Ask FFXIVGuild 001: Welcome the Weekly Columns!

Our first issue of Ask! Topic this week: About content and updates!

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Hello guys and welcome to our very first issue of Ask First off, for those who might be wondering, what is this column all about? Any and all questions you might ask us, through Facebook, twitter, email or comments might appear in this column!

The topic for this week will be all about FFXIVGuild content updates!

Have you guys thought about Editorial content or weekly columns?

We get this one alot. The quick answer is – YES! Why haven’t we done it sooner? Well, our small team wants the site to be more of like an old-school gaming site, versus the “norm” nowadays which are more Wiki-ish. Chunking down “MOST” of the games basic info and setting the pavement for future updates was our first goal. We’re getting close enough to that goal that we think it could be the time to write more entertaining, community engaging stuff like weekly columns. What do we have in store? Here’s what we will reveal for now:

Planned for every Monday – Ask (Stuff like this article you’re reading right now)
Planned for every Wednesday – FFXIVGuild: Into the Aether (What’s it about – You’ll find out tomorrow!)
Planned for every FridayWe’re unsure of the name of this, but somethings in the works!
Planned for every Sunday – The Week that Was (Revived!!!!)

I guess we wanted to put down a good foundation first. This foray into a gaming fansite is a first for us, so forgive us if we’re not so perfect yet!

If all goes well, we will be publishing at least the planned Monday and Sunday articles this week! HOPEFULLY the others can be done within this week! Obviously, this one was late one day. Big plans ahead for the site!

Why do updates take so long sometimes!?

It’s true, updates CAN take a while. It may seem like “ages” before “new” content comes around, but trust us, we are working on it everyday. A lot of times we make small edits and refinements to our older guides, fixing small errors and adding new-found knowledge to existing guides.

Very often, we do not put up the pages in our front-page (News or Featured). An example of this is – You may or may not have noticed the inclusion of Gear Guides for all battle jobs. Another guide we didn’t put up on the frontpage was our Definitive Twintania Guide (since it’s, at least in our opinion, not yet fully fleshed out). If you’re curious about the Gear guides, they can be found in the main menu under the jobs!

I guess it’s our job to inform people BETTER on new stuff. The Sunday column will help us with this, as well as some design improvements we have planned. While new content may not be obvious, it’s there! We’re open to suggestions as to HOW you can recieve updates. A weekly newsletter perhaps?

How about juicing up the forums!?

Oh god… we’ve been researching on the best ways to integrate a more familiar forum software into the site. I DO NOT WANT people to register twice (once for forums, once for site comments) Maruko has been checking things out. We want to use PHPBB. Once we have that main concern sorted out about account registrations, we will be PUSHING HEAVILY for a more active forum community! Please bear with us in the meantime!

I cannot verify my Account here! I’m locked out of the site for no apparent reason!

Another sucky side-effect from the unexpected growth we’ve had. Apparently having a high-traffic website leads to ALOT… and I mean ALOT of spammers. So we researched the best ways to stop these guys. Sadly, none are full proof. We have to manually fix these anomalies as they come, stretching our ever so stretched time to work on the site. You cannot imagine the stuff we went through each step of the way! We simply wanna give information out, but apparently the net is filled with more bots than we ever could have imagined.

It’s a pain, but this is something we’re actively juggling in our schedule. Again, we want to have great foundation… one step at a time.

Well that’s about it for today! Next week we will be answering some other questions, but we’re leaning on the theme for next weeks article to be about FC and Raiding. But of course any questions are welcomed! Feel free to comment below, ask us anything on Facebook or Twitter, or give us Feedback! The next question here might be yours! Thanks!

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