FFXIV 3.2 Ninja (NIN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

HEAVENSWARD FINALIZED! NIN Best in slot guide! “We’re FOTM! Huton 4days!!”, NIN Esoterics buy order, melding and more!

So! A Ninja Bandwagoneer wants to take it up to the next level? YOU’VE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE! Find out the Best in slot gear for your Ninja in 2.4! Just a fair warning: Ninja BiS is a little weird in 2.4. Lots of options, lots of little things to consider…

Just like the disappearing properties of ninja, Pre 2.4 gear didnt exist. Check out the Monk BiS P2 for pre 2.4 gear. Here are two very different BiS sets for you to choose from:

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NIN BiS & Options | NIN Poetics Buy Order

NIN BiSStandard"Unique"Accuracy Filler
WeaponDreadwyrm DaggersDreadwyrm Daggersto be added (see notes for now)
HeadDreadwyrm Circlet of ScoutingDreadwyrm Circlet of Scouting
BodyAugmented Ironworks Corselet of ScoutingAugmented Ironworks Corselet of Scouting
HandDreadwrym Braces of ScoutingDreadwrym Braces of Scouting
WaistDreadwyrm Sash of ScoutingDreadwyrm Sash of Scouting
LegsDreadwyrm Slops of ScoutingAugmented Ironworks Brais of Scouting
BootsDreadwyrm Boots of ScoutingAugmented Ironworks Leg Guards of Striking
NeckAugmented Ironworks Choker of AimingAugmented Ironworks Choker of Aiming
EarsDreadwyrm Earrings of AimingDreadwyrm Earrings of Aiming
WristDreadwyrm Bracelet of AimingDreadwyrm Bracelet of Aiming
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of Aiming Augmented Ironworks Ring of Aiming
RingDreadwyrm Ring of AimingIronworks Ring of Aiming
FoodBlack Truffle RisottoFlint Caviar or
(Any accruacy food)

What’s the difference between sets? The first list is a fairly standard BiS which aims to minimize SS (Huton is more than enough) while hitting ACC caps and naturally obtaining the highest ilvl possible. (+70 “wasted” SS). It has a few nice quirks such as Accuracy cap w/o food, and having only 1 point of wasted accuracy.

The second list is a bit unique (IE Controversial, haha). It has very low bonus SS (+15 “wasted” SS). With a general increase in both Crit and Det (Crit+18++ and Det +20 compared to first list). But you have -2 DEX. This list is naturally TP conserving as all low SS builds.

It all boils down to this:
List 1: +55SS, +2 DEX || VERSUS || List 2: 34 Crit, +20 DET

The difference between both lists really is microscopic, though. The difference is only 3 pieces of gear. Alot of people hate SS, so both lists can cater to each side of the camp, both being equally powerful.

Lastly, I know it’s sad the “standard” list doesn’t use the AI Legs. It’s still a great piece to own when you’re over acc cap.


2.4 NIN Poetics Tomes Buy Order

What order and what pieces to buy as NIN with your Poe tomes? Here’s a good outline:

  • Weapon (See notes)
  • Chest (Dread t13)
  • Ring (Forced)(Dread t12)
  • Choker (Dread t11)
  • From here, pieces aren’t part of “standard” BiS, but great to own (Part of List 2)
  • Legs (Dread t12)
  • Boots (Dread t10)
  • Rest is OPTIONAL.

Don’t rush weapon if you’re a long ways off the tome from T11 and Carbontwine from T12. Farming an HA weapon from Nael (Turn 9) would be far more cost-efficient.

2.4 NIN Crafted Gear Viability

Arachne Shirt of Scouting is a massive investment. No other 110 gives accuracy!
Cost effective melds: ACC IV, CRIT IV (Only ACC II fits past this point, it’s also full on DET)

Kirimu Sandals of Scouting is great for the same reason. No accuracy in other 110 boots!
Cost effective melds: CRIT IV, CRIT IV,(Only ACC III and CRIT III fit after)

Both of the above gear pieces are amazing! They’re full on DET and gives much needed ACC! The rest are just luxury DPS increases from their 110 counterparts.

Better investments: Legs, Head
Not so good: Belt, Hands

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NIN BiS & Options | NIN Poetics Buy Order

Have fun gearing your Ninja for BiS in 2.4!

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22 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Ninja (NIN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

    1. Nevermind. I see now. Also the headpiece caps with Crit V and Crit IV. So the Crit V is unnecaessary

    1. Just a heads up, the Subtitle says esoterics when you mean lore (might be the old 3.0 subtitle left over for the page)

      1. The third link has an absurd amount of SS. The second list is OK. Keep in mind I made this when A8 Acc cap wasnt finalized. It’s a difference of a few melds from that you posted.

  1. Already commented saying this…in the purchase order for ESOTERICS you are stating that the chest piece is BiS and gives crit, again, it does not, that is the GORDIAN chest piece, not ESOTERIC. Very misleading stating it as BIS when it’s covered in Skillspeed.

  2. You’ve put in the Eso purchase order for NIN “Body: fixes accuracy, bis, gives crit… value of heavens.” The body piece with eso’s doesn’t have crit, that’s the Gordian you are quoting :)

  3. why would you swap out ironworks for dreadwyrm pants, instead of swapping out dreadwyrm wrists for ironworks? calcutated both and swapping out the wrists for augmented puts you at acc cap while having higher crit/det and less skill speed…..

    1. 110 Rings are generally worth it if you need the VIT. In the case of ninja (or bard) I would go out on a limb and say YES, thought the melds would cost you an arm and a leg…

      Melds (not really in order)
      VIT IV, CRIT IV (worth the pain)
      MORE VIT if you have an iffy scholar for t13
      ACC III’s to top it off for usability.

    2. Will you be adding this to the jobs drop down list anytime soon? Really surprised as to why it is not there already.

      1. If you can’t see it, it states that the menu is under repair.

        Also, “they” is a false statement. 99.9% of updates/words seen here are typed up by ONE guy.

    1. Its almost the same except you might want to get the least amount of SS possible. Here’s the changes from the mnk 2.2 bis:

      Weapon (of course)
      HA Ring
      Auroral Wrist/Ears/Choker/Ring

      Maybe I should make a table thats seen here, ey? Thanks for the comment!!

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