FFXIV 3.2 Black Mage (BLM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! BLM Best in slot guide! “Lose Eno delete acct”. BLM Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.1 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 6 onwards***


This guide is what we at FFXIVguild.com have determined to be the ideal gear for a Black Mage given the possible stat combinations. This however, does NOT necessarily mean it is the “Best in Slot”. 

The ideal column is an entire set but the alternative columns are in a per slot basis only and are not to be considered as an entire set. 

BLMIdealGood AlternativesLesser Alternatives
WeaponAllagan ScepterElder StaffStardust Rod Zenith
Off-handAncient Shield--
HeadSorcerer's PetasosAllagan Circlet of CastingCrimson Circlet
BodyAllagan Tunic of CastingSorcerer's CoatCrimson Vest
HandAllagan Gloves of CastingSorcerer's GlovesCrimson Celestial Gloves
WaistAllagan Rope Belt of CastingHero's Belt of CastingCrimson Sash
LegsAllagan Breeches of CastingSorcerer's TonbanCrimson Breeches
BootsAllagan Boots of CastingCrimson ShoesDarklight Boots of Casting
NeckHero's Necklace of CastingAllagan Choker of CastingUltima Choker of Casting
EarsAllagan Earrings of CastingHero's Earrings of CastingTremor Earrings of Casting
WristHero's Bracelet of CastingAllagan Bracelets of CastingInferno Bangle of Casting
RingHero's Ring of CastingVortex Ring of CastingAstral Ring
RingAllagan Ring of CastingUltima Band of CastingDarklight Band of Casting


What stats are important to a Black Mage?

  • Accuracy –  The first thing you need to max out. As a caster, you need an accuracy of  about 434 for Bahamut’s Coil turn 5.
  • Critical Hit Rate –  Black Mages hit slow but hit hard. This makes movement based fights a problem. Crit will give more bang for buck on your skills.
  • Spell Speed – Caster gear is pretty geared for Spell Speed. With our current list, it comes a close second to Critical Hit Rate.

Both crit and Spell Speed are at around ~500 with this gear combination.

Why did you choose this gear combination?

As with all of our guides, priority number one is reaching your accuracy cap. With this gear combination, is 430 without food. After that, it was trying to get the most critical hit chance possible.

If at all possible, try to grab all the pieces that have both crit and determination. If you have to sacrifice a stat for accuracy, make it determination.

What do I spend Tomes of Mythology on as a Black Mage?

You will want to purchase things based on how deep it is in coil and also what gives you the biggest upgrade in that certain slot.

  • Helm – Ideal for this slot based on our table
  • Neck – This drops in turn 5.
  • Boots – The Allagan Boots of Casting has the exact same stats. Pick this up if you haven’t looted one.
  • Accessories – Grab the rest of the pieces you need.

You may have to pick up some of the alternative pieces while waiting for the ideal ones in coil.

What secondary stats should Black Mage get?

As mentioned before, Black Mages hit hard but hit slow. They have the potential to have huge damage output if their free skills proc, Firestarter & Thundercloud. Getting more damage gives you more value per skill.

  • Determination – is the only stat remaining. This is a linear increase in damage. More damage is better. It takes about 5 points of DET to equal 1 INT.


This page will of course be updated as the game progresses and patches, and more gear will be introduced into the game.

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18 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Black Mage (BLM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. If SS is to be prioritized, why not have 2 primal rings of casting? 1 Augmented, and 1 regular. Then you’d have 97 SS from your two rings combined (+51 i240 ring, +46 i230 ring) instead of the 63 SS you have listed here. Just wondering if the 51 ACC is that important. Or at least as important as maximizing SS.

    1. This is an option, though it isn’t always a “welcomed” one. The unaugmented ring trick is OKAY. I tackle great pains before recommending it on these posts, though. Would you like to hear ’em? haha

  2. Howdy! Do you plan to update this, taking into account the gear for 3.3, or is this BiS still relevant for the new patch? Thanks in advance!

    1. The only possible change 3.3 can have is the relic weapon. It is better than Midan but not by a huge margin. Some could argue that it’s not that significant or may not even be an upgrade at all.

      Will update the BiS’s

  3. Where is a good place to get quicktongue v materia? The market board never has any of the quicktongue’s.

  4. If you use HQ Apple Strudel as your food again, you can replace one of those ACC V materia Melds with a Crit V

  5. If you are going for a huge amount of Spell Speed the better weapon choice would be Lilith Rod Zeta with Spell Speed on it.

    1. unless I misunderstand what you’re referring to. dread and zeta weapons have the same spell speed.

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