FFXIV Island Sanctuary Farm Guide (Basic, Setups, FAQ)

Welcome to my little guide about the Island Sanctuary Farm in FFXIV. It’s a simple system, but hey, it’s easy to miss a few bits of knowledge here and there. Here we discuss the Basics, FAQ, Best Setups for 5/10/20 plots, and Farm Caretaking.

Welp, onto the absolute basics to start it off

FFXIV Island Sanctuary Farm – Basics & FAQ

In a nutshell, you plant seeds, you water your plants (”once a day”), and after a few days you will get the corresponding island sanctuary produce – 5 pieces per full grown plant. Plants will not grow if dry. Rain waters all your plots automatically. Eventually, you can leave them to mammet caretakers for a daily fee.

That’s basically it! Now, for the usual questions…

How many max plots will my Island Sanctuary farm have, eventually? You get 5/10/20 plots at rank 3/4/9.

How many types of seeds / produce are there? You start with 2, then get an addition 2 when you get your shovel (4 total), and finally 6 more buyable seeds at Rank 9 (10 total). 4 Gatherable, and 6 buyable.

How often should I water plants? Once a day is fine – you can get caretakers later on at Rank 9 to do that for you. Plants only grow if they’re watered.

How often can I harvest? Every few human days. Caretakers do this for you too – and can store a maximum of 50 produce units before stopping care.

Do plants die out? From what I hear, yes. A fully grown plant that’s not harvested will die off in a few days. This should happen very rarely if ever at all, especially with caretaking down the line.

Best Island Sanctuary Farming Setups

I suppose there’s an answer to all farm level when you have 5/10/20 plots.

Best farm setup for 5 plots? Since you can only plant 2 types of produce during this phase, you’re forced into a 3/2 split of Pumpkin and Cabbage. You won’t have 5 slots for long so don’t sweat it.

Best farm setup for 10 plots? Since you can gather up Island Parsnip and Popoto seeds at this point, you probably want to do a 2/2/2/3 split between the three types of plants you can grow. You’ll be at this point for a long while until the next upgrade.

Best farm setup for 20 plots? Since there will be 10 total produce types – 2 per seed is the “default” action most would take, however, after some time I came up with this…

The lazy setup: Plant 1/1/1/1 of the gatherable seeds (Parsnip, Popoto, Cabbage, Pumpkin) and DO NOT USE THEM for making feed. Of the remaining 6 buyable seed types go for something like 2/2/2/2/4/4 – then use the “4/4” produce pair to make your feed. Gathering seeds is a pain, at least for me, and this reduces both my gathering actions, and thoughts when making feed.

Honestly calling it the lazy setup is a disservice.
It’s the setup of value and heavens.

Any nuances to these farming setups?

Well, this even split will work for a vast majority of people. I can see only two “options”, and they’re not even that big of a deal.

Note that this knowledge is pretty irrelevant to most people
if you’ve read all of the above.

ONE: This is related to the “lazy mans setup” above. f you’re always making premium greenfeed and you’re lazy to keep finding the produce you have more of, simply grow 2 more of 2 produce, and only 1 of 2 other produce. So you’ll end up with a 1/1/2/2/2/2/2/2/3/3 split among the 10 produce types. Then, keep making Premium Island Greenfeed using the “3/3” produce. Takes a little off your mind. (See: FFXIV Island Sanctuary Feed Guide). This, however, can’t properly fulfill your feed requirements with a bunch of animals so you might wanna go something like 1/1/1/1/1/1/1/1/6/6 or whatever if you really don’t ever want to think and make extra clicks.

TWO: You have some special “workshop rotation” that completely ignores some produce types (or you want to fulfill the above requirement also, while doing this). In which case simply plant more of the produce you want and go to 1 or 0 on the rest. I can’t really recommend a setup for this for obvious reasons as it changes from person to person.

Again, these situations might not ever apply to everyone. That first one though, is looking tempting to me to reduce in-game actions taken lol.

Island Sanctuary Farm Caretakers – how does it work?

At Rank 9 you can enlist the service of farm caretaker mammets (Just like your pasture). These guys do a couple things

  • They water and harvest the crops for you.
  • They keep up to 50 units of harvested produce for you for each plot (then they forcibly stop caretaking if you don’t offload ‘em)
  • They automatically replant the seed IF YOU HAVE IT IN STOCK.

You can only tell them which seed to plant on which plot at the start of caretaking services. SImply end and restart the caretaking if you want to change it up.

These mammets take a load of your mind, for the low cost of a few cowries everyday per plot.

Summary and Outro

Well that’s about it. The farming system in your FFXIV Island Sanctuary isn’t all that complex but it wont harm anyone for me to put all I know about it here. The biggest nugget of knowledge I can share here IMO is the “20 plant lazy setup” up there.

Learn more about FFXIV Island Sanctuary!

But it really be doe, the setup of value and heavens. Change my mind.

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