FFXIV Island Sanctuary Rare Animals Guide | List, Locations, etc

Well well well, if you’re here then you’re interested to get your foot in the door, and hopefully catch the Rare Animals in FFXIV’s Island Sanctuary! This is a pretty straightforward mini-guide that has a list of them with locations, time, weather, and other info, as well as a general FAQ about rare animals down there.

“Patience is a weapon that sanity sharpens.”
– Mahiko “Thousand Trap” San

Oh, it will be sharpened.

Island Sanctuary Rare Animals List

Here’s a table that lists down all rare animals in the Island Sanctuary, along with other info like Location, Time, Weather, etc.

Animal NameRarityTierLeavings ALeavings BXYETAETDWeather
Apkallu of ParadiseRareSmallEggFleece191112p3pNA
Black ChocoboRareMediumFeatherFur1311.5NANAClear Skies
Dodo of ParadiseRareMediumFeatherEgg16113p6pNA
Gold BackRareLargeFeatherEgg3128NANARain
Grand BuffaloRareLargeHornMilk1217NANAClouds
Island BillyRareLargeHornFleece26223a6aNA
Island StagRareMediumFurHorn20206p9pNA
Ornery KarakulRareSmallMilkFleece2023NANAFair Skies
PaissaRareMediumClawFleece242812p3pFair Skies
Star MarmotRareSmallFurClaw15199a12pNA
Yellow CoblynRareSmallCarapaceFang2719NANAFog

PAISSA: Has a “unlisted” requirement that you need to have Island Rank 10 with flying mounts unlocked – its spawnpoint can’t be reached otherwise!

For some clarifications, Leavings A and B are basic and rare leavings. ETA and ETD are spawn time start and end. I just want the table headings shorter.

Anyways, I put this up here since this is probably the main point of interest of people reading this.

If you’re thinking ‘holy mother of leavings imbalance’, yeah – check this pasture setups guide.

Rare Animals mini-guide and FAQ

How many rare animals are there? Seventeen. Hopefully this increases!

What exactly makes an animal rare? Any animal that has a spawn condition would be considered “rare”.

What are these spawn conditions? Rare animal spawns can be triggered by Time and or Weather conditions.

Where do they spawn? Each rare has it’s own set spawnpoint once its conditions are met.

Are all rare animals equally rare? I suppose the short answer is NO. Many of these animals require a combination of Time AND Weather. Any animal which spawns during “fair skies” are of course much more common than animals that spawn during, lets say, showers.

Here’s a few examples:

  • Ornery Karakul only requires Fair Skies – no matter the time.
  • Star Marmot only requires Time – regardless of weather spawns at 9A to 12P.
  • Alligator requires weather is Showers, and only spawns at 6A to 9A.

Are there any other weird ways these guys are rare? Paissa has the only weird requirement – you need to be Rank 10 to reach his spawnpoint.

How long of a window do you have to catch them? Most if not all time gated rares are up for three Eorzean hours – a little less than 9 minutes.

Are they harder to catch? I don’t assume so. There’s really no way to prove otherwise, haha. Given my luck, I’d like to believe they are harder to catch because DAMN if I’ve seen them despawn a zillion times.

Summary and Outro

Welp, that’s about it! Honestly getting them all isn’t so bad. There are a few creatures that are a lot rarer than the others – but as per my quote above…. patience truly is the weapon you need. Hopefully, your sanity can last long enough to sharpen it. Negativity and memes aside, I honestly wish you the best of luck with the actual catching RNG.

If I were to suggest the most relevant reading after this:

Good luck out there!

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