FFXIV Mining Leveling Guide (L90 Endwalker UPDATED)

Shadowbringers Updated up to Level 80! Level up Mining Quickly! Stop wasting time! Power Level your Miner!

DAWNTRAIL HYPE! Initial guide updates...
Viper STARTER Guide / Rotation | Pictomancer Starter Guide / Rotation
How to Unlock Pictomancer & Viper


Endwalker tier COMPLETELY UPDATED. At older parts of guide? OPEN THIS

Finally, the L80 to L90 portion of the BTN/MIN Leveling Guides are 100% complete and current. The older parts, however… (GEAR UPDATES per tier are most important)

While I will update these ASAP (promise, hehe).
Here’s the important banger notes:

GEAR UPDATES? Any time I mention gear updates in the lower tiers, (except 0 to 60), IGNORE IT AND BUY SCRIP TIER GEAR INSTEAD.

A Realm Reborn Gear Scrip gear? NO SCRIP, my notes are still pretty valid.
Heavensward L50 Scrip gear?
 NO SCRIP, my notes are still pretty valid.
Stormblood L60 Scrip gear: Augmented Keep tier IL200
Shadowbringers L70 Scrip gear: Landking tier IL350 (Offhand from L330)
Endwalker L50 Scrip gear: Landsaint –  Guide already reflects this.

All of these upgrades are “good” until the end of their tier.
Get scrip by: Custom Deliveries and Collectables.

COLLECTABLES? Not only did the rotation / skill names change TWICE since SHB into EW, the entire System was overhauled pre-EW. Instead of rotating nodes with normal names, it’s SET NON-ROTATING RAREFIED materials. The rotation is also different, but somehow simpler. I’ll update a universal DoL Collectable / Rotation guide for this, instead of repeating myself 100 times.

TLDR: The old “everyday it changes” is OUT. Rarefied “set-in-stone” is in! Ignore mentions of OLD ROTATIONS AND SKILLS. I’ll remedy this ASAP

Endwalker tier is, of course, updated in this regard.

BEAST TRIBES? Each tier has a beast tribe you can use to level up, which I didn’t seem to note as I always blast through DoL super early… These are decent sources of EXP while also giving you some neat items.

A Realm Reborn: Ixal (DoL and DoH)
Heavensward: Moogle (DoL and DoH)
Stormblood: Namazu (DoL and DoH)
Shadowbringers: Qitari (DoL only) 
Endwalker: Omicron (DoL only) –  Guide already reflects this.

Please click on and read the above clicky box if you're leveling 01 to 79. 

Mining Leveling 80 to 90 | MIN Endwalker tier

In my new format, I’ll be separating tiers according to “logical changes in activities”, instead of hard forcing a tier discussion every 2 levels (DoL tiers past 50). I think this makes much more sense since your play patterns will change with each tier listed here, instead of in-game.

Mining Leveling Guide – Navigation:
MIN Endwalker tier L80 to 90 (Scroll to): Prep | 80+ | 83+ | 85+ | 87+ | 89+
Miner Level: Level  0-50 | 50-60 | 60-70 | 70-80

MIN 80 to 90, Preparation, Setup, Reminders

Here’s a bunch of reminders, macros, and notes to kickstart your miners level 80 to 90 journey.

MIN L80 GEAR UPDATE: Get scrip gear | Landsaint tier

The absolute most important thing before setting forth in Endwalker miner leveling content is, as always, UPDATING YOUR GEAR! Here’s the gear you want, loosely ordered by IMPORTANCE.

Universal Gear upgrades for all DoL

SlotEquipment NameScrip CostImportancePerception
BodyLandsaint’s Coat8401238
HeadLandsaint’s Bandana5602476
BootsLandsaint’s Boots5603262
LegsLandsaint’s Breeches5604119
HandsLandsaint’s Gloves56050
EarringLandsaint’s Earrings20060
NecklaceLandsaint’s Necklace20060
WristLandsaint’s Bracelet’s20060
RingLandsaint’s Ring20060
RingLandsaint’s Ring20060
How and where to buy these?

By the way, you buy these at any place that does scrip exchange (choose: Gatherer’s Scrip (Gear) -> Scrip Exchange Lv.80/IL 500). Also – if you’re rocking hardcore gear from the previous tier (Melded Aesthete), feel free to skip this gear upgrading phase.

Priority of each item? On a budget?

If you’re on a scrip budget, I highly advise taking these in order of importance. After the gloves, however, you can skip the accessories for now and get the weapons. Why? Accessories only give GP, and you’ll have more than you’ll need with virtually anything equipped there. People with older, melded gear are better off with that most of the time, as these “blue” accessories are typically pretty bad.

Mining Specific Gear

SlotEquipment NameScrip CostImportancePerception
OffhandLandsaint’s Sledgehammer3501833
WeaponLandsaint’s Pickaxe3502476
Some notes on the weapons

If you MUST choose first, off-hand is a little more value than the mainhand. Why? You can’t easily cheat perception when you’re going for collectables. This is the same-ish reasoning for the body pieces, but since the actual chest piece gives gigastats, that’s the highest prio.

It’s really up to you how you want to go about which pieces to get first, but if I were to recommend a one-size fits all path: All left-side pieces > weapons > accessories.

TLDR: Get leftside body pieces > weapons for MIN (and or BTN) > accessories.

— Need Scrips?

How to farm Scrips

Help! How do I farm Scrips?

If you don’t have enough Scrips, well, there’s a couple things you can do.

Using up your weekly allowance on DoL Custom Deliveries is a double whammy. Not only will it jumpstart your leveling process via EXP, but this is hands down the fastest way to gain scrips in a short period of time.

Get whatever upgrades you can, then try the L80 collectables on (preferably both MIN and BTN), see how you fare. This is another amazing source of scrips. Don’t worry if you can’t max them out. You simply need to submit the bare minimum collectability to gain some scrip.

If you really can’t do them, or need a further boost in scrip, do the L70-80 Shadowbringers tier collectables. It might seem weird and tedious to do them at this point, but its a near infinite source of scrip, albeit a little slower. This is probably the “lowest point” that you should be willing to dip into.

TLDR: Custom Delivery > Try Endwalker L80 Collectables? > L70-80 Collectables

Waiting for next week’s Custom Delivery is also valid, lol.

Is there anything else I can do...

No scrip? Desperately undergeared? Other gear options?

Buying gear seems… ehh… not too hot.

Patience is the answer here, as buying the older (Aesthete) gear or the L81 gear are pretty bad choices both ways… I’d highly suggest sticking to the plan:

Custom Delivery > L80 Collectables? > L70-80 Collectables

If you really can’t do L80, the lower level collectables can give good scrip. With a tiny bit of patience you’ll get the scrip you need. Trust me, I honestly wouldn’t spend a single gil on non-landsaint tier gear.

MIN 80 to 90: Collectable Rotation Macros

Here are Macros you’re gonna be using from L80 to 90.

Copy and paste these into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV
This is due to “technical limitations”, but just bear with it for now…

3 Scrutiny 3 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 3Scr3Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land, let 3 Scrutiny be enough!”

Remember to press whichever Sharp Vision you need before you press this one, if you need it.

This is the baseline macro where you begin your experimentation. For each new node, if you can’t reach 1000, then try the next one. If you think you get 1000 “always or often”, then try the last macro on this list which includes 1x Restoration.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8083 or whatever.

3 Scrutiny 4 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 3Scr4Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land… 4 Scour, seriously?”

Remember to press whichever Sharp Vision you need before you press this one, if you need it.

Slightly more powerful than 3x Scrutiny, if you still can’t reach 1000 reliably, then try the next one.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8587 or whatever.

4 Scrutiny 4 Scour

Macro Name: L???? 4Scr4Sco

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San of the land… this… is what desperation looks like.”

Remember to press whichever Sharp Vission you need before you press this one, if you need it. HOWEVER, 4x SCRUTINY WON’T ALLOW SHARP VISION due to lack of GP! If you’re pushed to these lengths, maybe settling for more tier II gathers is better…

If the previous macro doesn’t cut it, then use this. The absolute most powerful macro you can employ, reserve this for the toughest nodes you need to 1000 reliably (87 and 89 I’d imagine).

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L8789 or whatever.

2 Scrutiny 3 Scour 1 Restoration

Macro Name: L???? 2Scr3Sco1Res

/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scrutiny <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac Scour <wait.3>
/ac “Ageless Words” <wait.3>
/ac “Solid Reason” <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/ac Collect <wait.3>
/echo “Mahiko San, I hope they’re all as easy as this one…”

Remember to press whichever Field Mastery you need before you press this one, if you need it.

This one is for the greeders. Honestly, I’d only ever use this on the L80 collectables. It removes one Scrutiny in exchange for a restoration, which can potentially tank your collectability rating.

Once you’re settled on which level nodes to use this on, rename the macro from L???? to something like L80 or whatever.

This one needs a “wrong” skill in the Macro so it will work with both Botanist and Miner.

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

The general idea is, use the triple Scrutiny first (as a baseline) and work your way upwards until you find the most reliable “100%” macro for each node level. Or simply triple Scrut all the way if you want zero thinking.

100% Collectability? Or bust?

100% Collectability, or more gathers? Always go for max. The only case this isn’t true is if when you can only gather A SINGLE 1000 item, rather than 2x of the lesser one. For a vast majority of cases, max collec is the way.

Of course, If you “practically” cannot, then settle for a rotation which preserves as much GP / gathers for tier II.

Sharp Vision?

In case this didn’t make it across: At some point you will want to use SHARP VISION I/II, you must press these BEFORE pressing your macro, depending on how close to 100% (or how much you want to gamble).

Manual Rotation?

Manual rotation will always yield better results in the long run, however, the brainpower and extra clicks / thoughts aren’t worth it IMO (I levelled MIN by hand and BTN by macro). Honestly, the “watching anime on another monitor” energy is much more worth it. I highly suggest sticking to MACRO.

DOL L80 to 90 Beast Tribe: Omicron

Thankfully, there is now a DoL beast tribe for Endwalker, the Omicrons in Ultima Thule! DoL Beast Tribes are always a welcome daily burst of easy, brainless, and chunky EXP.

Best way to use daily beast tribe allowances?

While you “SHOULD” be focusing on using these up for FSH leveling, as that’s considered the most tedious for me… if you wanna rush your Mining to 90, then feel free to augment your EXP with this before moving onto Fishing.

Is there a good time or deadzone to do these?

Leveling up in this tier, 6ET to 10ET is completely dead of unspoileds, so you have a decent window time to do this if you’re really grinding it up. That’s like, what, 15 minutes dead-time? haha. Honestly, most people would just do this as a change of pace. Don’t feel bad if you end up missing a few collectables.

General DoL Leveling / EXP sources summary

A quick reminder on the main sources of where you’ll be getting your EXP!

Collectables will be your main source of exp.

Beast Tribe Quests are fast, easy, brainless, but only daily.

Grand Company Delivery Do these everyday, it’s an easy source of massive EXP. Feel free to use the marketboard if you’re lazy. CTRL+U, then click on GC. Seals can be used to purchase Cordial.

Levequests are great these days, but only if you have excess. They’re far better used for leveling up crafters. If you feel like you have more than enough or are overflowing – feel free to use Fieldcraft levels to help speed up your Miner leveling process.

Custom Deliveries: are similar to levequests, in this regard. Use them up for DoH / Crafters since EXP can be harder to come by for them, and potentially costlier… The only exception to this is that, early on, these are an amazing source of SCRIPS which you need for your starting gear.

Grinding is your last resort, but actually not bad if you need materials too.

L80 to 90 Collectables Echo Macro

This macro looks funny, but it’s simply a way to remind you in-game of where and what you need to gather, where you need to teleport, what class and level node… It’s actually something I’ve always loved to use.

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

Macro Reminder for L80 to 90 DoL Collectables

Macro Name: L80-90 DoL Collects

/echo = Job L | Time | Collectable | Map | Aetheryte | LOC XY =
/echo MIN 80 – 12 ET – R. Raw Ametrine – Labyrinthos – The Archeion – 32, 21
/echo MIN 83 – 06 ET – R. Bismuth Ore – Mare Lamentorum – Sinus Lacrimanum – 16, 32
/echo MIN 85 – 12 ET – R. Sharlayan Rock Salt – Labyrinthos – The Archeion – 32, 21
/echo MIN 87 – 02 ET – R. Phrygian Gold Ore – Garlemald – Camp Broken Glass – 12, 22
/echo MIN 89 – 10 ET – R. Blue Zircon – Elpis – The Twelve Wonders – 36, 8
/echo BTN 80 – 02 ET – R.Palm Log – Thavnair – The Great Work – 14, 14
/echo BTN 83 – 04 ET – R. Red Pine Log – Garlemald – Tertium – 35, 6
/echo BTN 85 – 02 ET – R. Coconut – Thavnair – The Great Work – 14, 14
/echo BTN 87 – 12 ET – R. Sykon – Elpis – Poieten Oikos – 25, 6
/echo BTN 89 – 06 ET – R. Rye – Labyrinthos – Aporia – 10, 22
/echo ===== Mahiko San’s L80 to 90 Collectable Reminder! =====

Copy and paste this into Notepad first, before pasting it into FFXIV

Even if you’re using unspoiled timers outside the game, trust me, having this macro still helps A LOT. Try it, you won’t look back. It uses the “Echo” communication channel (unseen by anyone else but you), so make sure you’re on a chat window that has it on.

Minor odds and ends

And here, we talk about some little things to wrap up our preparation…



I don’t care what kind of Cordials you use, but I’ve certainly survived with NQ (NO QUALITY, BASIC, TRASH-TIER) El basic of the basic, old-school, OG, “Cordial” and I had no problem. You can get cheap better ones, sure.

Food Buffs

Food Buff

3% EXP for “free”. Even if you use dumpster-tier boiled egg or something similar, do yourself a favor and get this buff. Now, if you can easily snipe some cheapo PERCEPTION FOOD off the marketboard, or through some other means, great! NPC’s also sell good food. Perception is the name of the game for leveling up, so try to get food that buffs that.

Flying Unlocked

Flying Unlocked?

I HIGHLY ADVISE AGAINST LEVELING YOUR MINING / DOL JOBS IF YOU HAVE NOT UNLOCKED FLYING IN THE ENDWALKER ZONES. I certainly don’t pay your sub, so I can’t tell you how to play, but I hope I don’t need to explain this one further.

Riding Maps

Riding Maps

Buy the relevant Riding Maps for the Endwalker zones for extra mount speed if you can. Not just for leveling gatherers, but just playing in general. Ultima Thule is the prime suspect for this, as you are doing your Omicron Beast Tribe quests there. How do you get these? Via the Shared FATE system, and In the case of Endwalker tier you only need to do what, 10 or less fates to access the riding map from the vendor.

And with that, we can FINALLY begin!

Miner Leveling 80 to 83

Ok, lets begin! I hope you read all the reminders and notes up there.

New MIN Collectable unlocked!
MIN L80 | Rarefied Raw Ametrine | Labyrinthos | The Archeion | X32, Y21 | 12ET

MIN 80 Gear updates? Again, get the scrip gear mentioned above. If you’re short on scrip and need to round out your gear, you’ll want basic-melded Aesthete tier gear (item level 490). I’m going to assume these will be more expensive, and rarer, as time goes by as this is “old high-end gear”. Honestly, stick to scrip (Landsaint) unless you find a good deal.

Mining 80-83, what to do in this tier?

Your main source of EXP right now is your very first Miner collectable for Endwalker, Rarefied Raw Ametrine, at Labyrinthos. Gather this as much as you can.

During your downtime, feel free to travel to and gather every new material you’ve unlocked – every “first time” gives you bonus EXP via the Gathering Log. There’s no better time than now. (”b” to open your gathering log, then check the L81 Mining and Quarrying nodes)

Since this tier can be a little empty, it’s a good idea to pair it up with Botanist leveling – you can visit both of the L80 collectables to level up both your Miner and Botanist. MIN spawns at 12, BTN at 2, so it’s an EZ 1-2 punch of heavenly value.

Levequests are decent option at this tier as well, since there’s a lot of waiting around. As always, be careful using them up for your DoL / Gatherers, as they’re generally more efficient for Crafters.

Daily GC Submits, Beast Tribe, you know the drill.

Reminder: Maximum Collectability is Best

This one’s important, and I’ll say it again. Try out which macro works for a “100%” chance for a max collectability.

THE ONLY SCENARIO where “Tier II collectability rating, but one more gather” is when you can only get A SINGLE GATHER of the highest tier, which should almost never happen, except for maybe L89.

As mentioned earlier in the macro section, try it out progressively. Start out with 3 Scrutitny 3 Scour. Not enough? Maybe 3 Scrutiny 4 Scour. Not enough? 4 Scrutiny 4 Scour – once you reach 4/4 you cannot squeeze out any more from your gear, and that’s the max you’ll ever reach.

Honestly, the 2x Scrutiny 3 Scour 1 Restore rotation can only possibly ever be worth it for the L80 Collectable, ignore that one for anything higher.

Miner Leveling 83 to 85

New MIN Collectable unlocked!
MIN L83 | Rarefied Bismuth Ore | Mare Lamentorum | Sinus Lacrimanum | 16, 32 | 6ET

MIN 83 Gear updates? At L84 you unlock a new tier of gear that’s better than Landsaint (High Durium / Saigaskin / Snow Linen). The next tier unlocks at 87. IMO there’s only 2 choices at this point

Ignore gear upgrades

Pretty much ignore gear upgrades: You can “easily” get to L90 with just the Landsaint tier. You’ll RARELY have some issues with the higher level collectables but if you’re not in a hurry, it doesn’t matter. I tried both paths with each class and honestly, I didn’t mind the 0 upgrades. Yes, you will not get maximum appraisal on many nodes, especially with auto-gather macro, but that’s not a huge deal.

Tryhard L84 gear upgrades

Tryhard this L84 gear upgrade, and nothing else: Since the next tier is at 87, and upgrading your gear for 3 measly levels doesn’t make any sense. Investing now, and slightly speeding up the process for 6 levels, is more logical. Get a full HQ set and meld as much Perception > Gathering as you can.

Are some upgrades more important than others?

Very much so – some gear updates are MILES more powerful than others.

Left-side upgrades are generally the best. They’re used by all DoL classes and have the greatest impact to stats even without 2x basic materia melds. And even within this grouping BODY > HEAD > BOOTS > LEGS >>>> Everything else. I talked about this in the intro segment.

Weapons are amazing, but non-universal obviously, so there’s a cost issue here. The stats gained are titanic.

Accessories… hmm… very little gain as you’ll have to meld them to get more Perception, but a slight upgrade nonetheless. Universal for all DoL as well.

MELDING would be Perception VIII (x2 if possible ) > Perception VII (if you can get at least +10) > Gathering VIII (If perception is too near the cap) > everything else is a non-factor.

Why upgrade?

What exactly do you get if you choose to upgrade? Fewer button presses, lesser thoughts, higher average EXP… you’ll save some time and brainpower. But the main draw is ALL YOUR DoL CLASSES WILL BENEFIT.

Mining 83-85, What to do in this tier?

Mainly, spam the 81 and 83 collectable. You’ll be doing this for a while!

Thankfully, a new node to add into your routine. As you may notice, this one is a bit harder. Remember, “Always start with triple scrutiny”. As a note, I tried manual gathering with one class and auto-macro gathering with the other. While, of course, the yields may be better for manual, the brainpower used versus one-button yoloing is significant. I cannot, in good conscience, say manual gathering gives a godlike return vs effort.

The gathering gods are good, as even in this tier there are no scheduling conflicts if you’re leveling both MIN and BTN – the unspoiled nodes spawn at 12 (MIN) > 2 (BTN) > 4 (BTN) > 6 (MIN).

Levequests, as always, are good EXP but are better saved for crafters. Even more so if you’re leveling up both MIN and BTN on collectables, you won’t have much downtime for levequests anyway.

Reminder: Use Sharp Vision

At this point, a quick reminder that you should use the appropriate Sharp Vision skill to get you as close to (or over) 100% gathering possibility – BEFORE pressing your macro.

Sharp Vision I and II give 5% and 15% respectively, and you probably won’t need Sharp Vision III which gives 50%, but costs a ton of GP.

Miner Leveling 85 to 87

New MIN Collectable unlocked!
L85 | Rarefied Sharlayan Rock Salt | Labyrinthos | The Archeion | 32, 21 | 12 ET
(Shares the same node as the L80 collectable, sadly)

MIN 85 Gear updates? New gear appears at L84 (discussed in previous chunk) and L87 (discussed in next chunk). Nothing new here!

Mining 85-87, What to do in this tier?

So the TIMING of your process doesn’t change. 12 (MIN) > 2 (BTN) > 4 (BTN) > 6 (MIN) . If you’re only leveling Mining, then try to fill the downtime with other activities. I highly recommend leveling Botany at the same time in these early tiers.

Since he new collectable Rarefied Sharlayan Rock Salt shares the same exact node as the L80 one (Rarefied Raw Ametrine), you’ll have to choose one over the other. You’ll definitely have to use some more oomph to get this 85 one to 100%. Lazy? Pick the L80 one…

Around this time, you’ll get a new batch of nodes unlocked. Like previously, this is a great time to get bonus EXP from the Gathering Log each time you gather something the first time. (Default “b”, then check for Mining / Quarrying nodes)

Miner Leveling 87 to 89

New MIN Collectable unlocked!
L87 | Rarefied Phrygian Gold Ore | Garlemald | Camp Broken Glass | 12, 22 | 2 ET

MIN 87 Gear updates?? While a new tier of gear does appear at L87, I highly advise against upgrading since you’ll only get a maximum of three levels of use from it. Terrible investment.

Mining 87-89, What to do in this tier?

The L87 Collectable (Rarefied Phrygian Gold Ore) is, thankfully, in a brand new node so you can add it into your route. However, here’s where we get some scheduling conflicts.

Schedule Leveling both MIN & BTN: (suggested)
12 MIN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 MIN
Schedule of options for both:

Schedule Focusing on MIN Leveling:
12 MIN | 2 MIN | 4 BTN | 6 MIN – If leveling Mining only, 4ET is a deadzone.

This node (and the next L89 one) ain’t exactly “easy” as you’re stretching your stats to the limit at this point. Triple Scrutiny is the way, and just hope for the best.

I’ll remind you about the food buff here. The 85/87/89 nodes can be a little rough so you’ll want as much help as you can get. Snag any cheap perception food you can find from NPC’s or the marketplace. If nothing else, the slight EXP bonus is free.

Of course, if you upgraded your DoL gear at 84, this might go down a little smoother.

Miner Leveling 89 to 90

The absolute last step – you’re close!

New MIN Collectable unlocked!
L89 | Rarefied Blue Zircon | Elpis | The Twelve Wonders | 8, 36 | 10ET

MIN 89 Gear updates? There’s no new gear until L90! If you’ve leveled up this far, don’t bother upgrading. The last new upgrade tier was L87 for Mining.

Mining 89-90, What to do in this tier?

The level 89 node is a wholly new one and gives you something to do at 10ET if you’re leveling Miner, which you are, if you’re reading this… right?

The L89 Mining Collectable, Rarefied Blue Zircon, is obviously rough, but at 10 ET there’s nothing else going on! It’s a free EXP injection. So even if you cannot 100% this, it’s better than gaining 0 EXP right.

Rotation-wise, the 89 node will be brutal. You’re gonna need Sharp Vision, too. Try out 3 Scrutiny 4 Scour first and see where you’re at.

If you’re leveling up your botany in tandem, then I suggest dropping the L83 for MIN, and gathering the L89 BTN Collectable. So what does the gathering schedule look like?

Schedule Leveling both MIN & BTN: (suggested)
12 MIN | 2 BTN | 4 BTN | 6 BTN | 10 MIN
Schedule of options for both:
12 BOTH | 2 BOTH | 4 BTN ONLY | 6 BOTH | 10 MIN ONLY

Schedule Focusing on MIN Leveling:
12 MIN | 2 MIN | 4 BTN | 6 MIN | 10 MIN – If leveling Mining ONLY, 4ET is a deadzone.

8ET is never used up in this tier. Either way, you won’t be here too long. Congrats in advance!

Summary and Outro

Mining Leveling Guide – Navigation:
MIN Endwalker tier L80 to 90 (Scroll to): Prep | 80+ | 83+ | 85+ | 87+ | 89+
Miner Level: Level  0-50 | 50-60 | 60-70 | 70-80 | 80-90

Congratulations on striking Miner level 90! The end of the tunnel on your Mining leveling journey in the Endwalker tier!

Typically, I used to add stuff here on guidance regarding DoL endgame, but I haven’t written about that in a minute… Let’s see, huh?

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        Love this site, by the way!

        1. Super annoying. I actually really hate WP. FFXIVGuild being on WP is one of the main reasons I’m having such a difficult time keeping it up to date. Sheesh… thanks for the advice, I’ll recheck my file permissions!

          1. Love it or hate it, WP is still one of the best CMS platforms out there. Troubleshooting for any platform just sucks, unfortunately!

            But it looks like the permissions thing worked and I can access those pages now! Yay!

            If it didn’t, I had other tricks up my sleeve for you to try.

            I did notice that the site has some sort of IP verification plugin (the name of which I forgot) when I tried visiting the general leveling guide. After verifying I wasn’t a robot, it wouldn’t advance, but refreshing the page worked. Just something for you to keep in mind in case the plugin might need an update or something.

          2. Annoyingly, in the years since I made this site (I initially made this site to “practice” wordpress which was new technology at the time), the custom made VPS servers I’ve made throughout the years with my own “cms” just totally blows WP away since I can program exactly what I need… sigh.. perhaps it’s time to migrate.

            As for security plugins I’ve tried disabling them completely – and since it’s so difficult for me to replicate the problem I cannot verify if that’s the problem. I’m actually guessing it’s not because I’ve used them for quite some time.

            Apparently, my server provider installed some kind of server level security (Imunify 360). I feel the settings may be a bit off.

            What a hassle!

          3. Apparently yeah, it’s the server providers issue… Been working with them… but this third party security seems to be incredibly aggressive.

            The file permissions, thank you for the suggestions! Annoyingly, the permissions were AOK but thank you very much for the suggestions… I have so few people to talk to regarding these kind of things haha. Would you like to PM me?

  2. As many mentioned already, word of advice from someone who just wasted about a 1mil gil: don’t buy expensive HQ gear, especially at 70+, to upgrade your old stuff. Use the yellow scrips to acquire the gatherer gear from the vendors.

  3. Oi would you kindly suggest people gettin the script gear at 60-70 rather than sinking their hard earned gil into buying overprised gear off the market ?

  4. Why is this guide missing so many random things that require you to make an extra google search? It’d be faster to just use google from the get-go then try and piece together what you need to be doing across multiple guides here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  5. your macro
    /ac “Discerning Eye”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
    /ac “Discerning Eye”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
    /ac “Single Mind”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”

    doesn’t account for the 300gp needed to use toil of the mountaineer. at 700gp minus toil = 400gp left, minus dis 200 dis 200 puts you at zero gp left and therefore unable to use single mind….or am i missing something here?

    1. You don’t do toil… you memorize the slot that it’s in and smack it to reveal. In essence you sacrifice 1 gathering attempt to retain GP

  6. Just as a heads up to you, and anyone trying to copy/paste the macro: There is a difference between the “Angled” quotation marks in the macro above, and the type of quotation marks that the macros require. The following should work when pasted, or you can simply backspace and type in your own quotes in the macro screen:

    /macroicon “Discerning Eye”
    /ac “Discerning Eye”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
    /ac “Discerning Eye”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”
    /ac “Single Mind”
    /ac “Methodical Appraisal”

    1. Ah, nevermind, the website automatically changed my quotes. You’ll need to backspace and replace each of them.

  7. How do I go about getting the HQ gear if I fell behind in gathering from SB to ShB? All the HQ gathering gear is pretty pricey on the marketboard.

  8. You do NOT need crafted HQ gear for mining collectibles at 70-80. The yellow scrip II gear (Landking set) can easily take you all the way to 80, you just need to add sharp vision II to the collectible skill rotation.

    1. Just saw this myself after I spent over 1.5 million Gil upgrading to the recommended gear. Pretty frustrating actually.

  9. Not sure if it’s been mentioned somewhere in the comments (or maybe even in the guide and I missed it), but FYI…

    Minekeep/Landmaster gear bought from the Idyllshire Splendors Vendor, augmented through Grinmox (Idyllshire npc) gives you iLVL 200 gear that will let you ride all the way to 70.

  10. well i have been following this guide all the way up to now, so im just gonna write down what i have done so far for ym other miner friends that are leveling :D

    the mining levequest from 64-66 is No Stone Unturned. very fast, and easy to grab bonus exp on
    Same goes for level 66-68, you wanna grab the Dunes of Our Lives Levequest as that is exuially fast and gives a sweet 144k more if you get a 25% bonus.

    haven’t gotten further than this yet, but i hope this will help :3

  11. Don’t forget Custom Deliveries in Idyllshire @ 4.6 x 6.7. I haven’t seen those mentioned in this guide yet. These grant a ton of red gathering scripts and EXP. You can turn in 6 per week. Always turn in the highest collectible rating possible. Same goes for Disciplines of the Hand as well.

  12. Hey, I believe you have the rotation for mining HQ adamantite wrong.
    Reveal with Toil (300GP)> Chain 4 > Ageless Words (Deep Vigor?)> Deep Vigor (Solid Reason? 300GP)> Gather > Deep Vigor (Solid Reason? 300GP)> Gather.
    With this rotation you would end up using 900GP!!!

  13. Just a quick question. You don’t mention anything regarding the Gyuki upgrades for the left side. The 63 quest offers Gyuki Hat, chest, hands and legs. Given that you talk about upgrading the accessories at 63, is it worthwhile doing the same for the left side or just hold out till 65.

    1. 63 upgrade is completely optional (left-side). It WILL help you, but not by much. I personally held till 65 but either way works

  14. i do this when i need the HQ materials for botany/mining quests, but i don’t bother with the other materials on that node. go for the shards. they have 100% chance. spend the 300gp for the extra hit. then deep vigor. then i use the +1 yield and i get guaranteed 2 HQ from those nodes.

  15. In the 25-30 part you said “You can grind Silver Ore as well for maximum profit. Don’t forget to use Deep Vigor to guarantee an HQ hit” How a lvl 25-30 miner can use deep vigor if the max chain they can do is 4 on a +1 node? Am I missing something? Spending 300 GP for an extra attempt sounds like a terrible strategy.

    1. If you have at least 500 gp, and a +1 gathering node, and at _least_ an 85% gather rate, you can:

      Move 1) Unearth if you have 100% gather chance, Sharp Vision II if you have at least 85% chance. Less than that, this strategy is a bit too unreliable to use. If you only have at least 400gp, skip this step.
      Move 2) dig once.
      Move 3) Solid Reason (restores +1 gathering chances, but you have to have spent at least one dig first. (costs 300gp)
      Move 4-7) dig four times, you should have one gather chance left at this point.
      Move 8) Deep Vigor will light up at this point. Use it for 100% HQ chance on the next dig.
      Move 9) Bountiful Yield (costs 100gp) will +1 the yield from the next dig.
      Move 10) Dig and receive a guaranteed 2 HQ minerals. This technique works well in botany, too.

  16. I’ve been using Single Mind + Meth x2, Meth, Utmost Caution + Meth; usually brings around 450-460, uses 600 GP, and only knocks 2 off the gathering bar instead of 3.

  17. Just a quick update for the Yellow Copper Ore i’m currently leveling mining and was keeping an eye out for this but it wasn’t appearing at the listed time of 12ET so i did a bit of looking and since Stormblood the time has been changed to 4am/pm ET.

  18. A little suggestion,

    At the 60+ part of the guide, I think you should mention the gathering/perception you should have after obtaining and melding the gaganaskin etc gear. I’m having a hard time figuring out at what point I should replace the itemlvl 200 mining gear you could get at the end of HW.

  19. Nearest aetheryte for the lv 70 miner class quest is Ala Gannha, fyi.

    Thanks for the detailed guides! I got botanist and miner both to 70 over the past three weeks thanks to this. About to start working on fisher tomorrow.

  20. Just confirming since I just hit 66 at the collectable appraiser– Raw Azurite does show up right at 66.

  21. Just to let you know, you also get Marble in the same nodes as Electrium Sand in Upper La Noscea

  22. “Field Mastery” is Botanist only, and not available as an option to miners. Do you mean to refer to a different skill in your guide for 60+ leveling?

    1. Wow, I never noticed that it had a different name between BTN and MIN. It is indeed “Sharp VIsion” for miner – changing and thank you

      1. No problem! I threw me off for a bit when looking so I thought I’d leave a comment. (This guide has been super helpful for getting past that initial 60-62 hump by the way, thank you for that! :)

  23. Hey, just a head’s up, you don’t have to use Deep Vigor/Brunt Force twice in order to keep the effect of it. Use it once at Chain #4 and it applies to all gathers afterward, so those +2 Gathering Attempt nodes can really really help you out.

    1. old comment, but I was puzzled by this as well. This guide assumes you were capped at lvl 50 in reborn, and got yourself the best set. For anyone coming after, there’s no way you’ll have 600, just completely ignore that part of the guide until you get to around 55.

  24. On that last part for the lvl 60 Mining Quest help fro getting the Adamantite Ore, you need to change “Ageless Words” (BTN) to “Solid Reason” (MIN). I got kinda confused what you were talking about and was looking everywhere through all my actions and the node ran out on me :(

  25. Kinda nit-picky comment, but I actually checked in my Actions list to see if I needed to drag Toil of the Pioneer onto my hotbar for MIN… then I realized it was a non-crossclass skill and what I needed was Toil of the Mountaineer, which was already on my hotbar.

  26. Um… Nothing big, I’m just OCD and I noticed it says the 46-50 node locations are in “Bluefrog” but it’s actually called “Bluefog” lolol Just thought I should say something ^.^

        1. Odd thing to note. At level 45 for whatever reason if you head to Bluefog right at that point you only can find the level 40 outcrops. At level 46 you can find the level 50 nodes. Not sure why but I noticed that one myself.

      1. Just anted to say thanks sooo much for making this guide! It is so so so helpful. And I also thought it was camp Bluefrog for the longest time lol. We should just unofficially rename it. *nods*

  27. Hey, you have not one, not two, but three different values here for the lvl 15 miner’s quest. In the list at the beginning, you say 15 HQ Cinnabars. In the actual 11-15 section, you say 10 HQ Cinnabars at the beginning in bold type, but then when going through what to stockpile for grinding in that level range, you imply that it’s 20: “40 Cinnabar (20 for the quest)”

    I just did the quest and I know it’s 10, but maybe make it not so ambiguous.

    1. Wow, thanks! At least I got one of them right (in the actual section where the quest is discussed). Thankfully you reached out and the other 2 typos were fixed! Thanks!

  28. Hi I started to follow this guide and went of on a tangent when I discovered otherwise to make profit while grinding out my levels.
    What I did simply was from 50-52 I leve quested taking the Quality quests (The merits of Upcycling and Taken for Granite) then from 52 onwards I proceeded to hard grind Mythrite Sand in CWH while collecting Yellow Copper Ore at each 12 interval. Originally I used the safety Toil of the Mountain > 3 Methodical with gaining 3 Then moved to Toil of the Mountain > 1 Methodical with 1 Utmost Caution Instinctual at 55 until until 57.
    At 57 I kept collecting Mythrite during the off time from Yellow Copper but moved to doing toil of the Mountain > 1 Instinctual and depending on my I RNG (As Methodical rolls 115 with HQ 52 Pickaxe, 53 Quest sledge and full NQ 55 from moghome!) would depend what I do. If I rolled well on Instinctual I would Single Mind Methodical and have over my 240 and get 5 whole rocks! (That’s 300k every 35 minutes boys and girls!) otherwise I would have to utmost Caution followed by two Methdoicals and take 4 home. At 58 Mythrite sand really dips its exp gain so I set CWH as Home as Return was up every time I needed it and farmed Titanium from The Forelands.
    This is baring in mind not having materia melded, not really buying HQ gear (I was using mining to make some money!!!) and having definitely less than 600gp. (I have 572 gosh HQ accs are expensive post 50)

    1. I love you!
      “…toil of the Mountain > 1 Instinctual and depending on my I RNG (As Methodical rolls 115 with HQ 52 Pickaxe, 53 Quest sledge and full NQ 55 from moghome!) would depend what I do. If I rolled well on Instinctual I would Single Mind Methodical and have over my 240 and get 5 whole rocks!…”

      works perfect ^^

  29. For a bit more info; The mining-dravania bluescrip book unlocks Aurum Regis Ore (mainhand) and Blue Quartz (offhand)

  30. Cuprite is Slot 2, not 3. Adamantite is Slot 6 in Azys Lla at 11 ET AM/PM with a min collectability of 470.

  31. Need to add Limonite Lv. 54 400+ 10 ET Slot 4(Dravnavian Forelands) – Same as Node as Pyrite

  32. Hi, I am new here and recently started mining following this awesome guide. Currently level 16 and I am wondering if it is faster to grind or just to do the levequest for each 5 level?

    1. A mix of both, but keep in mind you have to preserve leves if you’re going for DOH, or other DOL classes

  33. I think Dragonproofing is a better leve, don’t you? Its still a good chunk of exp with less than half the work Sticking it out has.
    Or is there something I’m missing ; ;

    Thanks for the helpful guide tho ; v ; Sad I’ve only just found it.

    1. They take the 4 node evaluation over the 8 node because its the same exp for completion but takes less time and gp to complete.

  34. the mining rotations need to be fixed. It says “Toil of the pioneer” but that’s for botany and since this is a mining class, it should read “Toil of the mountaineer” just in case someone thinks “Oh… i need to lvl up my botanist to 50 in order to use these rotations.”

    1. I’m sorry, but thankfully the context gets across. I’ll fix this in the next round of edits.

  35. Couple things I think you should add:

    The LVL55 gear update section should say that all 6 left side pieces can be purchased at moghome.
    The LVL59 offhands can be purchased inside Matoya’s Cave in the Hinterlands.

  36. thank you for the updated guide for 50-60! great start, and I appreciate the work!

    Might i make a suggestion? a few changes in your steps for slow learners like me :) – on the last step (where you say, “Once you reached a collectability you desire, press on collect to mine them”) if you added “the minimum collectability level is 240 for turnins, the NPC will not accept lower levels of quality”, I think it would save people a few unspoiled nodes…still not sure what to do with those odd 10 collectables i have with quality under 240…can i craft with them?

    1. You can downgrade them to their non-collectable item (thus allowing them to stack and be sold/used for crafting). At later levels, you get a skill called “Aetherial Reduction” that reduces some collectable items to their base aetherial form, also giving you a chance to get rare item in the process.

      1. MORE CLARIFICATION! You can not aetherically reduce some collectibles. Just press “lower quality” and they become the regular gathered versions.

    1. It’s merely a suggestion… if you wish to level up DOH, these are probably all you’re gonna need to hit all 50’s

  37. Great help for leveling, but my 40 quest was raw amethyst hq not raw jade. Dunno if it was changed or what but figured I’d share.

  38. The level 20 nodes aren’t showing up for me. I just completed the level 15 job quest. I checked to make sure prospect was on and even updated my gear, just in case, but nothing shows up on my minimap or in game. Any ideas on what’s happening?

    1. The gathering guides aren’t updated to include farming some of the “housing only” mats, since not everyone might be able to use them. Thoughts on this?

  39. So, For the Level 35 Levequests, who are we supposed to speak to ?
    I see a guy that does guildheists and another guy that does Grand company quests, but nobody that does Levequests @ the Observatorium.

    Lil help, anyone? :)

    1. Same Question. I went to Coerthas and looked everywhere but there’s no one in or around the Observatorium that hands out Leve quests.

        1. Actually, unless you already have a DoL class at or past level 35, you can’t accept or even see level 35 fieldcraft levequests

          1. A correction to my previous reply, even if your BTN or FSH are level 35, your MIN must be level 35 in order to do the level 35 levequests

  40. thx for this guide!!!!! i love you e.e

    one question: “Level 20/25 Mining Levequests: East Shroud, Quarrymill.” e.e??

    quarrymill is on south e.e

  41. I’m a level 20 miner and I cannot find any mining above level 10 near blackbrush. I have scoured the area in and around the clutch, royal allegan sunway, and beyond. do i need to do the level 20 quest in la nocsea to unlock it? or is this a glitch on the games end?

    1. If you are referring to the level 20 locations listed as being at “Royal Allagan Sunway”, be aware that this is a location in Eastern Thanalan, and it is different from the “Royal Allagan Starway” near Black Brush Station (Central Thanalan).

      If you are referring to the level 15 locations listed under Node ID 15c, the location for these should really say “Exit to Western Thanalan”. (They should also include “Fine Sand” as one of the items, too.)

      1. Haha yes we were also thinking of putting “EXIT TO..” like you suggested, haha. To be honest, there is an in-game node list, but we hoped by guiding the player with map text, it may be easier for them.

        The housing “rocks”, and gardening soil have yet to be added to the nodes…

  42. In the 41-45 table you stated that Electrum Ore is found at Camp Drybone when its actually located at camp bronze lake. Amazing guide it really helped me level my mining i really appreciate it :D

  43. You CAN actually mine darksteel ore WITHOUT being level 50. You’ll have a low rate of success unless you use your + gathering chance skills at below 50, however. Darksteel ore is ALWAYS the 3rd node from the top, you DO NOT need toil of the mountaineer to reveal the node. Simply hit the 3rd node to clear it, then proceed to mine as normal.

    1. Was just about to write the same thing. It is possible, I mined the Ore myself at lvl 46 with decent main, chest and gloves. The given exp for this node is also pretty decent.

  44. Hey, thanks for the great work so far! I started following your suggestions tonight. Question: are the suggested stockpiles meant to help with leveling DoH classes, or are those used for levequests, or something else?
    Looking forward to more updates!

    1. Grand company supply missions, and the eventual link to our gathering guides into crafting guides :D. so much information to compile…

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