Huge website update during this beta weekend!

Check out what we have in store for this beta weekend! FFXIVGuild has much to do!

Hey guys! Beta weekend is coming upon us in a few hours and we have some major information gathering ahead of us!


What we plan to do:

Game info:

  • Traits database for each class.
  • Actions¬†database for each class.
  • Take screenshots for future use.
  • Gathering primer.
  • Crafting primer.
  • Materia primer.
  • General knowledge.


  • Forums

Site info:

Better layout / information for

  • About
  • Contact
  • Subscribe


  • General improvements
  • Data structure

Remember WE ARE STILL UNDER EFFECT OF THE NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT. So we will not post stuff we aren’t allowed to!

Exciting! Make sure you subscribe to us, so you wont miss out on any of this. We update both on Facebook and Twitter! If you wanna contribute, or feel like we missed something – go right ahead and contact us!

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