FFXIV Syrcus Tower (ST,CT2) Loot List & Boss Guide

Syrcus Tower Loot List by class and by boss! A short Guide on each boss so you won’t be a chump in front of 24 people.

You’re in Syrcus Tower, ey? If you’re here, you’re probably here for one of two things:
Syrcus Tower Loot Lists | Syrcus Tower Boss Guides

Syrcus Tower Loot List By Boss

Scylla (1)Glasya Labolas (2)Amon (3)Xande (4)
TankTank Hands
Tank Belt
Tank Boots
Tank BodyTank Head
Tank Legs
HealerHealer Hand
Healer Belt
Healer BootHealer Body
Healer Head
Healer Legs
CasterCaster BootCaster Hand
Caster Belt
Caster Head
Caster Legs
Caster Body
MNK Belt
MNK BootMNK Head
MNK Legs
MNK Body
DRG Belt
DRG Head
DRG Legs
DRG Body
BRDBard BootBRD Belt
BRD Hand
BRD BodyBRD Head
BRD Legs
MiscOil of Time
Unidentified Allagan Tomestone

Final Boss has a chance to spawn a fourth chest which can drop:
Throne Gem | Wind-up Onion Knight < These items do not count towards the 1 item weekly limit.

Syrcus Tower Loot List By Class


The number respresents the boss. 1 = Scylla, 2 = Glasya Labolas, 3 = Amon, 4 = Xande. Links to be added.

Scylla (Boss 1)

Phase 1: Spawns orbs that follow random people. There are light pillars (3) which mark the spots where you can break the tether. These “generators” light up and gain an elemental charge for each type of orb it abosrbs.

  • Fire (RED): Does single target damage and MELTS ICE.
  • Ice (GREEN): Freezes a guy. Use fire to melt
  • Lightning (GREEN): Small AoE damage.

Melting frozen guys is key here. Having people stunned sucks – obviously. It also leaves a water pool on the ground which gives a huge fire defense buff for Ancient Flare. If you dont have a pool to stand on don’t worry – it’s not THAT strong.

Eldering Staff is a rodlike add doesn’t seem to have aggro. Just kill them. They periodicaly do a ring AoE.

So you have a few goals for the first phase. Make sure each generator has 1 of each elemental charge. Else, “Daybreak” will stun EVERYONE for like 30 seconds.

For the remainder of the fight (Phase 2), some random adds spawn which aren’t notable. Just keep melting frozen guys, and it should be smooth sailing. Otherwise the fight is just a rinse/repeat of Phase 2.


Glasya Labolas (Boss 2)

The #1 rule of CT applies to this guy most: Dodge the colorful AoE. This guy’s pretty funny…. he charges a massive attack that does chumpy damage. Then he does it again and kills you… how to prevent this?

The robots – make them block the lasers that give him power. Note that sometime during this charging process, if this whole robot laser blocking ordeal is done properly, Teleporters to other platforms light up. Fight and preferably kill the Spanner Rooks in these platforms – when they do their skill just jump to the next platform.

Once you can go back to the main platform, do so. The rest of the fight is pretty much brainless.

Amon (Boss 3)

Orb following you? Will shrink you if you get hit. You can land it on the add “Kumkum” to make them smaller.

Experiment slimes? Should be killed before reaching the boss. (AoE damage otherwise)

You turned into a frog? Just deal with it, lol. You can continue to do damage while in this form.

Curtain Call is just like Behemoths Meteor. Hide behind iced players! Overall, nothing that special with Amons Mechanics.

There will be a smattering of Adds that spawn, just kill them. As far as I know only Kumkum can be shrunk.

Xande (Boss 4)

Yellow circles will spawn on the ground – step on them to activate it. ALL of the yellow circles must have at least 1 person in it.

at 70% and 30%, Xande goes away from the stage and a mini DPS check begins. B Alliance (usuall) kills middle orb while A & C kill the side objectives. These side objectives attract a meteor. I’ve never seen it fall but I assume it’s not good. Once the sides are clean A & C can help the middle.

The blue circle that appears on a random player IS NOT DANGEROUS. It spawns a tornado that everyone should stand on to avoid getting killed by Quaga. If you’re in the main tanks Alliance, it would be nice to go to him and drop the levitation circle there.

Syrcus Tower Loot Lists | Syrcus Tower Boss Guides

That’s about it for Syrcus Tower! I decided to go for a TL;DR approach for the boss guides since they’re not so complex. Have fun getting your loot!

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1 thought on “FFXIV Syrcus Tower (ST,CT2) Loot List & Boss Guide”

  1. Here’s some more tips for ST:

    General Trash:

    Group them together and AoE them to death. In the second and third groups, adds spawn when the dragon is engaged, so OTs should pick them up and not just wail on the dragon, fighting for aggro for some senseless reason I can’t understand (but this happens every time x_x).


    I’m rather sure that each generator needs 3 Lightning charges and none of the others. Also, ice orbs are blue, not green. To avoid getting petrified by Daybreak, you need 4 people on each of the three pads before it goes off (and, presumably, 3 charges in each generator). If you fail to do this and get petrified, I believe that twice as many adds spawn (two Iron Giants in addition to the two snake things). Eldering Staves should be ignored, as they immediately respawn when killed and are trivial to dodge. Phase 2 is just like Phase 1, except there are adds, there are no lightning orbs, and there is no Daybreak. Also worth mentioning is that Ancient Flare cures frozen, and frozen people can still be healed.

    Glasya Labolas:

    I’m rather certain that his “massive attack that does chumpy damage” actually does damage based on the number of adds still powering him. Once, there was still an add up when he used it, and it did noticeably more damage than normal. Speaking of those adds, it’s worth mentioning that they’re invincible until someone runs into their circle. When that happens, they get hit by the beam instead of the boss, and become out of phase (permanent stun, can’t be targetted) until the add is killed.

    Regarding the squires (robots), there are six pillars around the arena, the three sending energy to the boss, and ones halfway between each pair that are for grounding the energy. You need to position the squires such that they are close to the beam and close to the edge, and the beam will reflect off of them and go to a grounding pillar. If you kill them while they’re in place, they stay there. You need all three in place before the boss uses his super move or you all die. The thing is, you can lock the squires in place on either side of their beam. If you lock two directly across from each other (one to the left of the beam and the other to the right), the third squire can’t be placed since both of the adjacent grounding pillars are occupied. This results in a guaranteed wipe. The trick to them is to just tank them at their spawn point, which is a perfect spot. Instead of marking the jump pads, which glow and are totally obvious, mark the spawn points for the squires. There are notches around the arena, six between each jump pad. Put the A/B/C marks two marks clockwise from that group’s jump pad – that’s the spawn point.


    The snakes that spawn will ignore aggro and go for their toad if their toad is still toaded. Slimes should be stunned/snared to make them easier to kill in time. If you’re not the MT, tank the KumKum right where it spawns if you can. That way, when the tiny orb spawns, it’ll spawn right on top of the KumKum and go off immediately. If you have aggro on a KumKum and someone is trying to hit them with a tiny orb, for the love of Bob, stand still. It’s nearly impossible to hit them while they’re moving. Frogs gain a new ability while frogged (it’s on the pet bar). This can be used to unfreeze frozen people. But, obviously, that should not be done too much or you’ll have nowhere to hide for Curtain Call, so only use it to free healers.


    The levitation orb does a ton of damage (about 10k), but it’s divided by the number of people it hits. So, after the add phases, your party should all stack together. Healers can cast a heal to go off right when the AoE does. Also, in every group I’ve been in, each group took one (two in the second phase) of the side adds, then everyone met in the middle when their add was killed. I feel this order is cleaner and simpler, and much less likely to result in a small meteor landing (they land much earlier than the center one).

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