FFXIV 3.2 Black Mage (BLM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! BLM Best in slot guide! “Lose Eno delete acct”. BLM Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Okay so you wanna PEW PEW in 2.4 as Black Mage? You came to the right place to find the gear you need to do just that. But before we begin let me say: due to the nature of BLM stats, as no stat is “wasted”, there are many configurations of BiS (Differin on personal stat preference). Each set having its own set of ups and down. I will first list what MY BiS would be if I mained a BLM. I will post other configurations.

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For the sake of the table below, Augmented Ironworks and Dreadwyrm serve as natural fillers to each other even if not mentioned.

BLMBiSBest Accuracy Filler
WeaponDreadwyrm StaffDiamond Rod
Off-hand-or Laevateinn
HeadIronworks Hood of CastingHA Mask or Platinum
BodyDreadwyrm Robe of CastingArachne Bolero
HandDreadwyrm Gloves of CastingHA Gloves
WaistDreadwyrm Belf of CastingEvenstar Belt
LegsAugmented Ironworks Breeches of CastingArachne or Evenstar
BootsIronworks boots of castingHA Boots or Kirimu
NeckDreadwyrm Choker of CastingHA Choker
EarsIronworks Earring of CastingEvenstar Earrings
WristAugmented Ironworks Bracelet of CastingHA Wrist
RingAugmented Ironworks Ring of CastingHA Ring
RingDreadwyrm Ring of CastingVIT/ACC Melded Diamond
FoodSachertorteLava Toad Legs

So this would be my BiS with the goal of having a huge amount of SPELLSPEED. You can, of course, come to similar final stats with a number of configurations. Notably built around the t11 chest drop. A huge upside for the list is that it hits accuracy cap without food.

Using the Augmented Ironworks Weapon allows you to use the Augmented Ironworks Chest. which is a good way to use up excess Poetics tomes (and 2 Carbontwine…) in case you’re not beating t13 anytime soon. Inversely, using HA Weapon until your get your Dread Staff doesn’t affect the balance of the build accuracy-wise.

Any Dreadwyrm gear without spellspeed should first be given to your Summoner if you’re sharing gear with one.


2.4 BLM Poetics Tomes Buy Order

So what do Black Mages buy with Poetics tomes? And in what order? Saving up for weapon is only really good if you’re close to getting Carbontwine from Phoenix. Otherwise, HA makes a great alternative. If you’re going for the weapon, you’ll have a huge excess of accuracy which isn’t bad since you can mix and match gear!

  • Legs are a legit choice. Dread drops in t13.
  • (Weapon, though read the above)
  • Boots. Dread drops in t11.
  • Head. Dread drops in t10.
  • Gloves. Dread drops in t10.
  • Earrings. Dread drops in t13.
  • Ring: forced. Dread drops in t10.
  • Bracelet comes last since you can use True Ice as filler.
  • The rest is optional.

2.4 BLM Crafted Gear Viability

As a general rule of thumb… ACCURACY and SPELL SPEED if it fits, followed by either DET or CRIT (pretty equal in my eyes, but I favor DET heavily for consistency). Heres some cost-effective melds.

Arachne Culottes of Casting is absolutely insane!! Only fits 12 more SS so (IV+II) or (III+III). My meld would be DET IV DET IV, SS III SS III.
Arachne Bolero
 is a good investment: It only has space for 12 ACC (2 Heavens eye III’s), so stick at least 2x DET IV’s there first.

Arachne Bolero is special because it’s the only high level coat with Accuracy aside from Dreadwyrm (which is BiS). Buying and melding one is a great investment for any aspiring BLM raider. Investing in both the Arachne chest and legs would save you from any accuracy troubles up to T13 and can potentially save you a metric ton of Poetics tomes. IF you have the Gil :D

Black Mages have no “wasted” stat so all the gear is technically usable. The two pieces above really stand out, though. For the sake of completion ill post how I would meld the other pieces (cost-effective). ACCURACY can be skipped if you bought the two things above, or generally have more than enough of it…

Platinum Circlet of Casting:
SS IV, SS IV, ACC III (Any SS in between or after)

Kirimu Gloves of Casting:
SS IV, SS IV, Any ACC or DET… (Final meld is SS III)

Kirimu Belt of Casting:
SS IV, SS IV,  ACC III, ACC III, ACC III(Sub ACC for DET if abundant)

Kirimu Boots of Casting:
SS IV, SS IV, SS III, any DET III’s follow. (Only “fits” an ACC III if you wanna put it in there somewhere)

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18 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Black Mage (BLM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. If SS is to be prioritized, why not have 2 primal rings of casting? 1 Augmented, and 1 regular. Then you’d have 97 SS from your two rings combined (+51 i240 ring, +46 i230 ring) instead of the 63 SS you have listed here. Just wondering if the 51 ACC is that important. Or at least as important as maximizing SS.

    1. This is an option, though it isn’t always a “welcomed” one. The unaugmented ring trick is OKAY. I tackle great pains before recommending it on these posts, though. Would you like to hear ’em? haha

  2. Howdy! Do you plan to update this, taking into account the gear for 3.3, or is this BiS still relevant for the new patch? Thanks in advance!

    1. The only possible change 3.3 can have is the relic weapon. It is better than Midan but not by a huge margin. Some could argue that it’s not that significant or may not even be an upgrade at all.

      Will update the BiS’s

  3. Where is a good place to get quicktongue v materia? The market board never has any of the quicktongue’s.

  4. If you use HQ Apple Strudel as your food again, you can replace one of those ACC V materia Melds with a Crit V

  5. If you are going for a huge amount of Spell Speed the better weapon choice would be Lilith Rod Zeta with Spell Speed on it.

    1. unless I misunderstand what you’re referring to. dread and zeta weapons have the same spell speed.

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