FFXIV 3.0 Relic / Anima Weapon Guide (ALL STEPS)

3.3 UPDATED Find out how to obtain and upgrade your new 3.0 relic weapon. Looks great, but will grind your soul to dust (:

Step 3: Base Anima (iLevel 210)

Quick Navigation: [Start 170 :: 10 Dungeons 200] [Base Anima: 210] [230 Hyperconductive]
[240 : “Novus II”]


Starting Quest: Coming Into Its Own
Rewards: 210 Majestas
Previous step: “10 Dungeon” 200
Next step: Hyperconductive 230

LET THE GRIND BEGIN!! To prevent confusion, let me put it out clearly….

4 MAIN CHUNK items which EACH require: 20(80) “Grind Token” and 4(16) “Crafting Token”.

So a total of 80 “Grind Token” and 16 “Crafting Token” to obtain the 4 “Main Chunks”. Each “Grind Token” can be obtained through various means, while the 4 different “Crafting Token” have no similarities. First and foremost I’ll be putting a mega table up top since it’s what you’re going to be coming back for anyway –


Temporary theme has crappy table formatting so use the above link first.

Main Chunks – and how to get them

Enchanted RubberFast-drying CarboncoatDivine WaterFast-acting Allagan Catalyst
REQUIREMENT A: 20x “Grind Token” (Unidentifiable)
Unidentifiable BoneUnidentifiable ShellUnidentifiable OreUnidentifiable Seeds
680 Poetics680 Poetics680 Law680 Law
10 A1N Runs10 A2N Runs10 A3N Runs10 A4N Runs
1000x Allied SealsHW Treasure MapsHW Treasure Maps1000x Allied Seals
Amalj’aa VendorSahagin VendorKobold VendorSylph Vendor
Vanu VanuVanu VanuVanu VanuVanu Vanu
REQUIREMENT B: 4x “Crafting Token” (1* Recipe)
(BSM) HQ Adamantite Francesca(ALC) HQ Titanium Alloy Mirror(CRP) HQ Dispelling Arrow(CUL) Kingcake HQ 
Pterodactyl Strap*Titanium Alloy Square*Blessed Fletchings*Moogle Miniature*
Adamantite NuggetHoly WaterHallowed Chestnut LumberHighland Flour
Birch LumberHardsilver SandHardsilver NuggetYak Milk
VitriolOkeanis Egg
Birch Syrup
Tiny Crown
*Recipe for precursor items (Specialist REQUIRED)
(LTW) Pterodactyl Strap(ARM) Titanium Alloy Square(WVR) Blessed Fletchings(GSM) Moogle Miniature
3x Pteryodactyl**5x Sphalerite**5x Royal Mistletoe**5x Cloud Cotton Boll**
Dark Chestnut LogTitanium NuggetEagle FeatherBlack Soil
Dawnborne AethersandDawnborne AethersandDawnborne AethersandDawnborne Aethersand
**Furthermore, new items obtained via:
PterodactylSphaleriteRoyal MistletoeCloud Cotton Boll
Fishing – DiademMining – DiademBotany – DiademBotany – Diadem


Temporary theme has crappy table formatting so use the above link first.


New relic names?

For the curious here’s a list of the relic names:

3.0 Relic Names
  • PLD: Almace / Ancile
  • DRK: Nothung
  • WAR: Ukonvasara
  • AST: Deneb
  • SCH: Tetrabiblos
  • WHM: Majestas
  • BRD: Gandiva
  • MCH: Armageddon
  • DRG: Rhongomiant
  • MNK: Verethragna
  • NIN: Kannagi
  • BLM: Hvergelmir
  • SMN: Draconomicon


The “Alexander Normal” means 10 pieces of a sure-drop loot called “Precision Gordian Item” (Bolt, Lens, Spring, Shaft). This is NOT the same as the loot you roll on. It’s a sure drop, whew! Again, you need 10 to buy 1 Grind Token.

The 2.0 Beastmen method requires tokens you get from the L48 tier of that tribe. You need 13 to buy 1  Grind Token.

The Vanu Vanu method requires tokens you get from any Vanu quest. You need 18 to buy 1 Grind Token.

PROTIPS: Some of these may be harder to obtain than the others so I’ll be listing a few tips on where/how to spend each.

Poetics Tomestones are required for A1N and A2N tokens. I would think spending Poetics on A2N tokens is far better, since A2S takes longer than A1S on average.

Similarly, for Law tomestones – it’s split between A3N and A4N tokens. Use them for the token you find harder/longer to obtain (Which is likely A4N for most people).

2.0 Beastmen method, since all tokens share this method… The cap is raised to 12 a day, so you can do all the 2.0 beast tribes every day. It’s time consuming so, again, do it for the most troublesome ones first.

For Vanu tokens, it’s the same. Spend them on the most annoying Token for you, since this method can be used to obtain all types.

Using the 1000x Allied Seals method, since it’s split between A1N and A4N, I’d say spend them on A4N tokens.

The 3.0 Treasure Map method has been clarified! Well, they’re a little rare and you have to roll on ’em, but you cannot SPECIFY which type you’ll get. Furthermore, even if you’re capped on a certain type of Grind Token, you may still get it. Bummer.

Damn! Told you I wasn’t lying when it’s a GRIND. But, it isn’t so bad if you don’t try to rush it. The next step doesn’t exist yet – so enjoy your new Anima!

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  1. Just an fyi, you only need one of each luminous crystal now instead of three. So just 6 altogether, one from each area!

  2. I would hardly call adding accuracy to the SCH book being tryhard after seeing how many times my energy drain misses mid-raid below 500 accuracy… :P More like the most sensible decision, unless of course you’re not into raiding at all which is fair enough.

  3. Thanks for the awesome guide thus far! Will you also be compiling one for the latest step as well? I would love your recommendation as to how I should allocate points for the latest BLM weapon!

  4. beast tribe quest cap is 12 so u can actually do 4 beast tribes a day (unless u reach limit for reputation, after unlocking higher rep lvl u can get 3 quests again)

  5. For the crafted item mats in Diadem, are they available in all difficulties? Or is it just a specific difficulty?

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