FFXIV T12: Phoenix Strategy Guide (FCoB T3)

How to beat Turn 12’s boss: Phoenix. Beat the birds and bennys using our anti-avian strategy guide!

So you’ve beaten Kaliya, huh. Well get ready for Turn 12’s boss: Phoenix! I hope you channel your own revival powers – this may take more than a few wipes! Let our Phoenix guide help you out reducing that!
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Phoenix Phase 1: Benny, Blackfire & Whitefire

Bennu spawns every minute starting around 5s~ in. Don’t underestimate this little dude, he hits like a truck. Any free Virus should be used on benny (SMN, but BLM or WHM preferably). While killing Bennies isn’t too hard, Bennys must not die too close to each other (From here on we will call them Benny). Kill them fast or else Phoenix gets a stack of (forgotname). YOU DONT WANT THIS. Each time a raidmember dies, he also gets a stack.

Revelation is Phoenix’s tank buster. It’s a massive elemental damage nuke that cleaves. A tank CANNOT eat 2 straight revelations or he will die (it gives a debuff that increases the next revelations damage… to around 40k). This is why SMN and SCH Virus should be saved for Revs, and untraited Virus for Benny.

Blackfire & Whitefire: These two mechanics are right next to each other. Blackfire targets ONE DPS, ONE HEALER and OFFTANK always (considering all people are alive). It leaves an add (Blackfire is the name of skill and the add). You must not have 2 blackfires too close to each other. and never walk into a blackfires hitbox. Failing to do these things will result in a damaging pulse and a vulnerability up debuff.


Whitefire also targets ONE DPS, ONE HEALER and OFFTANK. A large white circular AoE spawns on the targets. They will take heavy damage. Remember not to get “venn diagrammed” by two whitefires – you will likely die. Whitefires AoE must hit Blackfires. Successfully tagging them gives then a HUGE HP DOWN debuff. Once the debuff is applied, kill the Blackfires.

How do we deal with this? Have all DPS pile up… both healers pile up… and offtank go off somewhere on his own (haha). This prevents blackfires from spawning too close to each other. For the following Whitefire, DPS tags the DPS Blackfire… Healer tags healer Blackfire… and tank on tank. Prevent alot of BS and reduces the needed communication when taking care of this mechanic.

Help! Blackfire timing is a little weird!! Yeah… its just something you have to get used to. After the castbar finishes, theres a short delay, then Blackfire spawns. The instant it spawns you HAVE to get out. Again, a few attempts at this and you should be okay.

We got three Benny?! Okay, theres no HARD CODED penalty to having alot of Bennys. However, practically speaking, having 3 Benny in Phase 1 means you’re sorely lacking DPS. A total of 5 Benny during Phase 1 + Phase 2 is the “practical maximum”. Bennys spawn around 1 minute after the last – so the first phase should last no longer than ~3 minutes.

Phoenix’s phase 1 rotation:
Benny – Revelation – Blackfire – Whitefire (Repeat)

Again, this is a really short phase. Here’s what your Phase 1 should look like ideally:
Benny – Revelation – Blackfire – Whitefire – Benny – Revelation – Blackfire – Whitefire (79%). Below 80%, Phoenix enters Phase 2.

Phoenix Phase 2: Brands, Blue + Red

Brand of Purgatory is the first skill you’ll encounter in this phase. It leaves a green (or sometimes purple) mark on a random (likely ranged or healer) party member. This skill has a few mechanics.
1) When phoenix casts Flames of Unforgiveness, if the debuff wasn’t passed… the current owner dies.
2) Passing the debuff is done by simply sticking together.
3) Damage is done to BOTH parties upon switching. A short delay later another chunky damage is done to the original owner.
4) Reminder is: Unforgiveness? Pass – Damage on both – Damage on Initial.

How do we deal with this? We pass it between both healers. Everyone else should be mindful to avoid their little area. Stoneskin and Adloq on the original holder, and a small shield on the recipient should be okay. We have the CLEAN healer approach the DIRTY healer when flames is being cast. The dirty one casts a large heal on him or herself while the recipient is travelling (to survive the second hit). Passing happens shortly after bluefire – so keep it in the mind of your healers “Bluefire? Shields up“.

Help! Brand went to a non-healer! It’s okay. Shield him and have the healer take it on Unforgiveness.

Next up in this phase Bluefire and Redfire. Bluefire is similar to T9 stardust. Once the blue marker expires a freeze field will spawn where the person was. Being in this field shortly after it spawns gives you a slow, heavy and DoT… it generally sucks. Once the field goes away it leaves a little pool of ice. Standing in this pool gives you a bebuff (Buff?) – It’s used for Redfire. Redfire spawns a slow moving fireball. It gets tethered to a random person in your raid. Have 1 guy (Healer or Bard, preferably) take the ice buff and stand in the redfire tether – this cancels it out. Failing to cancel out redfire tether will result in massive raidwide damage and a huge DoT.

Benny continues to spawn in this phase. Remember what was earlier mentioned, they have to die far from each other, a good formation is a huge X, with each point on the sides and middle becoming a benny death spot.

Phoenix’s phase 2 rotation:
Brand (only phase change) – Blue – Unforgiveness – Red – Revelation (Every ODD red) – Repeat (Benny every 1 minute)

This keeps repeating until Phoenix reaches 52% – then onto Phase 3 “Bennyland”. Again, remember to kill Bennies fast, and keep deaths to a minimum – you DO NOT want any stacks if possible. When it phases GTFO of the nearby area surrounding Phoenix. An autokill field spawns and you don’t want to be there. Getting to Phase 3 with 5 or less Bennys and having your party in good shape is the first hurdle you face in Phoenix – so remember to DPS hard and NO DEATHS!

CONSIDER USING MELEE LIMIT BREAK to Phase before a third Benny spawns in Phase 2. Having a total of 4 Bennys is a massive stress reliever for the next phase.

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Navigation: [Page 1: Pull to 52%] [Page 2: Bennyland, Fountains]

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