FFXIV Crystal Tower Guide (Loot List & FAQ)

Crystal Tower Loot list, Boss Strategy and General FAQ

Crystal Tower General Information

How to unlock Crystal Tower? You must complete the quest chain that starts with “A Legacy of Allag” from Mor Dhona.

“CT” is a the first 24-man instanced dungeon released in Patch 2.1. You may enter as an eight-man group in the Duty Finder, and be matched with 2 more random 8-man groups. You currently cannot queue as a 24 man group. You can chat to the other groups using Alliance Chat by pressing “alt+a” (default).

The items dropped from Crystal Tower are item level 80. Check our loot list below.

What is the Crystal Tower Loot System? You may only obtain 1 item per week from CT. Whether you got it from a need or greed roll doesn’t matter. After getting an item, you can still go to CT with your friends, but you will not be eligible to roll on items.

Crystal Tower Boss Strategy

Bone Dragon

As you may know by now, the raised platforms prevent you from getting hit by poison. Bone Dragon should be ideally tanked in the middle of the room.

The main mechanic in this fight are Skeletons called “Platinal

Skeletons will spawn periodically during the fight. Skeletons do a bunch of nasty things, but make sure this is followed:

  • Drag each skeleton as far as possible from bone dragon, and kill it.
  • Make sure there are no skeletons alive when bone dragon dies.

When Bone Dragon “dies”, the skeletons will raise at the location of their death, then run towards the corpse of the Bone Dragon. If one reaches, a huge painful AoE will pulse, damaging everyone.

(Mini-boss) Atomos

The three alliances have to split up to take one hallway each. On each hallway there is a platform which activates when 4 people are standing on it. Standing on your platform makes the next alliances boss lose invulnerability. So in essence, you must have 4 people to kill Atomos, and 4 people standing on your platform at all times.

Adds periodically spawn during this time, and any tank should bring them close the the group in the platform. If 3 adds remain alive at one point, their stats become boosted, and will quickly result in a wipe.


Thanatos Strategy

Each Alliance has a “Magic Pot” that they must protect. Keep in mind they can be Healed, Stoneskinned, Regenned, or anything that hits a regular player pretty much. Adds will try to destroy your pot, so make sure to keep and eye on it!

Only people who are “Invisible” will be able to hit Thanatos. Invisibility is granted by the Pot, so it’s quite important they stay alive.

(Mini-boss) Vassago + Allagan Bomb

There will be 3 Vassago in the map, and an Allagan Bomb in the middle. Each alliance should tank and focus on killing their own Vassago, then helping others when theirs is dead. Some adds spawn during this fight:

  • Balloon – an basic add that doesn’t do much. Kill it anyway.
  • Napalm – Kill these ASAP, they slowly walk towards the middle Allagan Bomb and make it bigger.

The Allagan Bomb located in the middle is sort of a “time limit” to this fight. Once it reaches maximum size, it will burst – killing everyone. Two things charge the bomb.

  • The links of the Vassago continually charge it. The closer they are, the faster it charges.
  • A Napalm reaching it charges it by a large amount. Don’t let this happen!

After all Vassago die, the raid must focus down and kill Allagan Bomb before it blows. As long as minimal Napalms reached it – it wont be a problem.

King Behemoth Strategy

Entering King Behemoths map, everyone automatically gets a DoT. This cannot be avoided, however…

There are 4 towers on the map – you must interact with them each time they start glowing to “discharge” them. Failure to do so will result in AoE damage. Bomb-looking adds (Purophoros) will spawn and attempt to attack towers. If they destroy a tower, the passive DoT damage increases.

Iron Giant is an add that spawns and SHOULD be picked up by a tank and faced away from the raid. It does a huge painful cleave.

Comet – A Green marker on your head indicated you are going to get hit by Comet. Don’t worry this ability isn’t so strong. Make sure to get hit a medium distance away from Behemoth because the fallen rock will be used later on for…

Elliptic Meteor –  Behemoths Ultimate move, a KO unless you’re hiding behind a fallen Comet! Keep in mind comets get destroyed if people continually hang around near them.

Acheron Strategy

Acheron, the Final Boss, has some very flashy looking AoE abilities! It’s pretty simple, just avoid the colorful spots on the ground and you should be fine. Except…

Ancient Flare – Each lit platform must have 4 players on it to “activate”. If 3 platforms are active, the shield goes up. Needless to say, without the shield the entire raid will wipe. During this shielded phase, an Iron Giant will spawn for each alliance. On the second shield phase, an Iron Giant + Claw will spawn. Once all adds are down, the shield will deactivate, and Acheron can be engaged again.

Claws act like Titans Granite Gaol, but continually damage the person trapped within. Break them out as soon as you can.

Crystal Tower Loot List

Crown of LightRoyal CrownBallad CrownCrimson CircletFuma GantaiOnion Mask
Royal VestBallad CorseletCrimson VestFuma KoromoOnion Armor
Gauntlets of LightRoyal C. GlovesBallad GauntletsCrimson C. GlovesFuma TekkoOnion Gauntlets
Belt of LightRoyal SashBallad SashCrimson SashFuma ObiOnion Tassets
Breeches of LightRoyal BreechesBallad SarouelCrimson BreechesFuma HakamaOnion Sarouel
Sabatons of LightRoyal ShoesBallad BootsCrimson ShoesFuma KyahanOnion Boots
Which Boss?HeadChestGlovesBeltLegsBoots
TankAcheron (4)Behemoth (3)Bone Dragon (1)Bone Dragon (1)Acheron (4)Thanatos (2)
HealerAcheron (4)Behemoth (3)Bone Dragon (1)Bone Dragon (1)Acheron (4)Thanatos (2)
MDPSBehemoth (3)Acheron (4)Bone Dragon (1)Thanatos (2)Behemoth (3)Thanatos (2)
MonkBehemoth (3)Acheron (4)Bone Dragon (1)Bone Dragon (1)Behemoth (3)Thanatos (2)
DragoonBehemoth (3)Acheron (4)Bone Dragon (1)Thanatos (2)Behemoth (3)Bone Dragon (1)
BardAcheron (4)Behemoth (3)Thanatos (2)Thanatos (2)Behemoth (3)Bone Dragon (1)
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