Updates! Site Achievements! More guides! also – unfortunate 6h “downtime”

We have some big plans in the next coming weeks. Here’s what we’ve been cooking up! Also, explanation for the rather long downtime on June 26.

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We apologize for the site “downtime” that made our site appear in text format for the past 6 hours today (June 26 5-11pm EST). Thankfully it was addressed!

The strange downtime happened when we were trying to run site speed optimization scripts, and implementing Site Achievements! Let’s take a bit of time to talk about that.

Site Achievements

Our site achievement “Beta” proved to be successful (after some trial and error). If you level up in game – it only makes sense to level up here too! We will be revealing how to get some of the site achievements, but here’s the good part:

Methods on how to get some of them will be secret! Let us know what you think, or ideas for achievements in the comments!

While you can always see a list of unlocked, locked and in-progress achievements, we plan to have some that are hidden. Our “World Firsts” will also be recorded in our “Hall of Fame”. Hah!

Updates for this week!

  •  All class traits and actions will be uploaded this week, yay!
  • Forums are currently being fixed up! We want to make sure it performs fast and won’t have any problems in the future – it’s worth the wait!
  • We’re currently planning our information gathering for the upcoming beta. More stuff to take pictures of, and more numbers to crunch!
  • We’re working on our marketing plan to increase our community. Nobody wants to play alone!
  • Modernize images and formatting, more back-end fixes.

We’re planning to get all this “basic info” stuff down, so we can start doing more “in-depth” content. While our content will be towards the more competitive minded players, we don’t like the idea that newer players have nothing to gain by being here either. We want to make sure FFXIVGUILD is in top shape by launch!

So that’s it I guess. Subscribe to us so you wont miss anything. Facebook or Twitter, either is fine!

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