FFXIV Patch 2.1 Information Compilation

All we know about FFXIV 2.1 Patch – what to look forward to! [Updated 11/27]

ffxiv patch 2.1 patch notes changelog information

Here, we will be posting all information we know about the upcoming big content patch – FFXIV Patch 2.1. As time progresses, this page will be more and more populated with information and links, eventually turning into our official changelog / patchnotes for 2.1. Please feel free to comment or let us know on Facebook when something new appears! Bookmark this page, folks! (Also, feel free to tell us anything you know!)

*All info here is, like always, tentative until release.

Extreme Primal Battles

Extreme Primals now drop ilvl90 Accessories. One specific slot per primal. From what we can see with the stats, they come with either DET or Skill Speed.


Ifrit Extreme Mode  – will be added in patch 2.1

Garuda Exteme Mode  – will be added in patch 2.1

Titan Extreme Mode – will be added in patch 2.1

The ordering of difficulty is: Garuda > Titan > Ifrit

Each of the above links will initially contain a teaser video and eventually contain all we know about the encounters, and finally be turned into our official guide/strategy page for them.

Two New Primals

Good King Moogle Mog [Thornmarch] will be added as a primal battle.

Ultima Weapon [Minstrels Ballad] will be added as a primal battle.

New “Primal Relic Weapon” Quest

Details regarding this weapon aren’t final, but you can obtain a high level weapon by beating the extreme mode primals.

Player / Free Company Housing

Player housing will be introduced in Patch 2.1 (or soon thereafter) Housing will supposedly come in two forms:

  • Player Housing (Will be linked)
  • Free Company Housing (Will be linked)

Housing will be located in the 3 main cities:

  • Gridania Housing: Lavender Beds
  • Ul’dah Housing: The Goblet
  • Limsa Lominsa Housing: Mist 

Investing in your house is said to give you certain buffs and bonuses. We can assume player housing and free company housing buffs stack. It’s currently unknown wether these buffs will be released in 2.1.

One fact we know: Housing will not be cheap. Housing can be obtained through a “silent auction”, and any unsold lots will reduce in price every 6h. There will definitely be a LIMITED AMOUNT OF LOTS. eventually adding as time passes.

The eventual links above will contain all we know about Player Housing.

PvP – The Wolves Den

(FFXIV PvP General Guide & FAQ)

PvP is finally coming in this patch with the introduction of The Wolves Den. The wolves den will be a 4v4 or 8v8 map with one single objective: “No member of the opposing team is alive“. Intense!

Here’s a fact about PvP mentioned that the FFXIVGuild team is excited about: PvP Skills will be different / balanced seperately from PvE! This is a great move by SE. The ripple effect from PvE and PvP in previous MMO’s was an unwelcome “feature” of having a universal skill set. So why not separate them! Good job!

You can only seem to use 10 skills in PvP – but the pool you can select from is rather large. Job, cross-class and maybe even Grand Company seems to affect your pool of skills to choose from. This is very similar to the Guild Wars 1 combat system (Which had very good PvP)

The Wolves Den Aetheryte can be accessed from Moraby Drydocks.

New Dungeon – Pharos Sirius

One brand new dungeon will be added to the game (with a pretty awesome soundtrack)

Pharos Sirius – (Will be linked)

Crystal Tower – 24 Man Dungeon

Crystal Tower is being introduced in patch 2.1, and will have four bosses:

King Behemoth
Bone Dragon

At 2.1 launch, you may not queue with a pre-made 24. You can queue as a full party of eight, and will be combined with 2 random 8-man groups. Crystal tower loot is item level 80, and will also have a Crystal tower item ticket system (details currently unknown).

Hardmode Dungeons

2 Dungeons will have a hard mode added! Copperbell Mines and Haukke Manor

Copperbell Mines Hard  – (Will be linked)

Haukke Manor Hard – (Will be linked)

Daily Duty Finder “Duty Roullette”

You may now participate in a daily duty finder, for Easy, Medium and High level dungeons. Rewards seem to give Myth/Philo tomes, gil, exp, company seals and more! There are Four categories to choose from, which you can do once a day for the bonus rewards. We can assume these were put in to ease queue times for lower level content. You can only queue up solo (for now).

Duty (Low Level)

Duty (High Level)

Main Scenario



You can now change your hairstyle for a cheap price. 2,000 gil! Aesthetician location to be updated.

Class Changes

Of course, everyone knows about the upcoming Warrior Changes. (will be updating our class/job page…)

a slight nerf on utility

positional damage increase

A detailed list will be added here, and we will be updating ALL class skills/ changes for 2.1.

Beast Tribe Daily Quests

Daily quests with the beastmen tribes will be implemented. We can assume the currency gained is traded with the respective tribe. These are currently in the game (unobtainable) but you can see them through the Marketplace.

At 2.1, Only the Amalj’aa and Slyph beast tribes will be available. They have an NPC that sells items but to gain access to them, you need to earn reputation through their daily quests.


Ixali Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Ixali Willowknot
Ixali Mapleknot
Ixali Ebonknot

Sylph Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Sylphic Brownleaf
Sylphic Yellowleaf
Sylphic Redleaf

Kobold Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Titan Copperpiece
Titan Myhtrilpiece
Titan Electrumpiece

Sahagin Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Greentide Psashp
Redtide Psashp
Goldtide Psashp

Amalj’aa Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Bronze Amalj’ok
Iron Amalj’ok
Darksteel Amalj’ok

Qiqirn Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Ququroon Doom-die
Gagaroon Luck-die
Peperoon Fate-die

Goblin Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Brass Gobcog
Silver Gobcog
Gold Gobcog



Feel free to bookmark, Like us on Facebook or check us out on YouTube for updates – and chime in on any communication line if you feel information should be added to this page. In the next few days we will be creating the subpages for all the new content in preparation for patch 2.1!

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  1. Thanks for the great update. I’m a noob and completely out of the loop so bare with me, but what are the chances of SE introducing new classes/jobs? I’m rooting for a thief/rogue class. No chance? Or just no word yet?

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