FFXIV T12: Phoenix Strategy Guide (FCoB T3)

How to beat Turn 12’s boss: Phoenix. Beat the birds and bennys using our anti-avian strategy guide!

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Phoenix Phase 3: Bennyland

“Bennys! Bennys for errrryabady!”, Bennyland Enthusiasts.

Okay, hopefully you got here in good shape. This is the hardest phase of Phoenix, and the most unforgiving. Phoenix is untargettable during this phase. He will CONSTANTLY cast Flames of Rebirth. Each time Phoenix casts flames, it gets another stack. Each stack means Flames of Rebirth becomes stronger and stronger. at around 14+ it becomes a little absurd. So this phase is a tight race against time.

All Bennies killed will revive. If any Benny is next to another one, they get a Damage+ and HP+ buff. This almost always means a WIPE. So remember to keep their dead bodies in that X formation! All Benny aggro is “remembered” so don’t worry about healers pulling.

So the goal here is to KILL EVERY BENNY TWICE. Upon klling a Benny, the next Flames of Rebirth will revive it – It comes back as a SUPERBENNY. To further complicate things, a Benny revival will buff surrounding Bennies with Damage+ and HP+. You guessed it… if this happens – it’s a wipe.

Let’s summarize your objectives in Bennyland:

  1. Kill a Benny
  2. MOVE to avoid the ressurection buff
  3. Flames of Rebirth will Revive the dead one.
  4. Kill the Superbenny
  5. (Repeat)

This phase ends when ALL SUPERBENNIES are killed. Is there a time limit? Sort of. As the stacks rise, Flames of Rebirth will get stupidly strong.


How do we deal with this? To be honest every group does it a little differently. It all depends on how strong your DPS is… how many Benny you have. At this point in the game 4 should be really doable. But my best advice here is to think on your feet. This phase is never really the same twice. Feel free to use any limit break(s) gained since the DPS check on Phoenix isn’t tight (UNLESS YOU HAVE UNNECESSARY DEATHS).

Again, it’s better to react to the situation and communicate it to your team, than to act as if this phase will be the same each time. Have one guy make the calls on what to do so theres no confusion. Here’s some reminders we used early on:

  • Buffing Bennies is a no-no. EVERYTHING must be done to prevent this.
  • If a small Benny dies – MOVE BEFORE FLAMES GO OFF. no questions
  • Don’t be afraid to have 2 Superbenny to save time on revivals. But you might not want 3.
  • AoE value is your friend.
  • Once it phases, go to a corner Benny and bully him before his friends arrive. Value gained.

Flames of Rebirth (damage) is pretty much a side mechanic here. But don’t let your guard down, healers! The first 5 or so are easily mitigated by a constantly reapplied Medica 2, and a Succor before it hits (Succor precasted should be done on all flames). Don’t bother wasting stacks on Soil just yet. After a while Medica 2 doesn’t cut it anymore… Just keep reapplying the Medica 2 HoT and add a Medica 1 to top everyone up before it goes off. at 10 or more, Soil and Cure 3 need to be used! As such, WHM mana gets a little strained here.

So you got rid of all the Superbennies. Great! Now to the final phase.. Fountain of Fires and Blazing Pinions.

Phoenix Phase 4 (Final): Fountain of Fire, Dives.

This phase is much like Phase 2. Brand of Purgatory is back, and so is Flames of Unforgiveness. Previous phase skills Revelation and Flames of Rebirth, too.. He gets some new skills too… Fountain of Fire,Tethered Dive” and “Avoidable Dive“. First off, let’s discuss the main mechanic of this phase – Fountain of Fire.

Fountain of Fire spawns a.. well.. fountain of fire near Phoenix. These don’t do anything if handled properly. What happens otherwise? You don’t want to know. Fountains can be removed by having a total of 8 stacks of “energy” absorbed from it. You do this by standing on it. Each time a stack is applied on a person, he or she takes a little bit of damage. Keep in mind that a non-tank can only take around 2 stacks before damage gets a little out of hand. So to absorb 8, you need 4 people to get in on the absorption. Oh, and you can’t have multiple people absorb at the same time. By the time the next fountain is up – the first guy has no more stacks of “energy”.

How do we handle this? To promote consistency in this phase, SET AN ORDER OF 4 PEOPLE AND STICK TO IT. The best setup here is 2 Healers and 2 DPS (Preferably RANGED). This is really easy if you guys are calm.

Brand Of Purgatory is now handled by tanks in this phase (for our strategy). Once final phase starts,  have your tank pick it up from whoever gets it. Remember to shield/heal the initial recipient.

Avoidable Dive” is a floor marked ability. It’s a thick line on the floor that’s slow to come out. Don’t stress out too much about this, it’s hardly fatal.

Tethered Dive targets random raid members. A tether appears from a mini-phoenix to the target. After a short period of time the phoenix will dive, causing damage in a line ALL THE WAY FROM BOTH SIDES OF THE ARENA. So make an imaginary line in your head and avoid getting anywhere near it… This mechanic isn’t so bad, but it CAN cause wipes in one specific niche scenario. Namely, Fountain absorption guy gets tether dive.

How to prevent prevent “Tether Fountains”?! Well there are many little steps to avoid an unsolvable Tetherfount. Tether founts are deadly during 1 specific time… Getting hit by tether dive around the time second stack applies is potentially fatal. Mitigate this by shielding the fountain guy after the first stack comes. Full HP without shields might not cut it.

Flames of Rebirth continues on in this phase. It doesn’t happen often but still grants Phoenix stacks.

After two fountains, there’s a small mini-phase that involves a bunch of tether dives and Ifrit-style radiant plumes. Stick to the edges and try to angle the dives away from your friends. A Succor/Medica II before this mini-phase helps out a lot. This mini-phase isn’t difficult, just dont get reverse-valued from the dives.

After 13 minutes, Phoenix hits soft-enrage and will spam Flames of Rebirth until you are dead. This is a loose enrage timer. If Phoenix has little stacks, you can get another ~30s of DPS in.

Phoenix Final Phase Rotation:
Fountain – Revelation – Unforgiveness – Flame of Rebirth – Fountain – Revelation – Unforgiveness – Flame of Rebirth – Miniphase (Repeat)

Turn 12: Phoenix Loot List

Since I’m not too sure how to present loot lists by turn in an orderly way, use this Bahamut’s Coil Loot list page.

Navigation: [Page 1: Pull to 52%] [Page 2: Bennyland, Fountains]

Well, I guess that’s it! Good luck killing Turn 12’s boss Phoenix!  See you in Turn 13!

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