FFXIV 3.3 White Mage (WHM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.3 UPDATED! WHM Best in slot guide! “Screw Ballad”. WHM Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

***PAGE 2 IS PURELY FOR 2.2 CONTENT, and will probably contain OUTDATED info, only use this if you’re new and gearing up for Turn 10 onwards***

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Since all White Mage stats are arguably useful (Except crit…) the following weapons are all acceptable end-game gear:

By sheer force of Item Level, High Allagan Crook is the BiS Weapon. Now for the rest of the pieces…

WHMIdealGood AlternativesLesser Alternatives
WeaponHigh Allagan CrookYagrushThyrus Animus
HeadHigh Allagan Circlet of HealingDaystar CircletGold Spectacles
BodyHigh Allagan Coat of HealingDaystar RobeCashmere Robe of Healing
HandHigh Allagan Gloves of HealingDaystar GlovesSaurian Gloves of Healing
WaistHigh Allagan Belt of HealingDaystar BeltSaurian Belt of Healing
LegsDaystar BreechesHigh Allagan Pantaloons of HealingCashmere Skirt of Healing
BootsHigh Allagan Thighboots of HealingDaystar SolleretsSaurian Boots of Healing
NeckDaystar NecklaceHigh Allagan Choker of HealingRibbon Of Healing
EarsDaystar Earrings == == High Allagan Earrings of Healing-
WristDaystar ArmillaeHigh Allagan Bracelets of Healing-
RingDaystar Ring--
RingHigh Allagan Ring of Healing--


2.2 WhiteMage Soldiery Tomes Buy Order

If you’ve asked yourself “What do WHM’s purchase first with my tomes of Sol?” You’ve come to the right place…

  • Daystar Ring (One of two i110 rings – why not?)
  • Daystar Armillae (It’s BiS, anyway)
  • Daystar Earrings (This is optional but read a bit more below..)
  • Daystar Necklace (Last on the list since you can get Moogle Neck in the meantime)
  • Yagrush Tokens (130 x 10), well you should mostly just buy this if you’re near getting the UAT. It should go to DPS first, most of the time.
  • Daystar Legs may or may not be optional to you. At this point there’s nothing else you’ll really WANT from sol. It’s the only i110 legs with Piety in it, so it’s worth consideration.

Daystar Earrings are EQUAL to Allagan. The lack of Piety hurts the earrings, but the presence of Crit hurts the High Allagan one. AFTER THE ABOVE, the rest is purely optional.

  • Daystar Legs – T9 drop. Going for Cashmere and skip this is okay, too. See the above comment
  • Daystar Gloves – It’s the only “decent” Sol piece.
  • Daystar Chest – It has Piety…
  • Daystar Circlet – meh…
  • Daystar Belt – meh…
  • Daystar Sollerets – meh…

Again, this second list is pretty optional, as most of the Sol Body Pieces for WHM are junk. Well, I guess that’s about it! Page 2 of this guide is only useful to you if you’re a fresh 50 and need some filler gear to gear up for T6 and onwards. Check it out if you’re NOT average iLvl 90 (which is considered the minimum for t6)

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WHM BiS & Options | WHM Soldiery Buy Order

This page be updated as more gear will be introduced into the game. Want to add something? Violent Reactions? Comment Below!

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58 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.3 White Mage (WHM) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. hi =) what would you recommend for melds if one could only get lore gear? My FC hasnt been very active as of late and I only feel comfortable with doing more harder stuff with people i know. I know it may not be BiS but what would you recommend? I’m also working on my anima and working towards my 240.

    This is my first time really melding anything so any tips would be welcome XD at this point I’m not even sure what stats to do for my anima! =P thank you ^-^

  2. Hey Mahiko, i think there’s a data you put wrong there. The piety for augmented hailstorm boots is not 72, that’s the midan one. Hailstorm has 51 piety.
    Is ss better than det? i personally think midan boots is better than hailstorm.
    Otherwise thanks for your post!

    1. Hi Silverearl! The 72 PIE on the boots is with melds making the PIE equal to the Midan.

      However, you’re absolutely correct – the Boots slot is very flexible, and doesn’t really matter. Both are great.

  3. Currently I’m ilvl 200 with BiS outside of Savage (3.1 and upgrading last two pieces of right side with Clan Mark Logs would put me at 202). Haven’t had a chance to raid much at all since I started the game in late July, but the few times I have, I’ve cleared A1S and A2S twice now (no gear drops from Savage yet), with currently being trialed with a static that almost has A3S down. I’m still using the 190 normal Alex chest and debating on whether or not I should hold off on upgrading to 210 Eso (I can pick up both the chest and Gobtwine next week), use next week’s Void Ark towards getting the chest from there, or to just stick with the 190 chest. What are your thoughts on this? With current gear, I’m just barely under the HP threshold for A4S (13k minimum, I think – I’m a little under 12.5k right now) without food buff, which is why I am considering the chest upgrade, as relying on A2S to drop boots isn’t something feasible for me as of now, since I don’t have a consistent raid schedule yet.

    Would I go down this path, or invest in a pentamelded crafted ring? If the latter, what are your thoughts on using Vs rather than IVs? Is it worth the cost difference at all, assuming money was not a problem?

    1. Weirdly enough, I am still wearing my 190 chest since A4S chest never dropped for me! TBH 200 from void ark should be enough for now since you’re it’s a huge ESO sink.

      My advice for you would be:
      -Many ESO BiS that you still need to buy? Skip the chest, get Void/Dia
      -Nothing left with ESO, and it’s the only 190 left? Just pick it up and twine it.

      I mean, in the end you will want a 210 chest (advice I myself haven’t followed lol, till this day I’ve been clearing a4 with 190) or full 210 left side. Fulfill whatever BiS you can and spend ESO to fill in the holes!

  4. Thanks for you post. Just one thing, you are choosing esoteric pants as BIS but you didn’t put it into the esoteric purchase order…

  5. That’s funny how you can find advantages to each stat where in the first place you SHOULD NOT NEED any of them – if you’re playing it right ofc. What I mean is :

    1) You don’t need casting spells faster to do your job
    2) You don’t need this Cure 2 amazing Crit to do your job
    3) You don’t need this +30 healing point on each cures to do your job

    That’s why it’s all about preference. And the “oh shit! moments” or the “what stat will save my target” should not be the first reflexion about the stat, because saving from a wipe is more about your skills than RNG, and if it happens to be RNG, you should not be glad of you. The question is not really what stats BRING to you (advantages) it’s about what CONSEQUENCES it can have (drawbacks). And here we are :

    1) SS could increase your MP consuption a little bit faster in the long run but this is it not even noticiable (checked it with full SS gear)

    2) A critical heal that results in overheal (assumption) is a GCD lost, MP lost where you could have done something else, but still : it is overhealing. You already are likely to overheal even without any crit added, due to RNG and HoT, due to your partner maybe healing the same target at the same time as you while you’re already on a Cure 2, maybe the Fairy is casting too and if finally you are not overhealing, then it’s the Fairy of the other heal. Despite it’s all about the view you have about the Healer job, I want to believe that healing is also knowing when not to heal, and trying to optimize your heals so that you will heal NEAR THE EXACT AMOUNT NEEDED, not lesser, not more, not in the wind. In this way, crit clearly doesn’t help if you want to challenge the overheal aspect of the game (thank you parser!). But again, this is only a drawback if the Crit happens to overheal.

    3) Det could increase your global overheal in the long run just like crit but in a very very small measure, to the point that it is not even noticiable

    4) In the assumption that you have a very large amount of MP, you end-up having too much (if you can do the fight with 4,5K MP, you don’t need 5,5K even in the dps side) meaning you’re loosing it in some way. Another issue could be you have too much MP but you are not great at managing MP, and you just ended-up with big MP compensating for bad management. So yeah, you will never need a Mage Ballad because you have so much MP that the MP regen is so high, you can afford a lot more Cure 2 and even some Holy, but maybe it’s because you have so much MP ? If it’s not the case, that’s ok, big MP to dps is nice. If it’s the case, you will never learn how to manage your MP if in the first place you have the bigger MP pool possible in the game. Piety should be desired until you have a minimum confortable MP pool (guess around 4,5K for now) and players should see if they can manage MP properly before looking for more (and if they do, that should be to dps, to Holy like crazy in P3 of T13 for example or just to refresh dot each time it’s possible, not to compensate for their lack of skills). This is certainly debatable, because we could argue that if the mage ballad exists in the game it means that sometimes it has to serve and thus it’s normal to need a mage ballad, but there are a lot of down time in each fight where you can mage ballad without loosing the bard dps, so I will just stick to the fact that you must know the difference between I want more Piety because I can’t do my job properly otherwise (including a few raises when “things go wrong” obviously) and I want more Piety to add dps to my list of job.

    That’s how I choose my stat, because in the end you can do any fight with any combinaisons of stats as long as you’re experimented with it and know how to precast. So yeah, precasting cancels the use of SS, as well as landing a Crit, as well as recovering a few more HP. You only need planning and timing and if something goes wrong, you need skill to save people, not a lucky crit, not a 0,2s faster cure ect… You shouldn’t want to say “I’m so proud of me, a lucky crit/0,2s less saved us from my mistake/a team member mistake”. You will, I hope, want to say “I’m so proud of me, with this combinaisons of spells I saved us from…”

    I will add that if we look at the DPS side only, it’s obviously different and you need these advantages. For that, Crit is very appreciable!

    I guess for me, the healer job is the only one that isn’t really linked to the stats, unlike the tanks or the dps. A good player dpsing with bad stat choice can be less good that another good player, whereas 2 good healers won’t be measured depending on their stats. The healing purpose is so far away from your HPS or your Crit rate %, it’s only about being confrontated to many choices each single second that passes and taking the right decision. And when you have many choices, you try to find the better, to improve and that’s how healing works, you can’t be the same healer that 3 months ago and stats will never do your job for you!

    Also I don’t want so much Piety that I can spam Cure 2 like and idiot without using Regen at all, I don’t want so much Crit that I have nothing to heal and that I can’t consume my MP, because this is a ressource and it should be used, correctly ofc, but Piety is already there to help managing MP in the first place, adding crit on this side is too much since managing MP is one of the main role of the WHM/ It must come from the player, not from 2 stats! It should be more appreciable to figure out we can manage MP correctly with a “normal” MP pool and without the help of Crit than the contrary. So in the end it’s also about having fun and finding some difficulties/challenge, that’s why we play right ?

    1. My only response here is that SS is best for “progression raiding” wherein a faster cast can and will save you and your team. Also combats lag, which is an intangible asset.

  6. My whm has vitality and det. I have over 8k hp in coils and in many situations it has been the game saver. I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve saved the party from a complete wipe by casting lb3 but that’s just in coils 9-13. The downside is I take alot of flak from other players that don’t understand why I made my whm that way. But in my experience it works great for me. So really in the end there is no right way to build your whm as long as you’re effective it’s a matter of preference

  7. honestly, if spell speed is helping you tremendously, you’re doing it wrong. yes presence of mind doubles it, but even with a full crit build the spells are still extremely fast…not to mention it’s a 10 second buff you can only use every 3 minutes. whereas divine seal is every minute, and if you divine seal > regen with a crit build, and your regen ticks are critting, you don’t have to cure at all….spell speed would be great if it affected HoTs but it doesn’t and those are like a third of your heals….i’m also someone who’s cleared t13 and my overheals aren’t high at all so that’s not a really good argument. and if you’re pulling hate, that’s on your tanks, not the whm…i see way more spell speed build healers overheal than a crit build whm. if all you do is spam cure 1 the entire time and don’t use HoTs and won’t memorize the fight rotation, i guess spell speed is for you but all this game is, is memorization. if you know the fight then you know when to stoneskin and when big hits are coming on tank/party, making spell speed completely useless in this game.

    1. I may be doing it wrong, but again, only a handful of WHM’s have progressed faster than I. Nevertheless, PIE is still the main stat choice for me.

      SO it’s all about memorization, muscle memory and relying on HoTs? Then I guess you’re far overgeared for the encounter, and been at that content for far too long FOR ANY STAT TO MATTER. I am 100% confident I can clear T13 with any combination of stats at this point. But when I was progressiing? Piety & SS all the way.

      1. Hello there, both of you! Going to jump into this discussion, but also ask a quick question to FFXIV Guild. Will you ever add the Demon gear as viable options when progressing to BiS?

        So, now to the main issue at hand. SS is very useful, I’ll give it that. However, depending on your role as a healer, crit can be more valuable. For example, if you use Medica II a lot in those fights where there’s either more or less constant damage or far between damage nukes on the group, you’ll find that crit and determination are both way more useful than SS will ever be; in a perfect world.

        We have one gear piece with determination and crit, and that is a minor piece, an accessory. Other than that, we mostly have spell speed + determination, piety + spell speed, piety + crit.
        You will always end up with a mix of everything, and that seems to be what the people choosing stats on the gear intended. If we assume you have every single gear piece and nobody fails in your party, you’ll have different gear sets for every single turn. You don’t need the same amount of piety in every turn, and some require more frequent group healing, such as Turn 2 and 3. At the add phase in Turn 2, you’ll have Medica II running at all times with Regen on both tanks, and during add phase and forward in Turn 3, you’ll most likely have Medica II at all times too, or at least after the second fountain in the rotation, since you’ll take some damage and have to spread, making a precasted Medica II very useful to conserve MP and also help a lot with the healing, since you’ll most likely have Divine Seal up for that cast.

        Also, your group might not have as high dps as other groups, so you can’t afford to lose piety over something like the poetics legs with ss and a massive amount of determination. If you use the same gear as a healer in a group with higher dps, you might end up running dry on MP if said healer lowers the piety depending on turn.

        The summary is if you prefer crit, good for you, but don’t forget that crit isn’t everything, and you sometimes have to sacrifice it for something else. The same applies to spell speed, which I think is pretty much made clear in the gear setup already. Your main concerns should be your HP, MP and if your heals are strong enough, which is also made clear in the reply from FFXIV Guild. “PIE is still the main stat choice for me.”

        Last thing I’m going to say is that crit is less useful on direct heals and more effective on heal over time effects.

  8. Ok. This debate is more of a play style debate. If ur a wmg that uses cure1 and keeps ghe tank topped off then spell speed is for u. If u are a dps wmg then crit is better. Now above both of these det and pie are king. Det is solid for every heal as well as dps and pie is more mp. Its a great debate but it depends on ur playstyle.

  9. Crit healer here. I’ve made it through to turn 13 without my 460 SS being any issue. Spell Speed is way overrated. If anything, my high crit stats have helped my mp consumption considerably. I do around 60-70 crits during a single coil battle, and the saved mp really adds up towards the end.

    1. Same could be said for me, I’m one of the very first handful to clear 13, crit served no purpose to me. I had SS/DET avoiding crit (heavily favoring Piety), cleared T13 without Mages Ballad (No bard in clear party). It’s up to your preference, but I speak for what I experience to be most effective (as well as what majority of others tell me)

  10. What I don’t get is why SS would be so much more beneficial over crit. Honestly, I really don’t find the reduced cast time useful, since WHM cast times are below GCD either way, besides Medica (same as GCD) and Medica II which is slightly above GCD.
    You can have a higher output of spells through SS, but at the same time, you don’t want to use too many of them, since you don’t have any reliable way of recovering MP except for SoS, which honestly is horrible in terms of scaling. It simply sits there, recovering the same amount of MP per tick, you having 2k MP or 6k MP. Another thing is that I also honestly don’t think a healer that makes the tank sit at 100% HP is efficient. Unless tank needs all the health he can get to survive an attack, it’s simply a waste.
    SCH does that job much better either way, and your Regen should be ticking as usual either way, acting as something to stabilize the health of the tank, and in end-game raids you usually have Medica II up more or less all the time except when you have to make sure to not take aggro from add spawns.

    Therefore, I personally find that crit is more useful. It maximizes the output of your spells, and therefore saves MP, unless you’re playing as if you never crit of course, which is what I think you, person who have written this does. I also want to clarify that there’s nothing wrong with that. You’re minimizing your crit chance, therefore treating crits as something that doesn’t really happen. It makes your play style the proper way with your gear.
    I just have a different take on it, and I feel like WHM was intended to heal bulks of HP with their casts, and use Medica II and Regen for the minor injuries, letting the SCH use Succor for the additional survivability while your Medica II ticks people up, and WHM having Medica for those times when you need that burst AoE healing, if the party isn’t stacked, and/or Overcure proc isn’t up.
    With my logic, doesn’t it look like Determination, Crit would be the way to go? Utilizing the heal over time aspect of WHM, using crits to maximize the output, since you rarely need the players to be back to max health instantly, but having the option of using Medica or Cure III when you do need that.

    As the finishing words, I’d like to say that not all encounters benefit from Spell Speed, and not all encounters benefit from Crit. Understanding the fight and preparing accordingly is what is the most important. However, I think we can all agree that Determination and Crit offers the highest overall healing output, but that the output is sporadic.

    1. Yes, for my playstyle I dont want sporadic healing. If a tank needs a cureII, i will cast cureII. Not a cure I and hope for a crit. Spellspeed also has the added benefit of “combating lag”. Escaping dangerzones when you NEED to heal someone (common in progression raiding), spellspeed does wonders.

      I also prize consistency in encounters. By treating crit as it doesnt exist, you can have a more constant flow of fights (easier to build muscle memory)

      1. I’m purely a rookie 50-WHM, but there is a second aspect to a Crit build and using Cure Ones, as you disparage a little bit. Mr. Player, above covered the aspect that Crit gets you more heal for the MP, but the second aspect is that if you are using Cure Ones and they sometimes Crit, and then also sometimes results in a Freecure, so he would be getting even more cure for the MP.

        That said, that scenario seems like a micro-management nightmare in a busy fight. You can only pay attention to so many things, and I think I would choose to reduce the need to pay attention to freecure pops. If you could set up a parser and scripting program that audibly alerts you to events, this might be more feasible, but with lowish gear in a high dungeon, spamming Cure and getting behind fast is scary at this point. Maybe with i100 or i110, I would feel differently.

    2. Do people forget about Presence of Mind? Do you know what it does? Increases your SS. Have you ever used it? It doubles your current SS. A crit build stands at less than 400 or a bit more of SS making your presence of mind get you up at 600 maybe 700-something, never actually feeling or getting the real benefit from it. A real good SS build gets up to 1k+ SS when used, making you solo heal any fight (if the situation called it, other healer dead), cast stoneskins like cures and cures feel like esunas. Even SE changed it in a patch for less recast and more duration. You can even dps and heal at the same time if asked to do so. The same class is telling you get spell speed. More spell speed, faster cures, better presence of mind, more freecures, more movement, I could even say more chances of hitting a crit, which I do a loooot with such low crit. Never will I tell my party: “Oh im sorry, didnt crit there…” Leaving the game up to luck? Nope. Spell speed=Det>Pie>Crit. Pie @ 4.5-7k is good.

  11. Does Thyrus Novus rank up there with the weapon choices now?
    I haven’t reached it myself yet, but since you can allocate where your stats go, and upon researching a bit, it seems to be the consensus to max DET, PIE and toss the last bit into SPSD, it seems to make our novus viable (if not better) than the Yagrush…?
    Outside of ilvl, I’d say that stat allocation may even be better than the High Allagan, but I am in no place to say. :(

  12. I agree. WHM = Spell Speed, SCH = Crit.
    Honestly, if your heals are 1050 going into Coil T2 as a whm you are significantly undergeared. Should be around 1880.

    1. 1880 is a little large… cure 2 you mean? My WHM is i102 and i dont get cure 1’s this big.

  13. “Since all White Mage stats are arguably useful (Except crit…)”

    What? There’s a pretty clear WHM secondary stat hierarchy:

    Piety > Crit = Det > Spell Speed

    Personally I prefer crit and at i90-95 my crit build has worked fantastically. Overhealing is only a problem if you’re lazy and/or don’t pay attention, or alternatively if your tank doesn’t know how to turn on Shield Oath/Defiance. Remember that Heals Over Time are carrying a significant portion of your overall healing output and that these can crit with every tick, but spell speed does absolutely nothing for them.

    1. I am a WHM that tries to avoid crit. This is my own personal thoughts, and has worked out well for me (I’ve cleared t9 quite “early”, so it must be working somehow).

      I will forever rank crit below determination and SS.

      Spellspeed and det have helped me tremendously over the course of progression. Crit would never have served me the same way. I refuse to rely on luck. I know i only need a cure 1 for the next attack… so a crit would be useless! If i need a cure II for the next hit, then a cure II i’ll cast! If either of those crit, it wouldn’t help me one bit.

      Moving out a fraction of a second sooner than needed? that’s saved me a ton of times. my heal came in slightly sooner? gives me more time to prepare. linear heal increases (DET) will always be better than a chance based chunk.

      1. Really I’ll give you determination, but I think this is more of a subjective preference than an objective one. At i100, the difference between raising determination by 100(!) or crit by 100 with no other changes is a whopping 5 HP to crit-adjusted healing. Granted it’s in favor of determination, but it’s a laughably thin margin for the increase. Looking over my personal BiS wishlist, I think part of the reason I end up with higher crit is just because I avoid spell speed when possible after piety is considered.

        There are plenty of situations where I would rather see my Cure II crit than have it go off 2/100th of a second faster. I tend to pre-cast a lot of my healing, which essentially eliminates spell speed completely. If the currently available gear could put us over 700 spell speed, I would reconsider. As it is, i110 gear offers a difference of about 70 spell speed between max and min stacking. That’s just not enough to have any real impact. And neither of those builds are ideal for piety/det anyway, so you’re looking at even less. The nail in spell speed’s coffin is the aforementioned fact that it does nothing for all those healing over time spells that are quietly ticking away any time it matters.

          1. Lol.. if you’re pre-casting and doing it right. That argument is even better used against Spell Speed. It completely negates its use, if it had any to begin with.

            Although I would agree PIE is the most important for WHMs.

            That said, I don’t like how this specific author is so quick to dismiss Crit. While everybody’s entitled to their own opinion, I personally dislike seeing people force theirs unto others. Yes, this is just one of many guides, and we don’t have to read it if we don’t like, but I actually like this site and often suggest your guides to my friends and I’m sure we could do with less bigotry.

  14. Just because you have quicker cast/recast with Spellspeed doesn’t mean you need to use the extra reactiveness to spam more cures and waste MP… If the situation doesn’t call for an extra heal, you can just pace your casting… I find that having more Spellspeed on my build doesn’t cut cure potency in such a significant way, however it does allow noticeable reactiveness regarding situations like finishing casting a Medica / Medica II before moving out of an AoE marker that spawns mid-cast, or getting that Cure II to hit in time after tank eats an unexpected critical hit. It makes it easier to spam-cast Cure (and proc Freecure) instead of using expensive slower Cure II’s to heal back up from a massive hit.

    I’ve had an easier time managing my MP reserves and benefiting from higher reactivity with Spellspeed than I’ve had with more powerful slow-as-shit spells from Determination. Critical is actually a nice thing to have when it crits on several Medica II targets at once (HP/tick is affected by crits), I don’t think it deserves all the hate it gets.

    Honestly, I think we should all be reasonable adults and realise all of these stats provide marginal improvements which each have their uses. There’s no single “overlord stat” that deserves all the love, nor is there any situation that calls for absolute minimums (like Accuracy for some jobs on high-level content). For all it’s worth, having a gear selection that spreads your points across these stats isn’t an unhealthy approach either.

    1. As a guy who mains WHM an is in T9, I can say that WHM stats aren’t cut as clean as many claim. My only belief is minimizing crit (without sacrificing too much), and having a good pool of Piety. After that, SS and DET don’t really matter.

  15. both crit and SS will work but IMO crit build is better than SS people are acting like an overheal is a bad thing when if you have a decent tank than you will never pull hate and even if you do pop SoS I rarely have mana problems and when I do it’s usually on a primal ex/coil or when someone dies and a raise is needed.

  16. If you utilize freecure whenever possible it helps mitigate MP usage from spell speed. Stacking crit to over heal tanks and other players is, IMO, a waste of MP. Critical heals are unreliable at best, you never know when you will crit or when you won’t. So if you’re not hitting your crit when your tank needs it, ultimately you will end up spending more MP then you intended by having to heal several times whereas players who stack spell speed are already compensating for that action. Just sayin.

    1. Freecure happens as often with Spell speed than Crit build, but we should not forget that your main attributes is Determination. I think the only piece that doesn’t provide determination is the belt and… I think it’s only the belt. Otherwise you are full Det.

      Like I said, people heal differently. If you always heal your tank whenever he gets hit then Spell Speed is for you. I’m not that kind of healer. I try to be stategic and to keep my mana as high as possible. So I wait until the tank lose arround 2k hp, enough for him to be fine if I don’t crit as well as maximizing my crits if I do crit.

      As of “end up spending more MP then you intended by having to heal several times…” so does someone who stack Spell Speed. You’re not spending any less mana. And you’re saving what, 0.25 seconds between two heals? After ten heals you would have healed 11 times.Which means 10 heals over 25 sec compared to your 11 heals over 25 seconds (Implying that i don’t have any Spell Speed in this situation). I’m not saying it’s not good, but I feel like we need instant results in this game and Spell Speed is more of an overtime kind of deal while Crit is, yes unreliable, but more effective on the instant.

      I’m just saying that when your tank gets hit by a powerful attack leaving him at 10%, my crit might save me that extra heal that you will need to do, thus you wouldn’t be gaining the benefits from Spell Speed because it would take you longer to top him off and you would waste more mana. :) But that’s just my opinion.

      1. IMO with spell speed, quicker cure 1s, more chance of a freecure, more chance of a crit (even with low crit stats), less mp wasted. But again IMO its better.

  17. I think it’s not okay to tell people to go in one direction only. To me it’s more of a choice: either you go CRIT or Spell Speed. Why? Because I think the heals in this game are too low compared to other mmos.

    The tank has over 6k hp, while heals only cure for around 1050… I think it is more than convenient when you crit while your tank is low hp. I think it helps a lot on the mana management side too.
    Spell speed = more heals + usage of mana.
    CRIT = Less healing (leaving place for more mobility) + Using a little bit less mana + overhealing? lol.

    My advice would be to equip yourself in Spell Speed when you’re running a dungeon or T1 through T4 and CRIT is more for fights with bosses like Primals or T5

    1. “Spell speed = more heals + usage of mana.” doesn’t make any sense to me. Let’s say a tank has 7,000HP, he/she recieves 2,500 damage, 2 Cure I can bring the tank back to full health assuming Cure I did not critical. A normal person would not continue castings Cures if the party is on full health unless you’re someone who keeps on healing even if the party is on full health. So, your statement “Spell speed = more heals + usage of mana” is not true.

      Also, I don’t understand why people care about over healing at all. Tanks nowadays don’t lose hate, so why bother if you over heal?

      1. In the event that you don’t crit, both SS or Crit builds will have to use two Cure I to bring the tank back to full life, that is very true sir.
        But where you didn’t get my point is, yes, SS WILL waste more mana than Crit builds in the event the Cure I does crit because crit builds will use only 1 Cure I while the SS builds will need two Cure I to bring their tank to full health.

        And seriously, the 0.5 seconds SS builds win over Crit builds is pointless because when you Crit you save an entire cast.

    1. Crit ends up being a large amount of overhealing. As a WHM, you want a constant amount of healing. SCH needs crit more because of their Adlo procs.

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