FFXIVGuild Into the Aether 002: Templar, Gunslinger, Astronomer!

What are the possible new / next jobs of FFXIV? We will be revealing three more of our speculations in this issue of Into the Aether!

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Hi readers! Welcome to another installment of Into The Aether! With todays weekly editorial we have been doing a series which covers our theories into what the next possible classes & jobs are for FFXIV:ARR. Again I would like to remind you that these are all theories and speculations, nothing you see here has been confirmed.

This weeks Reveal/s:


Requirements: THM 30, ACN 15

Thaumaturges in the Coerthas Observatorium have long looked to the stars for new discoveries. With the help of the Arcanists of the Observatorium, the guilds have discovered something new: the control and use of Aether from the heavens itself. These magick-users then found the guild of Astrologers.

Core skills – what makes the AST an Astrologer?

Stargazer (Trait) – Umbral Fire now also affects Heal the same way it does with Fire. Umbral Ice now also affects Heal the same way it does with Blizzard. Every tick of Thunder heals a random party member for it’s damage.

Stardust – Gives Astral Fire , single target heal, has a chance to proc Moonlight free and no cast time.

Moonlight – Gives Astral Fire, does an initial heal and a regen both based on missing health, more health missing the stronger the heal and regen.

Constellation: Azeyma – Gives Umbral Ice, AoE heal and grants a weaker Apocostasis for a few seconds.

Constellation: Nophica – Gives Umbral Ice, small initial heal and a barrier that greatly increases physical and magical defenses for a short time

Equinox – Expends all of your current mana to heal and give a shield for double the mana spent. Removes all Umbral Ice or Fire stacks. Instant Cast.

Basically, you use the constellations on Umbral Ice phase, and Stardust/Moonlight on Fire Phases. The total potency of their heal skills are FAR below WHM and SCH to balance their “infinite” mana pool.

Astrologers in other FF’s

As far as we know, there is only one other Astronomer in the FF series. Olan from FF Tactics. He’s the one that spams the fearsome “Galaxy Stop”. Another note of trivia, when you fight Olan in the lions war, his main weapon equipped (book) is called the Omnilex! Hmm…



Requirements: MSK 30, ARC 15

The sailors from Limsa Lominsa are no strangers to firearms. Some members of the Marauders guild have dedicated themselves to the mastery of guns. With help from the Woodwailers in Gridania, this once crude weapon has become an example of precision and accuracy in Eorzea. These Gunslingers, masters of pistols, are now a mainstay in any ship leaving the ports of Limsa Lominsa. They are often seen carrying more than two sets of pistols on them and are the envy of many because of their speed, accuracy and their spirit of exploration.

Core skills – what makes the GNS a Gunslinger?

Maelstrom Gunslinger (Stance) – With a maximum of 24 Bullet Stacks, the Gunslinger can expend these stacks to cast certain skills. Combo skills now deal additional bleed damage but use 1 Bullet stack.  You can regain bullet stacks by using certain abilities or the main Gunslinger mechanic: Reload.

Reload – Gain 6 Bullet stacks.

Speed Reload – Gain 24 bullet stacks. Long cooldown.

Pistol Shot – 2 Bullet Stacks. Combos from a basic skill. Increases damage taken from any damage over time source.

Double Tap – 12 Bullet stacks. Deal massive damage to a target, critical hits have a chance to deal extra damage. Also has a chance to refund the Bullet stacks spent.

Volley – 18 bullet Stacks. Channeling. Deal AoE damage in an area that also slows movement.

Rapid Fire – Channeling. 6 Bullet stacks per second. Deals damage and leaves a DoT based on how long the channeling was active.

Gunslingers in other FF’s

There are various Gun-type jobs found in FF. FFTA’s Gunners, FFX-2’s Gunmage and a whole host of others.

As for main characters many were known to have guns. In FFXIV alone, Merlwyb (Admiral of the Maelstrom). Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Irvine Kinneas (FFVIII) and Sazh Katzroy (FFXIII).


Requirements: LNC 30, GLD 15

With increasing threat on the nation the Gridanian Wood Wailers, Discovering the lack of a true front-line, decided to train a new kind of fighter. Emissaries from the esteemed lancers guild traveled to Ul’dah to train with the gladiators. Eschewing the use of the shield, these heavy knights favored heavy armor and a deadly halberd. They decided to honor the Temple Guardians of old, and named their new-found fighting style the art of Templars.

Core skills – what makes the TMP a Templar?

Art of The Templars (Stance) – Removes the need for positioning on skills and all combos now also generate increased emnity. This also increases magic and physical defense but decreases damage dealt.

Combat Preparation – The Templar readies himself, giving him increased defenses and resistances

Ring of Fire – Combo from Ring of Thorns, leaves a ground effect that deals damage over time. Has emnity generation.

Head Stab – Silences an enemy and leaves him vulnerable to attacks for a short period of time. Also increases the Templar’s resistances and defenses.

Defender – The Templar plants himself firmly on the ground. During the duration he takes 50% reduced damage and has reduced movement speed (Heavy). He cannot be disabled,  slowed or knocked back during the duration.

Templars in other FF’s

Strictly speaking, Templars only ever appeared in the FFTA series. Are they other Templar-like people from FF’s? (Heavily armored spear-users). Although a lot of “dragoon” like characters come to mind… (Freya, Kimahri, Cid…)

The first thing that comes to mind is Odin! While he’s been known to have a sword these days, there are times he’s depicted with his spear Gungnir!

So here’s our weekly tracker:

Plain Text = Already Known
Italicized = Our Speculation
Bold = To be revealed next week!

MRD – WAR ???
CNJ – WHM ???
PGL – MNK ???
MSK – GNS ???
ARC – BRD ???

Gear Distribution

Fending – WAR PLD TMP ???
Striking – MNK DKN
Maiming – DRG ???
Aiming – BRD GNS
Healing – SCH WHM AST ???
Casting – BLM SMN ??? ???

What’s in store for next weeks Into the Aether? We will be revealing THREE MORE  of our speculated new jobs from the base class Pugilist, Marauder and Archer! 

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11 thoughts on “FFXIVGuild Into the Aether 002: Templar, Gunslinger, Astronomer!”

  1. Maybe I missed the memo but is MSK a confirmed class? I love the idea of Astronomer (woot woot Olan!) as the second THM job, especially since it’s a healer. I would also note you have another ??? (to be revealed two weeks from now, I’m assuming) under the healing gear; I’m worried you’ll postulate CNJ’s second job as another healing class. Personally, I’d like to see Geomancer, and it works nicely with the CNJ storyline.

    1. MSK is heavily suggested (the guild exists in limsa!) We’re just doing it for fun to consider MSK in this speculation setup. CNJ is not gonna be double healer, don’t worry :D

      1. I’m betting that the second class of conjurer is going to be Geomancer. Because Conjurers have control of Earth and Air magic which are the maint ellement a Geomancer controls.

        1. Oh I forgot they control water as well! Conjurers have the single and unique water spell a playable class can have

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