FFXIV Relic / Zodiac Weapon COMPLETE Guide

Have no relic? Need advice on ANY step on your relic? This relic weapon guide will help you. START to FINISH!

Upgrading your Nexus to Zodiac (The FINAL STEP…for now)

This page details the process to upgrade your currently owned Nexus Relic to a Zodiac Weapon. (IE: Thyrus Nexus to Nirvana) Lost? You might be looking for the previous step Nexus, or the next step Zeta.

Popularly referred to as Atma 2.0, you need to find certain “Atmas”, but instead of Fates, they drop from dungeons. That’s just as bad as it sounds. Time to go out and find those Lost Treasures!

Lost Treasure FAQ

You DO NOT NEED to equip your relic. A small bonus, you can use your best weapon to make grind times a LITTLE less.

You DO NOT NEED to use your “relic class”. As good as it sounds. Consider using a tank or healer to improve queue times, and ensure better speedruns. Overall, a great bonus to break the monotonous factor of having to use your class (ahem, Nexus)

You NEED to do them in “order”. The quest to find lost treasure come in chunks of four. You cannot skip ahead. Look at the table below. You cannot skip to Treasure 2 if you haven’t found Treasure 1, but you can look for Treasure 1 and Treasure 3 of different quests.


Zodiac Task Breakdown

Zodiac Items & Checklist
1 per quest:Bombard Core (x4)20000 GC Seals (x4)Sacred Spring Water (x4)1600 Soldiery (x4)
Questname:A Ponze of FleshLabor of LoveMethod in His MaliceA Treasured Mother
Vendor ItemBronzelake Crystal (ULN)Allagan Resin (STH)Furite Sand (CCH)Brass Kettle (NSH)
1st treasure:Horn of the beast
Dzmael Darkhold
Vale Bubo
Aurum Vale
Tonberry King blood
Wanderer's Palace
lost treasure
Amdapor Keep
2nd treasure:Gobmachine Bangplate
Brayflox Longstop (Hard)
Haukke Manor (Hard)
Royal Gigant Blood
Copperbell Mines (Hard)
lost treasure
Pharos Sirius
3rd treasure:Narashima Hide
Halatali (Hard)
Amdapor Vellum
Lost City of Amdapor
Kraken Blood
lost treasure
TamTara Deepcroft (Hard)
4th treasure:Sickle Fang
Indigo Pearl
Sastasha (Hard)
Vicegerent Blood
Qarn (Hard)
lost treasure
Stone Vigil (Hard)
Craft/Desynth ItemFurnace Ring
Perfect Mortar
Perfect Pounce
Perfect Cloth
Craft/Desynth ItemPerfect Firewood
Perfect Pestle
Perfect Vellum
Tailor-made Eel Pie

Spiritbonding i90+ works for MOST of these dungeons (use your usual gear for the weaker ones: AV WP etc). So if you want some added value to your relic quests, you can consider doing this (Easy for right-side)

For the curious… what are the other Zodiac Weapon names?
Curtana -> Excalibur
Holyshield -> Aegis Shield
Bravura -> Ragnarok
Thyrus -> Nirvana
Omnilex -> Last Resort
Stardust Rod -> Lilith Rod
Veil of Wiyu -> Apocalypse
Artemis Bow -> Yoichi Bow
Sphairai -> Kaiser Knuckles
Gae Bolg -> Longinus Spear
Yoshimitsu -> Sasuke’s Blades

Well, sadly, you lose the (seemingly intensifying) glow of your weapon (for now…). Any tips or info to share? feel free to comment below!

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(No Relic) || (Base Relic -> Zenith)
(Zenith -> Atma) || (Atma -> Animus)
(Animus -> Novus) || (Novus -> Nexus)
(Nexus -> Zodiac)  || (Zodiac -> Zeta)

45 thoughts on “FFXIV Relic / Zodiac Weapon COMPLETE Guide”

  1. FYI the leave for Coerthas called “If You Put It That Way” is Immortal Flames, not Twin Adder…

    Took me way to long to realize>.<

  2. The information in the Zeta section for gathering light for Mahatma seems to be very inaccurate. The names for each amount of light gained appear to be named somewhat incorrectly, and the values are incorrect. Faintly appears to yield 4, Gently appears to yield 8. Haven’t seen what the others are called yet, but the ones I’ve seen appear to yield different amounts of light than the Zeta guide, even before the adjustments made in 3.0.

    1. Ah, nevermind. I read the table incorrectly. However, the values are still inaccurate. I believe they are actually double what reflects in the guide. It takes 5 gentles to completely fill a Mahatma which tells me that it either yields 8 lights, or the Mahatma requirement was reduced to 20

      1. After patch 3.1 each Mahatma takes 10 runs of Ifrit normal to complete.
        As a lvl 60 Scholar each unsynced run takes about 25 sec

        1. Two solo unsynced runs of Sastasha or Tam Tara Normal will totally complete a mahatma. A single unsynced run of Sastasha or TTD NM will totally complete a mahatma if you have one other person with you.

  3. I’m confused. For steps 3+ you say “With your “relic” equipped” What? I’m on this part right now and he didn’t give me anything after I turned in my materia-enhanced item

      1. He takes that weapon away between your steps 6 and 7. You need only be the class for the weapon you want to make to get credit for all of step 7.

  4. Question, how does this phase of the relic = millions of gil? I seem to be missing that part of the guide. I’ve made it through 4 books and have barely made what I would selling 4 stacks 99 NQ Effervescent Water.

  5. For the animus levequest you have to change the grand company? and if thats the case is it hard or take to much time?

    1. You do not, but I have to admit it’s a bit counter-intuitive. You can get levequests from any GC levemete (that are high level)

  6. After completing my 9th book to complete Atma and start Animus the Quest went well turning it in to G’jusana to Hubairtin to Jalzahn but no one took my completed 9th book. It remains in my Key items inventory. Also my Animus weapon is still at level 100 just like its At a predecessor. What gives?

    1. Just talk to Gjusana to give you a new one. If youve COMPLETED the previous book it should ‘vanish’. An incomplete Animus has a “false ilevel”.

      1. I appreciate the feedback but that does not work. G’jusana simply says I’ve done them all and directs me to Jalzahn which works fine. I’m now working on Animus. Problem remains. The last book never vanishes.

        1. Can ya send me a screenshot of the book, the conversation option with gjusana and your weapon? :)

          1. I don’t think so. I don’t know how to get a PS4 screenshot over to here. Further developments: I just completed a second character with the exact same results. I seem to be getting the benefits of this long ordeal but the completed 9th book never vanishes leaving me with the uneasy feeling that something was not completed properly.

        1. “Okay, before your expectations for an epic quest rise here, I’m going right ahead and saying that this step involves Fate grinding. Yeahp! You have to collect 12 different Atmas, from 12 different maps. “

  7. I don’t know why never got into upgrading my relic from Zenith. i think mainly I was gearing up and running coil, etc. Anyway, I guess my question is would it be worth doing so late on? Any suggestions would be helpful. I heard something about relic weapons becoming obsolete in HW. Is that true? Thanks.

    1. I thought they were going to use the final form as a pre-cursor for another weapon but I am not sure. it would be kinda lame for those who spent the time to get it just to be able to go to the vendor and get something better.

      1. They’ve said the final Zodiac weapon will make the new Relic/Zodiac weapon in Heavensward considerably easier to create, even though it isn’t required. Though if you never made a Zeta weapon, you will be missing out on the achievement.

  8. please correct the location of the quest The Weaponsmith of Legend from nothern thanalan to western thanalan, it confused me hard…

  9. Re: Zenith

    You should mention that you need to take the 3 Mists to the furnace next to Gerolt in order to upgrade the base relic because there is no quest to do it, nor are you ever told to take it there when it’s ready to be upgraded. The next quest in the chain just says you have to have a Zenith first.

  10. I might not read it properly but you missed on WoD and ST which gives atleast blinding if not New Born Star…. if you consider wait time for the shorter duties and the amount you have to do to get to this tear of light.. i find ST the best.. a brainless fight pretty much considering how many times you’d already have run it already..

  11. The comment about not skipping treasures cant be true. I have treasure 1 and 3 for A Treasured Mother. I’ve run Pharos Sirius 11x now and no drop. I had just que’d up all 3 and got the other 2 fairly quickly (within first 3 runs) But now I’m stuck getting pharos sirius drop.

        1. Ah yes, to clarify. Some items come in sets of two. While you can gather either of these, you cannot jump ahead (again, a matter of following quest log)

    1. Also, for your Nexus light grinding, Turn 4 in BCoB is great because its relatively easy at this point in the game, great for ARM or GSM desynthesis, and always drops an allagan craft item that can be put on market board for hefty prices.

      1. Since it is such a short run, its also great for Spiritbonding (SB) i70 HQ Accessories. I’ve done it 5 times so far, and got at least one good grade IV material out of the set (Savage Might, Quicktongue, etc.), which sells for over 500k each on my server at the moment. I did first run with materia in slots, and forgot to do it in 2nd run. But it only cost me 1-2 extra runs. Don’t forget FC Spiritbonding Action. I didn’t waste GC seals for potion and gil for materia after that. Mostly everyone’s usually uber during run, and even if not still no issues. Without my accessories I went from i123 to i100, but still good to go.

  12. Thanks! How accurate is your recommended ninja novus melds? I have not done any fcob turns yet if it matters. Almost gathered my alexandrites.

    1. Long story short: 31 DET if you can afford it, 22 ACC and 22 Crit is the basic meld I prefer (Our ninja also melded this way)

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