Ask FFXIVGuild 002: All about RAIDING!

Our second issue of Ask FFXIVGuild is all about Raiding! What composition did we use? Our thoughts on Melee? How did we find BCoB 1-5?

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Hello guys and welcome to Ask #002. This weeks topic is all about RAIDING!

for those who might be wondering, what is this column all about? Any and all questions you might ask us, through Facebook, twitter, email or comments might appear in this column!

What Raiding composition did you guys use to progress and finally beat T1-T5?

Here was our main Lineup:

PLD: Maruko San
WAR: Mitlet Gyles
WHM: Mahiko San
SCH: Alexander Luthor
MNK: Kimi Ruyifang
MNK: Kharas Dorian
BRD: Weewooweewoo / Rylai Ariamis
MDPS: Mamasita Golddigger (SMN) /  Poipoi (BLM)

2 Melee? Did you guys plan this specific lineup? Why?

We just formed our very first team with whoever was coil ready at the time (Early October). We do enjoy the fact we have two melee because many people like having zero or 1 melee for “learning” fights. Simply because ranged is easier to position. Two melee, however, makes us feel like we’re studying the fight without bias. As if you pugged it and gave equal chances to ranged/melee.

How did you find FFXIV’s first tier of raiding – Bahamuts Coil Turn 1-5?

We had a bunch of fun, to be honest. Around half our guys were new to raiding. We started a bit late, but managed to down T5 in a timely enough manner.

Turn 1:  We had a bunch of fun here. Back when Burn Strategy wasn’t possible, the fight is actually pretty damn hard. It tested Individual Skill most of all!
Turn 2: A bit confusing at first (Not Enrage Strategy). This turn tested Group Communication and strategy.
Turn 4: We oddly got stuck here for around 3 weeks. It was super fun during the early days. I think it tested Strategy / Refinement.
Turn 5: Nothing prepared us for this. The learning curve for Twintania is super steep. While RNG plays a huge part in this fight – it’s pretty damn fun! Killing TT for the first time was the most rewarding thing i’ve felt in a while! I really hope T10 will have a boss as memorable is Twintania.


What’s your thoughts and hopes for Turn 6 – Turn 10 and Leviathan?

For Leviathan, we’ve heard he’s going to be one of the hardest bosses of all time. Let’s hope it’s true!

For T6-T10, we hope they do something about certain “enrage” timers and such. For example:
Turn 1: The feeding mechanic can totally be skipped if you’re even a bit over geared.
Turn 2: The enrage timer should insta-kill.

Why? Isn’t this kind of an elitist attitude?

Well, no we don’t think so. We feel that skipping these intended mechanics makes for a less than fulfilling encounter. Finding a raid group to enjoy the game with, and progress with, is a more fulfilling and permanent solution instead of these semi-roundabout methods for “easy loots”.

What’s your lineup for T6-T10? What do you think the ultimate composition is?

For T6-10:

PLD: Maruko San
WAR: Mitlet Gyles
WHM: Mahiko San
SCH: Alexander Luthor
Melee1: Kimi Ruyifang
Melee2: Kharas Dorian
BRD: Rylai Ariamis
BLM: Cassandra Valentine

We don’t currently know if either of our Monks will go DRG for the next patch.

As for the ultimate composition… I personally think the above, with 1 MNK / 1 DRG is pretty close (If you choose not to “stack”). Another would be to have the DPS look like DRG BRD BLM BLM. But this is a pretty irrelevant question since it revolves more around the actual fight mechanics, not your team lineup.

Well that’s about it for today! Next week we will be answering some other questions, but we’re leaning on the theme for next weeks article to be about and Crafting! But of course any questions are welcomed!

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2 thoughts on “Ask FFXIVGuild 002: All about RAIDING!”

  1. Perfect team is PLD/WAR/WHM/SCH/BLM/SMN/BRD/DRG(MNK)

    PLD-great MT in all fights.

    WAR- epic OT, with respectable dmg. Great MT for t5 as well.

    WHM-powerful single target and aoe heals

    SCH-a true MT healer. able to spam spells more often than WHM. Can spam embrace/physic at the same time for even more single target healing that a WHM. Selene’s dmg buffs are good for every fight.

    SMN-In 99pct of all fights, a good SMN will destroy everyone on the dps meters w/ Foe’s Requiem playing at ket points. The only reason I wouldn’t use 2 SMN is because of its lack of aoe dmg and initial burst compared to a BLM. Another reason to take a SMN is it’s pet. stacking the SCH/SMN pet on OT for Fireballs removes 2 people you have to heal.

    BLM-BLM has the highest aoe burst and sustainable dps with infinite mana. can never go wrong with a blm

    BRD-BRD is another no brainer. Foe’s Requiem and Mages Ballad are 2 of the most useful skills in the game. Adding 10-20pct more dps to your blm/smn to push phases faster or boosting mana regen to a healer who just got revived, you cant look over these skills. Adding even more utility is his silence, Blunt Arrow.

    DRG- DRG may seem to have slightly lower dps than a mnk, but has way more utility. He adds a piercing debuff to increase BRD dmg, which negates the dmg loss from MNK. Has higher burst dmg with many OGCD abilities to tear through fast conflags.
    -MNK-Monk is still a good dps to have but in T5, his GL stacks will drop 2-3 times nerfing his dmg

    1. This may not be quite appropriate for this post, but as a lvl 50 dragoon, I was under the impression I had a tinsy bit more dps output than a monk. Does the greased lightning buff push them over us with dps? Maybe I’ve always just played with crappy monks, but I always seem to do more than them, not to mention the 3 dots (fracture is cross-classed) and the piercing resistance. Not trying to be elitist as a dragoon, I’m genuinely curious. If it helps for a knowledge base perspective, my pugilist is only lvl 10.

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