FFXIV 3.0 Relic / Anima Weapon Guide (ALL STEPS)

3.3 UPDATED Find out how to obtain and upgrade your new 3.0 relic weapon. Looks great, but will grind your soul to dust (:

Step 5: “Novus II” (iLevel 240)

Quick Navigation: [Start 170 :: 10 Dungeons 200] [Base Anima: 210] [230 Hyperconductive]
[240 : “Novus II”]


Starting Quest: A Dream Fulfilled
Rewards: 240 Cane of the White Tsar
Previous step230 Hyperconductive
Next step: undetermined

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QuestRequired Level and Location
A Dream FulfilledJob level 60
Azys Lla (X:7.4 Y:11.5)
NPC: Ardashir
Players must first complete the quest “Finding Your Voice” and have an anima weapon either equipped or in their current possession.

Summary: 80 Umbrites and 80 Crystal Sand are needed to customize and add 240~ stats on the weapon. Each “pair” of turn-ins gives you 3 (or possibly more) stats until it’s ‘complete’

I’ll be tackling 3 main topics here

  1. Gathering Crystal Sand
  2. Gathering Umbrites

Gathering Crystal Sand

There’s a bunch of ways to get sands. You can review this using the note the NPC gave you, it’s in your key items. Once you open it you can see the many ways to get it.

What’s the best way? Well, this is too broad of a recommendation to make, as each player plays the game wildly differently. Market prices vary wildly too week to week. One thing for sure – the “later” you do this it’s probably going to be cheaper.

Gathering Umbrite

Now here’s the terrible part. This is what causes the time-lock for obtaining the relic. 300 ESO (‘lesser tomestone’) for one Umbrite is steep.

In the future this will likely change in two ways – It will inherit whichever is the “lesser tomestone” at the time, and get a cost reduction.

Best way to farm ESO/Umbrite? Again, this is hard to recommend on a sweeping basis. Aetherochemical Research Facility and Hunts are the most popular methods. Of course, ESO also gathers over time just doing anything so there’s that going for ya.

Of course farming both sands and umbrites DO NOT require you to be locked into the class you’re making the relic for, which is good.

Bonus upgrades?

After 120 points are placed in your relic, there will be a fair chance that any future upgrades get bonus stats. PLEASE REMEMBER THAT YOU HAVE TO EXIT AND VIEW THE CUTSCENE once you’ve placed 120 points. So don’t go on a spending spree during the session you hit 120!


Anima stat recommendations: by class

This section is meant to GIVE YOU GUIDANCE. Agree or disagree, I cannot possibly take into consideration every persons personal preferences. If I helped you, good! If not, please don’t hesitate to suggest other “melds”.

General Notes to see:

SKS on WAR or DRG?

SKS to meet breakpoints? Honestly this is not so bad. I would recommend a max of “25% on SKS” for either WAR or DRG. While I know this is not a popular thing so I didn’t recommend it but this is very similar to melding accuracy for “safety”, only in this case it protects your “sks treshold”. It’s very hard to go OVERBOARD with SKS on either war or drg since they have some great TP amanagement.


Accuracy on tanks? Is “not a bad choice”. Since no weapon will come with accuracy anymore you can always have this as a backup just in case. Since tanks will stick to “previous tier” weapons for a few more weeks than most (favoring body upgrades!)

Accuracy on healers? My gut feeling says ITS A GOOD IDEA. I know many will disagree (judging from what I see in the interwebs).  My reasoning is simple – Secondary stats aren’t that massive with healers. Losing accuracy on the weapon means you’ll have to make/meld a few crafted rights with ACC and thus losing MIND, and possibly losing easy upgrades with “first floor pages”. It’s a very loose subject though, and I expect mixed reactions on this.

Accuracy on DPS? Well for me it’s more a safety thing. AGAIN I’d rather have overcapped accuracy in the next tier than too little… making possible upgrades unusable. For DPS it’s up to you and your greed levels.


Astrologian Relic: Sphere of the Last Heir

PIETY MAXED is never a bad call.
DET serves BOTH STANCES well.
SS is okay for Diurnal, CRIT stacking is not okay for Nocturnal.

Sample Melds:
PIETY – DET/ACC: Good for everything.
PIETY – DET: For those that don’t like acc…
PIETY – SS/ACC: Diurnal focused.
PIETY – SS: again, for those allergic to acc…
PIETY – ACC: Good for tryhards.

I don’t favor Crit on AST (any stance). If you like it, replace any instance of DET or SS in the melds above to accomodate it.

Mahiko San Choice: PIETY ACC


Scholar Relic: Word of the Magnate

Lots of scholars hate piety, I admit I’d only meld “one fourth” of my relic into it. Lots of scholars also like SS these days – but you can’t stack it without CRIT for the pet proc.

CRIT – ACC: “the usual scholar tryhard” – This meld is probably going to be what many scholars meld into. If you don’t like ACC go for SS, PIE or a split.

CRIT – SS: A mega tryhard build that undoubtedly some people will try. It looks awkward but this ain’t so bad.

There’s a ton of possible melds for SCH, but personally I would use CRIT ACC.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – ACC

White Mage

White Mage Relic: Cane of the White Tsar

PIETY MAXED is never a bad call.

PIE – SS: Basic WHM meld that you just can’t complain about.
PIE – ACC: Good ol’ tryhard meld.

PIE is very important for WHM unless you’re going for some very niche builds (ultra speed clears where even the tiniest wasted PIE is a loss). But who are you kidding, sir? Seriously. PIE is the second most important stat to DPS since DPSing with WHM is outright expensive. ACC is of course the most important stat so your mana when DPSing wont go to waste with a ‘miss’.

Mahiko San Choice: PIETY – ACC


Paladin Relic Stats: Sword of the Twin Thegns (+shield)

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)
CRIT – ACC for the paranoid.

The above melds is the only ones I would consider. “CRIT > ACC WTF?” It’s not a bad meld. It protects you from crappy upgrades in the next tier, and allows you for a wider selection of tomestone purchases that would otherwise break your accuracy. “But I need that DET to beat DPS races”. The first turns of the next tier will likely not be DPS heavy, unless you’re on the absolute razors edge of progression you do not need that DET.

This is compounded by the fact any PLD will be forced to MT much more than their counterpart.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC


Warrior Relic: Axe of the Blood Emperor

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)
CRIT – DET : I know this one’s going to be popular…
CRIT – SKS/ACC: For those paranoid about breaking SKS.

The above meld is probably the safest all around pick. Skill Speed? Refer to the general notes above. While I’m certain that many warriors will meld straight up CRIT – DET, I still like the safety provided by half ACC. It depends on many factors (next tiers gear), but ultimately? I’d rather be the guy who melded Half ACC and lose a TINY bit of DPS for a massive safety net rather than get bricked and farm for a respec in a hurry.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC

Dark Knight

Dark Knight Relic: Guillotine of the Tyrant

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)

Look at the notes for PLD, as they apply to DRK too.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC


Bard Relic: Bow of the Autarch

CRIT – SS (You can drop half the SS for Accuracy)

The above meld is the ONLY setup I would consider. Would I meld the half accuracy? Yes. Just max out on the crit, if it ain’t obvious enough.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – SS/ACC


Machinist Relic: Flame of the Dynast

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)

DET is the only other substat for MCH at the moment. Personally, I would meld the acc for safety. As long as your anima has maxed out CRIT and some DET you’ve done a good job.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC

Black Mage

Black Mage Relic: Rod of the Black Khan

SS – CRIT (You can drop half the CRIT for Accuracy)

CRIT or DET? Hmm… my instinct tells me CRIT is still better than DET no matter what, others seem to agree. I would like some feedback on how DET fares this deep into 3.+. What others might not agree on is the half Accuracy – which I thouroughly recommend.

Mahiko San Choice: SS – CRIT/ACC


Summoner Relic: Book of the Mad Queen

CRIT – SS (You can drop half the SS for Accuracy)
CRIT – DET (For those that don’t like SS)

SS vs DET is the only point of “fighting” between SMN’s now but I’m in the SS camp. Luckily if you disagree you can obviously swap it out for DET.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – SS/ACC


Monk Relic: Sultan’s Fists

Ohhh boy Monk stats…

CRIT – SS(ACC) risky…

Yes a lot of people may complain, especially the SS lovers. I like SS on Monks too, but why not on relic? TOO MUCH SS is actually a problem for Monks. Oftentimes monks early in the “next tier” get random upgrades that they’re unappy to use due to:

  1. “Having too little accuracy” or…
  2. “too much SS”. While you may sometimes complain of…
  3. “Too much Accuracy” – it’s probably better than missing or running out of TP right?

The recommended meld promotes the only acceptable scenario of the 3 above. While SS is very good for MNK, we can’t go all-in on it just like that.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC


Dragoon Relic: Trident of the Overlord

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)
CRIT – SS/ACC: For those paranoid about breaking SKS.

Again for notes on SS, check the general stat assumptions above. Melding half the DET off your weapon for ACC is well worth the “loss” for me.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC.


Ninja RelicSpurs of the Thorn Prince

CRIT – DET (You can drop half the DET for Accuracy)

Just please don’t meld SS on your ninja relic. Is half the DET worth the ACC? Personally, yes.

Mahiko San Choice: CRIT – DET/ACC

Oh boy that was long! Good luck on UMBRITES, since Sands aren’t so hard to come by, yeah?

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  1. Just an fyi, you only need one of each luminous crystal now instead of three. So just 6 altogether, one from each area!

  2. I would hardly call adding accuracy to the SCH book being tryhard after seeing how many times my energy drain misses mid-raid below 500 accuracy… :P More like the most sensible decision, unless of course you’re not into raiding at all which is fair enough.

  3. Thanks for the awesome guide thus far! Will you also be compiling one for the latest step as well? I would love your recommendation as to how I should allocate points for the latest BLM weapon!

  4. beast tribe quest cap is 12 so u can actually do 4 beast tribes a day (unless u reach limit for reputation, after unlocking higher rep lvl u can get 3 quests again)

  5. For the crafted item mats in Diadem, are they available in all difficulties? Or is it just a specific difficulty?

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