • You like triple leves? Fish up Cherry Herring.
  • Single leves? Lemonfish.

I HEAVILY FAVOR single leves in ShB fishing since there is a massive difference in “EXP per Fish ratio”.

The new collectable, Golden Lobster seemed to have an ABSURD catch rate with or without the Patience rotation. (I honestly don’t remember if this unlocked at 74 or 75 – please let me know if you don’t see this at 74).

Revisitng an old collectable with new bait, Marble Nymph to catch good ‘ol Albino Caiman. The success rate is surprisingly good.

You can, again, try for the good old Geayi > Little Bismarck rotation. Always great.

There’s no shortage of things to try! Either way at L75 you get a new facet quest, which asks for Brightmirror Clam, at Il Mheg (The Spoiled One – 28,15… same place as Cherry Herring). Use Fruit Worm and Snagging! They were easy to catch with or without the Patience rotation.

After you gather your 6x HQ clams and submit ’em, I’m going to imagine you’ll be 76. If not, repeat any of the methods outlined above.

Fishing L76 to 78

Finally, we get to do something OP. It’s time to catch crabs. Wait…

Spoiler title

Honestly, this is only needed if you like collectables. I won’t go into detail as I imagine a astronomic chunk of people won’t care about this since L76 gives such an OP levequest.

While these will of course speed up the process, this is only really worth it if you’re leveling all gatherers. Even then, Miner and Botanist DONT NEED THESE AT ALL. It will mainly only benefit your FSH.

I guess if you’re woefully failing and snagging the crabs, then go for it…

Fishing L76 Levequests

L76 FSH Levequests
LevequestFish for DaysMagic MushroomsCrab Corps
FishHucho TaimenParadise CrabGourmand Crab
BaitRobber BallSmall GigMedium Gig
MapKholusiaIl MhegRak’tika Greatwood
HoleUpper Watts RiverThysm LranNorth Lake Tusi Mek’ta
L76 Levequest fish discussion

Hucho Taimen is a terrible leve. While the fish itself is quite rare, there is a chance to snag a future collectable Winged Hatchetfish here… It still didn’t feel good though, as collectability may suffer if you’re L76.

Paradise Crab is meh. While there’s nothing terrible about this , there’s nothing special either, move on…

Now… for the godly leve…

with a single Veteran Trade on Ronkan Pleco…

L76-78 FSH Collectable Reference

Level Appropriate FSH Collectables

Some collectables aren’t available everyday!

LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYMinSlap/Trade?Note
76Diamond PipiraRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodThe Red Chalice1021440Any…TIME 12p-7p
76EryopsRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodLake Tusi Mek’ta930690Cannot!Mooch C. Tetra
75BothriolepisLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238865Little Bismarck!?Shadows
74Little BismarckLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238750Bothriolepis!?Shadows
74Golden LobsterMarble NymphIl MhegSaint Fathric’s Temple3426208Skipper/LoachPrecision
72Weedy SeadragonMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3727135Cod>>AnyPrecision
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful

I tried the new collectables, and they felt really bad. Eryops is a damn mooch (which isn’t even 100%!), and Diamond Pipira COULD BE OKAY, I guess, but it’s time-bound. Honestly, I wouldn’t bother.

What do to in this tier?

Welp, the age of crabs has begun. GOURMET CRAB IS GODLIKE. It’s very similar to the OP Stormblood “single veteran trade” levequests. Thank god.

No other levequest fishing activity up to this point comes close.
No other collectable activity can consistenly beat this either.

While I healthily suggest helping Gourmet Crabs go extinct – If you’re hellbent on collectables…

Collectables up to 78?

As mentioned above the NEW collectables kinda suck. Diamond Pipira is firmly in the “sucky tier”, while Eryops was “trash”.

If you wanna do collectables look no further than our old friends a) Golden Lobster, or b) Albino Caiman WITH MARBLE NYMPH.

If you’re more of a Spearfishing guy, the “Geayi > Little Bismarck” rotation is always good (whichever of it or Bothriolepis on the menu).

At L77 you have a new Facet quest to simply catch A SINGLE HQ CALICO TROUT, at Il Mheg – Longmirror Lake (13, 15) using Fruit Worm. It was a simple catch using the Patience rotation that didn’t even take 5 minutes. Easiest 9 million EXP in your life.

As usual, finish off your journey to 78 with any of the methods above (*cough* Gourmet Crab *cough*).

Fishing L78 to 80

This is the last stretch! Hang in there! or should I saw claw…

Fishing L78 Levequests

L78 FSH Levequests
LevequestA Feast for the SensesShort-term GainsDeep-sea Diving
FishStippled EelBlack Tri-starAzure Sea Spider
BaitShort Bill MinnowRobber BallShort Bill Minnow
MapThe TempestRak’tika GreatwoodThe Tempest
HoleWhere the Dry ReturnThe RotzatlPurpure
L78 Levequest fish discussion

Azure Sea Spider felt the absolute worst amongst any levequest fish that preceeded it in ShB. Maybe I was unlucky but this was terrible.

Stippled Eel weirdly felt “not bad”… But you’re gonna need to Surface Slap Stormfish alongside Patience Rotation (powerful Hooks) for more consistency… It was okay…

Black Tri-Star was also “okay” as long as you slap off Pipira/Crab…

I dunno am I just trying to think these levequests were “fine” to remove my guilt of crab extermination?

Because deez Gourmet Crabs are still far and away superior to any of these levequests.

L78-80 FSH Collectable Reference

Level Appropriate FSH Collectables

Some collectables aren’t available everyday!

LCollectable FishBaitMapFishing HoleXYMinSlap/Trade?Note
79Rak’tika GobySmall GigRaktika GreatwoodNorth Lake Tusi Mek’ta52659Viis EarShadows
79Elder PixieMedium GigIl MhegCentral Longmirror Lake3026128Blue Mountain!?Shadows
78Winged HatchetfishRobber BallKholusiaUpper Watts River271511Any…Precision
76Diamond PipiraRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodThe Red Chalice1021440Any…TIME 12p-7p
76EryopsRobber BallRaktika GreatwoodLake Tusi Mek’ta930690Cannot!Mooch C. Tetra
75BothriolepisLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238865Little Bismarck!?Shadows
74Little BismarckLarge GigLakelandSoutheast Source1238750Bothriolepis!?Shadows
74Golden LobsterMarble NymphIl MhegSaint Fathric’s Temple3426208Skipper/LoachPrecision
72Weedy SeadragonMoyebi ShrimpKholusiaEastern Kholusian Coast3727135Cod>>AnyPrecision
70Albino CaimanFruit WormLakelandRift of Sighs3215760Candy>SnailPowerful

The new collectables are pretty bad…

Winged Hatchetfish is “fine” since you can also catch the previous tier levefish Hucho Taimen… which isn’t too common either. 2/5 chance for either… eeeeehhh not too happy, not sad. However, if you’re specifically gunning for them – they don’t feel that great.

Elder Pixie is a toss-up. While it felt a little difficult to spawn the waters, the collectability felt “unreachable” without a good node modifier. If you got the L77 upgrades, maybe…

Rak’tika Goby suffers the same fate as Elder Pixie, almost exactly. Uncommon fish to trigger the shadow, and no other fish of value, and almost crippling collectability issues. L77 upgrades?

However, can you compare it to previous tier crabs? heh.

What do to in this tier?

Start off your final steps with the L78 facet quest, Amber Monkfish. This one was quite easy. It’s at Amh Araeng, The Hills of Amber (17, 15) Bait: Desert Dessert Frog. They started off really rare, then started pouring in. Use the Patience rotation.

For the vast majority of the population that just want to get this over and done with, continue your Gourmet Crab extinction project after you’re done with the L78 Facet quest.


Okay man, if you really want to do the NEW collectables (the spearfishing ones are very consistent mega EXP sources), which are “non-RNG”,  YOU’RE GONNA WANT THE OPTIONAL L77 GEAR UPGRADES. Spawning the shadows and NOT MEETING THE COLLECTABILITY FEELSBADMAN.

If you’re fine with the old collectables, you know the drill by now. Golden Lobster, Albino Caiman or any of the spearfishing ones if that’s you’re thing.

If you, for some reason, insist on the new levequest fish, well, you’re on your own… Read the details on the boxes above but I’m guessing most people will be spearing deez Gourmet Crabs all the way to 80.

Fishing Level 80 and beyond!

Well, grats on hitting 80 Fisher – that’s about it for Shadowbringers tier! I don’t know if I’ll update any of the end-game gathering guides yet, but let’s see.

Might as well finish up the L80 Facet quest – 1x HQ Prospero Eel, which can be fished up in Tempest, Norvrandt Slope (31, 15) using Moyebi Shrimp. The fishing hole is “under” the aetheryte area very near town.

Other than that, congratulations and I hope I helped you out reaching Level 80 on your fishing!

FSH Leveling Navigation:
[01-15] | [15-35] | [35-50] | [50-55] | [55-60] | [60-70][70-80]

126 thoughts on “FFXIV Fishing Leveling Guide 1-80 (Shadowbringers UPDATED)”

  1. It would be really neat if all the locations had x-y coordinates cus now i often need to look up where it exactly is and also which vendor to buy the lures/tackles from!

  2. If you’re trying to catch the Giant Plesiosaur, use Patience II to make sure you actually catch HQ ones. It’s hard as hell to do without.

  3. Let me just start by saying your guides are amazing! Thank you for putting in all the hard work to put these together.

    I’m sure you are already aware, but on some pages I’m getting a permission error and cannot access full guides. Any idea how I can get around this? I’ve tried different internet browsers with no luck.

    Thanks again for all you do for the community!

    1. Sadly, It’s extremely difficult to trace the cause of this. All guides are free, but this mysterious error is throwing up a 403 error for some pages for some people… I’m investigating! Back from holidays!

  4. One thing about mooching for the fish is to use low level bait to catch the HQ low level fish you need to mooch in the first place.

  5. Would you consider updating the site with a dark mode?
    I’ve been following this guide but it’s kind of blinding with all this white. :(

  6. 30 – 35 you say use Sylhid Basket do you mean Syrphid Basket or do i miss something :) in fishing guide thx :)

  7. I just want to say thank you for all of your hard work over the years. I’ve been following your guides to level my gatherers/crafters since you started and they have stopped me from ripping my hair out.
    Even better now with the new updates .. I could skip most of your recommendations …just relying on one or two things every three levels.
    You’re amazing.

  8. Can you update the guide with an equipment guide? What levels to upgrade your gear, and what gear should you be wearing at specific levels?

  9. Please consider updating the links on this page, as XIVDB no longer “exists”.. I know it’s an older guide that has been updated.. but just thought to leave a comment to bring it to your attention that all your links lead to dead pages. :)

  10. Unfortunately, a majority of the lures/baits mentioned in the 50-60 range are lvl 60, and cannot be used. I wonder if there was an update to change these? An example is “Steel Bladed Jig” “Goblin Jig” “Brute Leech” are all level 60, and the guide mentions catching fish which are only caught using one of those.

    1. The guide makes no mention of Bladed Jigs. The only time Brute Leech was mentioned was for the L60 quest. Goblin Jig, mentioned in the guide, is L58. I’m really not sure what you’re complaining about?

  11. As far as Boltfish go, I found constant good luck fishing for them in The Tangle during Gloom weather, 6pm to 859am Eorzea Time. Glowworm, Sinking/Floating Minnows had the highest results.

  12. Worth mentioning that you’ll get one of those pieces of gear plus the fishing rod while doing the class quest. This is the second tier I’ve bought everything then immediately gotten it again by doing the quest. lol Even spending the money on the class quest fish would be a smarter investment.

  13. “L68 FSH Class Quest – HQ Dafangshi … Once in this new node (it has a large % bonus to HQ gathers)”
    Actually, that is a random proc. I ended up having to spawn the Teeming Shadows node twice (painful, I know…) and the first time didn’t have any bonuses, while the second time had an additional gathering attempt.

  14. I’m currently level 40 and I’m trying to do the level 30 class quest. Went to “Isles of Umbra Northshore” but that spot requires Skyfishing now I think… and you don’t get that until Level 45.

  15. for the 40-45 tier, instead of farming at The Nail, go into Daniffen Pass. The Golden Loach, Bronze Lake Trout, and Abalathian Smelt are all here and able to be caught with Honeyworms. Since that covers 3 of the four leves for the tier you should be able to stock up prettty easily and compelte whichever ones pop up.

  16. you may want to add that in order to catch the deep velodyna carp you MUST be on the quest. i got pretty discouraged after 150 or so fish and hadn’t seen a single one lol. looks like it was to keep ppl from buying it, which seems completely unnecessary with them so easy to catch (once you pick up the quest)

  17. Voor Sian Siran in Sea of Clouds (not coerthas) with stonefly nymph bait is a really good spot to grind around 50.

  18. For grinding lvl45-50 I found the best place to be was cloud fishing in Coerthas.
    I had my other gatherers on a higher level, so I had easy access to commercial survival manual.
    With Gatherer’s Grace turned on, a hq Rift Sailor will net you 40K xp, without rested xp turned on.
    I skipped the leves because I found the items to be worth more on the market than the 30-90xp I got for them.

  19. I found doing the Silken Sunfish collectible turn in was very worth it from 69-70 because it gives about 800k exp a piece when it’s a starred item, and with nature’s bounty and a full gp bar (roughly 700) even with veteran trading the Mosasaur, yielded upwards of 5 Silken Sunfish!

  20. Just wanted to say thank for this guide, I got to lvl 44 so for with little to no effort taking long breaks while following this guide. And this has only been a few days of nearly a week of fishing, and only using food for the exp boost, no other exp enchantment.

    To clarify:
    Went from 0-44 in just a few days with minor fishing, and no exp boost outside of food.

  21. i leveled my fisher from 50 till 55 today and noticed that the best thing to do when you reached level 51 is going for the icepick collectible. I fished at unfrozen pond in Coerthas Wester Higlands. This is the place where you also find the collectible sorcerer fish and you can allready catch it when you are lvl51. The collectability has to have a minimum of 646 and it appears in the list of collectibles when you reach lvl52. I don’t know if it was luck or not, but when i reached level 52 i turned instant 53 with turning in the Sorcerer Fish. I used the action patience and powerful hookset to get a higher collectability. (sorry for my English, it’s not so good ^^)

  22. Just wanted to throw out there that Golden Loach can be found quite easily in Daniffen Pass using honey worm (along with Alabathian Smelt), just south-west of The Nail.

  23. I wanted to let you know about the lvl 50 glacial core bait is incorrect. It is not red balloon; you cant use that until lvl 53. The bait would be Balloon Bug.

    1. To clarify: RED BALLOON has the highest catch-rate.. its the “best bait”, but yes balloon bug is the “Earliest bait”. Check the table above, I’ll clarify this in other instances of glacier core in the guide.

  24. On the Level 54 fishing writeup, you include this part:

    Alternative Grinding: Mogpom, fished from Greensward in Churning Mists – is a great fishing hole to grind on. Not only do mogpoms hold a bit of crafting material value, the fishing hole has 100% chance to catch this level 55 fish, meaning it’s a very stable choice for mindless grinding.

    Problem is, Mogpom cannot be fished until lvl 58, as it needs a goblin jig or steel spinner jig to be caught.

  25. I tried fishing Ceruleum Field last night with Chocobo Fly. 4 straight non-Grip Killifish, level 5 Rock whatevers. Moondrip is way better. Switched over and started catching nothing but Blindfish and Killifish. Ceruleum Field with Chocobo Fly is not best 27-30, Moondrip is.

    1. I was confused about this too, but the farm spot is directly south of the Ceruleum Processing Plant crystal.
      You’ll see a long chasm and some metal tubes, just cast the fishing rod there and it will work as instructed.
      Every catch yielded over 3500xp and HQs about 10k. Went from 27 to 30 in a flash!

  26. Guide is either out-of-date or the level 45 quest changes if you’ve (completed?) HW prior to leveling Fisher. Just hit 45 and I’m being sent to sky-fish for Cloud Cutters in Sea of Clouds. Hoping grind spots are up-to-date :)

    1. skyfishing for Cloud Cutters in Sea of Clouds is right haha, its a nonHW area in CCH. It’s not literally the Sea of Clouds map, just the fishing hole name.

  27. Hello, don’t know if anybody did tell about grand company Company-issue survival manual II. it gives+50% up to 40k exp… Cool, init?
    Thank you for your guide

  28. Need to fix the lvl 25 leve quest location FSH from “East Shroud, Quarrymill” to “South Shroud, Quarrymill”

  29. I’m going through this atm and just want to point out, you say for the lvl 35 quest, Desert Catfish, that they can be caught from either of the Sagolii Desert sandfishing spots, but they can only be caught from the one on the east side.

    1. Red Balloon is 53 – YOU’RE CORRECT! It’s also the BEST LURE for Glacier Core. However, Since you cannot equip it – use BALOON BUG in the meantime.

      I’m sorry for the confusion, I specifically remembered the exact point in time wherein I asked myself as I was coding the table “Hmm.. which lure should I put for Glacier Core?” I ended up going with Red since it’s the BEST, and hoping people would click on the more info or figure out that Balloon Bug was the only other choice.

      Thanks to your comment, maybe I was wrong. /fixed – added balloon bug.

      Even if I didn’t help you one damned bit – I appreciate your feedback.

  30. How I can visit CERULEUM FIELD? Please tell me ;) Yesterday I tried to find there with my fellow fishers but we could not find it (with two 50 lv fishers..)

    1. same thing happened to me. i put a brass spoon lure on and could catch things during the day. just try different baits/lures for day time

  31. Just to let you know for 30-35 Black sole, Sea Pickles and Ash Tuna can all be caught in north bloodshore, with Indigo caught in costa del sol, right next to it

  32. I’m rather new to FFXIV, having played on a month, or so. I’ve found all your gatherers’ guides particularly helpful. I started my Fisher only about a week ago and reached level-50 today. I did only a couple of levequests — I’ve also got a Culinarian and have set a personal goal of catching one HQ of everything. It still didn’t seem to take very long. I’m into the game more for gathering/crafting than fighting; so, slow leveling is okay with me.

    One comment per the Level-50 Class Quest: I found it rather simple; I caught three HQ Mazlaya Marlins and two NQ ones in about 30 minutes. Yes, “Hello Marketboard” for a nice profit on my extra Marlins, and I shall return often.

    Again, thank you for your terrific guides.

  33. I noticed there was no grinding spot for 30-35. I’ve been doing The Juggernaut fishing hole in 17.31 Eastern La Noscea.
    With a chocobo fly I get about 90% Grip Killifish which are about 3k exp per fish (I do have rested xp atm though)

  34. So I am currently in the 40-45 fishing range. Based on primarily grinding from 35 to my current level of 43, I would say sticking with the Nail until 45 is probably better than moving to the Burning Wall. The rate at which I am catching the three choices of level 40 fish is pretty low with the mix of the salmon and boneytongue, it seems quite a bit slower.

    I think the more steady higher exp (compared to salmon and boneytongue at the wall) catches at the Nail make it faster.

  35. In the 20-25 grinding spot, you suggest the Yugr’am river in W.Thanalan, which is inocrrect. Yugr’am river is in E.Thanalan.

    1. I’ve been grinding in Yugr’am river for a while and noticed that Black Eel with Butterworm nets 100% ALL DAY not just at night. Don’t know if this was mentioned in a patch note somewhere.

      1. Correction, just hit the “nothing bites” slump. But it does keep going into the daytime quite a bit. Til 10 am I think.

  36. So I noticed that you suggest Cape Westwind for level 30 to 35 leveling. What I also noticed when I got there is that the enemies are kevel 48, and thus not affected by Stealth until level 38. Is there a better place to level for those 5? Love your guide by the way!

  37. Love your guides! Pretty sure I’ve used all of the crafting and gathering ones to level up. Have any idea when the 50-60 guide will be ready?

  38. I’m sorry, but please use the full name on the locations and please use cordinates, it takes forever to figure out were you accually mean.. If you allready are taking the time to make this guide, why be so lasy as to use shortened words.. Not trying to be rude, just telling you that this guide is a pain in the behind to use.

    1. I’m sorry, but refinement to pre-50 FSH will be done after I’m done with the 60 chunk. I’m sure you can manage, you’re a grown up :)

    2. Saying “not trying to be rude” doesn’t make it not rude… Calling a person who voluntarily made a nicely-written guide “lazy” isn’t really nice.. I’ve only started playing the game recently and it doesn’t really take long on finding these locations. You get move your lazy bum and look for these yourself! :)

    3. To end this mini-scuffle let me clarify a few things…

      It’s a far cry from laziness. A lazy person cannot create this entire site by themselves. Which I am doing. I realize the site is not perfect, and neither is this guide. I cannot explain all choices I made but I’ll make an exception for this…

      Coordinates are a great idea, I definitely want to do this! And I appreciate your reminder. I simply cannot backtrack this guide at this time… the FSH leveling guide has great info (IMO), and is definitely usable at this point… I’m sorry if the coords aren’t listed and this is very much a great addition in the near future.

      I used the shortened location names for many reasons. the primary one? SPACE. Especially in the tables. These abbreviations are commonly used in many FFXIV related communications, within and without Eorzea… It would be beneficial to you to learn them! But as I said earlier it’s primarily a SPACE issue… it may not seem like a big deal but trust me it is…

      FSH Guide in general is a pain in the ass even to write… I mean.. the uniqueness of the class and the personalities of people trying to level fishing are wildly varied! As wildly varied as the ways and methods and goals of those attempting to max the class. I’m just here trying my best to even give a sliver of a guideline to those who may seek it. I appreciate any feedback, good or bad.


      1. I had zero issue with your guide and it was a great help keep up the awesome work dude!

  39. Thanks so much for the guide!
    However, I noticed that on the 30-35 leves, you have listed Indigo Herring twice. The repeatable one should be Sea Pickle!

    1. Thanks for the heads up! I will be updating this to 60 shortly, and i’m wishing to refine the pre-60 half of this after that.

  40. You’re guides have been a real life saver,

    I did come across one mistake, you say that Yagram river is in Western Thanalan, but it is in Eastern Thanalan.

    Thanks for the guide. :D

  41. bit late to reading these guides but u know a lot more fun stuff than fishing lol but I notice u say that yugram river is in W.thanalan but its actually in E.thanalan

  42. I noticed that you put the level 40 fishing hole Burning Wall, which requires Gulleye II, as a recommended grinding spot for level 26-30. Is there a good fishing hole for grinding that is actually possible for this level range? Love your guide!

    1. Burning Wall seems to be accessible even before Gulleye II. This was done long ago, but I can try to verify this through another recently leveled fisher?

      1. i was able to fish there at 25 also there was a place i couldnt fish not mentioned here the pond in wt near moon drop

      2. i was just there lvling my fisher i dont think i went there at 23 i belive it was 25 i went there i had no problem fishing there where misses and eventualy one stole my spoon but i did lvl there to 27 before moving off to Ceruleum Field the only gear i had on was from fishing guild quest rewards no extras or special bennys through the free company

      3. One other note I had some trouble finding vendors that sell the needed lure or bait for the different areas. I think adding a vendor location for the different baits needed as your lvling would be a good thing to include in your guide.

        1. Great Idea! I will be working on many of these guides come 3.0, in case new ways to level up appead.

        2. Just go to 1 of the housing areas (Goblet, Lavender Beds, & Mist) & the junkmonger there sells everything.

    1. I’m sorry, but this is somewhat used quite commonly in my server – i apologize. If you haven’t discovered by context… “NSH” would be North SHroud, WLN is Western La Noscea… ETH is Eastern Thanalan. Hopefully that helps!

      1. No apology required IMHO. Players need to figure SOMETHING out for themselves. THX for your guide. Just turned in my Raincallers and gonna farm CCuttters next. GG

        1. WTH does “THX” mean and why would anyone expect people that would be looking for a “guide” to already know this stuff?

  43. Just wanted to say this guide has been fantastic. Currently at level 46 and about to get more grinding on. Comp Bryagh on Excalibur says Thanks a bunch!

  44. May have been noted already, but Yugram River is in Eastern Than, as opposed to Western which it states in the 20-25 section. Fantastic guide, would be lost without it!

  45. Just want to point out that the info for level 15 levequests is wrong. They are in Aleport. Moraby Drydocks are level 20.

    1. The info on the 1-15 page is incorrect. The 16-35 reflects correct information. Also, I’m having better luck finding Helmet Crabs and White Coral at Brewer’s Beacon with Rat Tail. Skull Valley is where I’m getting Razor Clam and Rothlyt Oyster, also with Rat Tail.

  46. Loved the guide ty for your time and effort to putting this together. I just want to throw in here that I got my mazlaya marlin at 32x 25y e. LA noscea with a rattail it’s 100% harbor herring the rest is rngesus I got mine on second cast :-D

      1. I also wanted to say, great guide, I’ve followed it from lvl 15 to lvl 50, and it’s really helped me out a lot. Keep up the good work!!

  47. “Where to find Shadow Catfish? Using low level bait Moth Pupa, you can mooch a Striped Goby(HQ) to get your Shadow Catfish rather easily! You cannot pre-emptively finish your L25 Class Quest since you need to mooch – which is a skill you gain at 25.”

    Didn’t say where ^.^

    1. Oh man.. is the location in the first page? I just got back and replying to comments quickly. AFAIK it shold be in fallgourd float (checking)

    1. Yes I’ve been itching to find the best way to implement that… Any Ideas? If I use a bunch of images… man.. load times? hmm…

        1. I will be fixing this up pre-3.0, in terms of showing a map of where these locations are. :) yes that is a great supplementary resource!

  48. An alternative for White Coral, if your having trouble catching it. I found is if you have a retainer with atleast 5 levels in fishing they can gather it for you.

  49. Here’s an alternative for Boltfish…instead of using just about anything else, you can use honeyworm to catch about 3 times as many Silverfish…GREATLY increases your odds of getting an HQ quicker and mooching.

  50. For the Mazlaya Marlin (lvl 50 job), I got it by rather easily at lvl 40 Fishing in Western La Noscea (Northern Bloodshore) using Krill Cage Feeder.

    Just as an alternative :)

  51. So much incorrect information… Yugr’am River (not yugram) is in Eastern Thanalan, and the bait this guide suggests does not work there. Wish there was a more reliable guide somewhere.

    1. Please read it again :D, Butterworm to catch eels only work DURING NIGHT TIME… otherwise you will not be able to catch anything! Don’t be so hasty to post!

    2. Would it actually hurt to be constructive and polite? OP writes a guide–If it’s not up to your personal standards, or if you don’t feel like properly reading, move the hell on. Do you actually need to be a prat about it? Thank you goes a long way. Constructive criticism goes a long way. Being an entitled sounding asshat only makes people not want to help, advise or otherwise be kind to you.

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