FFXIV Triple Triad ULTRA Guide (Card & NPC list, etc…)

All you need to know about Triple Triad! Card list, NPC challenge list, where to get cards, Progression… basically, CARDS.

In this page we look more on the in-game Triple Triad information, such as Rules explanation, Strategy and Progression tips.

Page 1: NPC, Cardlist and Pack info
Page 2: Rules, Progression, Strategy

Triple Triad Rules Clarification

Plus – If a placed card has at least 2 sides with equal sums, flip them both (easy visual:)

ffxiv triple triad plus rule example

Same – If a placed card has at least 2 sides with the same value on adjacent cards, flip them both (easy visual:)

ffxiv triple triad same rule example

Random – Card for the upcoming match are taken at random from your collection (you can exceed number of rares)

Chaos – You are forced to play cards in a random order set after each card is played.

Order – All cards must be played in order of their placement in your deck.

Ascension – upon playing a card with CARDTYPE (ie, Beastmen), all cards with that type get +1 to all stats (in play and in hand). note that the first one played doesn’t increase its own stats. Also, increasing stats that cause a card to trump it’s adjacent card doesn’t flip it.


Triple Triad Progression

First of all, let’s look at the official SE rules regarding triple triads “progression”

  1. You own less than 30 cards? Only one card with 2 star rating or higher allowed in your deck.
  2. You own 30-59 cards? No restriction on cards with 2 star rating or lower. Only one card with 3 star rating or higher allowed.
  3. You own 60 cards or more? No restriction on cards with 3 star rating or lower. Only one card with 4 star rating or higher allowed.

So yeah, owning more cards = getting stronger decks. So how does one begin their Triple Triad journey? Here’s a few suggestions.

New player? Unlock + Elmer farm: Honestly, you can only beat two NPC’s at this point. Triple Triad Master (haha master, huh) and King Elmer III. There are other NPC’s out there you can possibly beat, but these 2 are the best practice dummies. Why is elmer so important? His set rule is “Plus”. You must learn how this works, and how to abuse it. It will be the cornerstone of your TT farming career. Thankfully between these 2 guys, we can get 4 cards. (5)Free cards, (6)Spriggan and (7)Chocobo from TT Master, (8) Godbert and (9)Bahamut from King Elmer III. I can’t stress enough that getting Bahamut will make the rest of your journey a little easier. If you missed chocobo from TT master it’s fine. You can get it in the next step-

Clear out the GS chumps: From here Guhtwint and Jonas are the next beatable chumps. Another 3 come from these guys for a total of (10)Scarface Bugaal Ja, (11)Ixal, (12)Moogle. The only card you “miss” here is Urianger from Ruthwyda – return for this later.

Maisenta & Roger: from New Gridania and Central Thanalan respectively. These guys are weak, and drop some equally weak commons: Maisenta: (13)Sylph, Coblyn (14). Roger: (15)Pudding, (16)Morbol. We’re more than halfway to our first goal!

Cards from encounters: More of a reminder – you can get some cards from dungeons or primals. You do not roll on these, but are directly put into your inventory if you’re lucky enough. While this progression min-guide focuses more on TT-only, keep this in mind.

(enough for now, body hurts!)

Triple Triad Strategy Tips

Adding this very soon!

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31 thoughts on “FFXIV Triple Triad ULTRA Guide (Card & NPC list, etc…)”

  1. I just want to know how you achieve 120 cards, because I’ve beaten most playable NPCs and have all the cards in the Bronze and Silver Triad, and am still going after NPCs and buying cards for MGP when I can. How many cards are there in total right now? Is it even possible to achieve 120 cards without winning the tournament?

    1. You know I don’t know much about the tournaments! But they did add some cards after this list was made quite some time ago, the links I provided to those triple triad sites are more updated.

  2. Little more info on Tataru and challenging her.

    Time available: ???? – 5:30 am
    Style: Roulette
    Cost: 35
    Win: 165
    Draw: 66
    Loss: 24

    Cards given as reward: Urianger, Tataru, ????

  3. Lightning Card, Cecil Harvey Card, Firion Card, or Tidus Card rewarder for the first 3 places in tournament.

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