FFXIV 3.2 Ninja (NIN) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

HEAVENSWARD FINALIZED! NIN Best in slot guide! “We’re FOTM! Huton 4days!!”, NIN Esoterics buy order, melding and more!

It’s the year of the damn Ninja, fellas! While 3.0 didn’t change much in terms of NIN rotation, they’ve been part of the so-called ‘best possible raid composition’ for 3.0, and that’s quite something! If you aspire to raid as a Ninja, here’s the best possible gear you could aim (or rather, scout) for!

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Heavensward Ninja Best-in-Slot

As an unspoken rule to this BiS list, Iga Gear <=> Gordian Gear serve as natural filler gear to each other.

NIN SlotBiS--
WeaponGordian Baselards
HeadIga Zukin
BodyGordian Corselet of Scouting
GlovesGordian Armguards of Scouting
BeltFabled Belt of Scouting
LegsIga Hakama
BootsIga Kyahan
NeckFabled Necklace of Aiming
EarringsFabled Earrings of Aiming
BraceletFabled Bracelet of Aiming
RingGordian Ring of Aiming
RingFabled Ring of Aiming
FoodBaked Pipira PiraGrilled Sweetfish

While some Ninjas enjoy high skillspeed… well.. you cannot goad yourself. This set has a disgusting 966 Critical Hit Rate. Nearly the highest attainable for a 210 set. The only TINY TINY downside of this BiS is being a few points off frontal accuracy. Meh.


NIN BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

To be honest, the few points off frontal accuracy (A4) wont kill you. If your teams strategy puts you 100% on Jagd duty, something’s wrong. And even if you do, you’ll miss a very tiny percentage of your hits (0.05 or so).

The Ninja BiS is strange this time around. There are no decent 210 fillers! Every piece of gear is quite polarized, meaning the counterpart likely SUCKS. However, this comes with an accuracy problem…  Luckily, ANY filler chest gives accuracy! From Griffin Leather Coat of Scouting, Prototype Gordian Corselet of Scouting and Antiquated Iga Ningi.

Iga Tekko  and Gordian Sabatons of scouting are the only body pieces even worth keeping as accuracy filler. Everything else is desynthesis level (unless of course you’re going 190->210).

With two accessory being Gordian, you can also use many of your A1S pages for filler. Even if they aren’t too good, they sure beat 190 – and can help fix your accuracy problems. Of course make sure to buy Ring > Neckband with your first A1S pages. Since only Gloves are from A2S, again, save up the pages for good ‘ol Illuminati Gobcoat – which you’ll be needing a lot of (Accessories, belt).

So if you’ve noticed there’s only a few gordian pieces here. It’s a good and bad thing. Luckily neither the head or legs are from A3 so you can save up for those Illuminati Gobtwines!

A1S Pages: Ring > Any filler piece.

A2S Pages: GlovesGobcoat x 5 > Boots (Accuracy filler) > Belt (Hot garbage).

A3S Pages: Gobtwine x 3 > Filler.

A4S Pages: Body or Weapon (Depending on higher ilvl upgrade) > Filler.

3.0 Ninja Esoterics Buy Order

If you’re wondering what to buy with Esoterics as Ninja, and in what order:

  • Weapon: Not exactly BiS, but worth it if A4S is a long ways off.
  • Head: Value of Heavens! Fixes accuracy and gives crit!
  • Legs: Careful, no accuracy but gives a metric ton of DPS.
  • Boots: A mini version of the legs.
  • Belt: ACC/CRIT, great value.
  • Bracelet Is the best accessory by far. Necklace is probably the next best thing (+ACC)
  • Earring is then more value than Ring.
  • Everything else is optional and non-BiS! (Just buy for more power)
  • Body is a notable Accuracy filler in the meantime…
  • Gloves are also a notable Accuracy filler…

If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, consider buying belt above boots. If you’re having accuracy problems, buy it after the body!

NIN Melded Gear Viability? VIT Accessories?

Ninja feelin’ squishy? needs some VIT/HP? First off we identify the worst accessory. That’s probably Fabled Ring of Aiming . Bad news is, the “not too good BiS accessories” don’t line up with the “value melded ones”. Even more so than with Ninja or Machinist, the options for melded right are slim.

Melding Strategy? Each of these holds (24 Accuracy, Skill Speed or Crit) (23 DET) and (29 Vitality). Sample melds would be…

  • MAXIMIZING VIT: would requite VIT IV, VIT IV, VIT IV, VIT III (‘pretty much’ maxing vit) and leaves ONE SLOT FOR ANY DPS STAT.
  • MAXIMIZING DPS SUBSTAT: requires (for example, accuracy) ACC IV, ACC IV, ACC III and has TWO SLOTS FOR VIT.
  • given these two factoids, meld to your hearts content.

All in all, just ‘cut your losses’ and meld Chrysolite Ring of Aiming: VIT IV – VIT IV – VIT IV – (ACC OR CRIT ANY) – VIT IV. I’d personally suggest ACC IV on the free slot. Chrysolite Earring of Aiming is your next choice if you need any more VIT. But if you do… there’s a problem.

180 Crafted Left for Ninja

So if you’re rich enough – here’s how I’d meld them. (This tier is strange, with the abundance of filler gear 180/190, these are largely useless)

Griffin Leather Tricorne of Scouting: ACC IV, ACC IV, ACC IV, ACC IV, ACC III
You can substitute any (or all) of these melds for DET, or mix and match. ACC and DET share the same cap. I’d at least put ACC IV ACC IV.

Griffin Leather Coat of Scouting: CRIT IV, DET IV, DET IV, CRIT III, CRIT III
You can change the final 2 melds into DET IV, CRIT IV, it’s very close. The above is cheaper, and could possibly be better.

Griffin Leather Gloves of Scouting: CRIT IV x 4, CRIT III.
Surprisingly good since the other fillers suck.

Astral Silk Sash of Scouting: ACC IV, CRIT IV, CRIT IV, CRIT IV, CRIT III
This is a surprisingly decent piece. Capped ACC/CRIT with these melds.

(X) Griffin Leather Brais of Scouting: CRIT IV x 5.
Terrible. It fits 21 ACC which is 2 ACC IV’s to ‘practically max’. I don’t know what to think of this piece. It could be better than the 190.

(X) Griffin Leather Boots of Scouting: CRIT IV x 4, CRIT III.
Strictly worse than even the Antiquated Iga Kyahan. It fits 42 Accuracy, so you can go ham if you need it.

Again, overall, these aren’t the best bang for buck. 190 shouldn’t be so hard to get. But, they have their merits. If I were to buy any number of these… I’d start with Chest > Gloves > Hat > Belt >>> Legs >>> Boots. Your Ninja can definitely gain some power from the chest/gloves.

Summary of usefulness:
Head: GREAT but ESO head is BiS and a near first purchase. Purely a luxury.
Body: AMAZING filler piece that can last you all the way.
Hands: Great piece but, I’d use 180 if im under ACC, use 190 if you’re over. Luxury.
Belt: Really good but the ESO belt being cheap and high on the buy list… Skip.
Legs: DO NOT INVEST HERE, unless you wont be seeing your eso legs in, like, a month.
Boot: BAD. Just use the 180.

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NIN BiS | Discussion | Esoterics Buy Order | Crafted

Hopefully you’re from the hidden village of LUCK! Better yet, the hidden village of SKILL! Good luck getting your NIN BiS!

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    1. Nevermind. I see now. Also the headpiece caps with Crit V and Crit IV. So the Crit V is unnecaessary

    1. Just a heads up, the Subtitle says esoterics when you mean lore (might be the old 3.0 subtitle left over for the page)

      1. The third link has an absurd amount of SS. The second list is OK. Keep in mind I made this when A8 Acc cap wasnt finalized. It’s a difference of a few melds from that you posted.

  1. Already commented saying this…in the purchase order for ESOTERICS you are stating that the chest piece is BiS and gives crit, again, it does not, that is the GORDIAN chest piece, not ESOTERIC. Very misleading stating it as BIS when it’s covered in Skillspeed.

  2. You’ve put in the Eso purchase order for NIN “Body: fixes accuracy, bis, gives crit… value of heavens.” The body piece with eso’s doesn’t have crit, that’s the Gordian you are quoting :)

  3. why would you swap out ironworks for dreadwyrm pants, instead of swapping out dreadwyrm wrists for ironworks? calcutated both and swapping out the wrists for augmented puts you at acc cap while having higher crit/det and less skill speed…..

    1. 110 Rings are generally worth it if you need the VIT. In the case of ninja (or bard) I would go out on a limb and say YES, thought the melds would cost you an arm and a leg…

      Melds (not really in order)
      VIT IV, CRIT IV (worth the pain)
      MORE VIT if you have an iffy scholar for t13
      ACC III’s to top it off for usability.

    2. Will you be adding this to the jobs drop down list anytime soon? Really surprised as to why it is not there already.

      1. If you can’t see it, it states that the menu is under repair.

        Also, “they” is a false statement. 99.9% of updates/words seen here are typed up by ONE guy.

    1. Its almost the same except you might want to get the least amount of SS possible. Here’s the changes from the mnk 2.2 bis:

      Weapon (of course)
      HA Ring
      Auroral Wrist/Ears/Choker/Ring

      Maybe I should make a table thats seen here, ey? Thanks for the comment!!

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