FFXIV 3.2 Scholar (SCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! SCH Best in slot guide! “Sorry I was Cleric”. SCH Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Hello Fairy and Butterfly slavedrivers! In this guide we discuss the Best-in-Slot Scholar gear and various options we have with the current gear tier. Lets get to it! Some Scholars do not like the Poetics weapon (Augmented Ironworks Magitex Codex), but it’s a decent thing to save for. HOWEVER, since it’s a minimal iLVL upgrade to HA, do not buy these unless you’re close to getting this tiers “sands of time”.

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SCH BiS & Options | SCH Soldiery Buy Order

WeaponDreadwyrm CodexIronworks Magitek CodexHA / Nexus
HeadIronworks Optics of HealingDreadwyrm Hood of HealingPlatinum Circlet of Healing / Any 110
BodyDreadwyrm Robe of HealingDaystar > HAIronworks Robe of Healing
HandDreadwyrm Gloves of Healing ==Ironworks Gloves of HealingKirimu Gloves of Healing / Any 110
WaistIronworks Belt of HealingDreadwyrm Belt of Healing Daystar
LegsDreadwyrm Tonban of HealingIronworks Slops of HealingDaystar / Kirimu Belt of Healing
BootsIronworks Thighboots of HealingDreadwyrm Shoes of Healing Daystar
NeckDreadwyrm Choker of HealingIronworks Choker of HealingAny 110
EarsDreadwyrm Earrings of HealingIronworks Earrings of HealingHA
WristIronworks Bracelet of HealingDreadwyrm Bracelet of HealingTrue Ice Bracelet of Healing or Any HA
RingIronworks Ring of HealingJudgment RIng of HealingHA
RingDreadwyrm Ring of HealingDaystar Ring of Healing-
FoodTriple Cream Coffee (Sheer ilvl)Black Truffle RisottoButtons in a Blanket

HAND & NECK slot is weird… both options have their little ups and down but overall aren’t too hot for Scholar. Most Dreadwyrm leftside suffers this same fate of being in “the void” of not really desirable by either, but better for WHM. Don’t “GREED” these (head, boots, belt, hand). However the BODY and LEGS (+RING) are unquestionably SCHOLAR PRIORITY DROPS.

2.4 SCH Poetics Tomes Buy Order

We’re pretty freshly into 2.4 so i’ll do a quick and dirty Poe Purchasing order… (We dont know where all pieces of gear drop, yet)

  • Head/Boots/Belt : all good left-side choices. The Dreadwyrm drops go to you WHM anyway.
  • Ring: We’re forced to get this, anyway.
  • Chest hmm.. since it drops in a high turn, getting this isn’t a bad idea. Can even be top of the list depending on your NEED of a power up.
  • Weapon: A decent thing to save for ONLY IF you’re near getting the 130 upgrade.
  • Bracelet: Farm Shiva to tide you over. POE wrist is BiS but not a huge deal.
  • Everything else is optional, but if you have nothing to do with your Poetics anyways…

Overall I feel the poetics buy order for Scholar is a mess. Theres many good paths (the above is an example of one), and it’s really hard to make a WRONG move in terms of buying poe. If it’s in the BiS – buy it.


2.4 SCH Crafted Gear Viability

Any crafted gear that has inherent CRIT is instantly viable! For now a quick list! Platinum Circlet of Healing = PIETY IV, DET IV, anything else follows. Kirimu Gloves of Healing = Don’t be greedy and put a Piety IV in these. DET IV is likely to follow. Anything else after. Kirimu Belt of Healing  = Trust me when Piety IV will have a greater impact than any ONE materia in the sure slot. Forgive my suggestion to add Piety… since alot of preferred SCH pieces have low piety, this NEEDS to be shored up. When tackling difficult content you really can’t have a shallow mana pool. As fights become more and more “on farm” you can ditch more and more piety.

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Have fun abusing poor old Eos and Selene yet again!

27 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Scholar (SCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

    1. MND goes without saying. ACC is obviously penultimate to those SCH’s that wish to deeps. Although its sources are few (Melding, custom relic). While I agree with that JP stat, it goes against popular (but admittedly well-founded) public opinion. In my next BiS tier (3.4) i will be making a separate table for that exact type of stat itemization. I completely concur with what you’ve said.

  1. SS does so little to DoTs it may very well be as useless as piety is.
    If you have money, get the relic. Or you can either get the sephEX or the Lore weapon and meld two CRIT V into it.

    Personally, I’m melding acc wherever I can’t meld Crit -melding pie is kind of useless, I’ve found it better to meld either det or ss if you don’t care about acc-.
    Also, pentamelded crafted boots and neck are good.

    1. I would consider melding ACC>DET>SS over PIE, but this is again purely dependent on if/how much your group relies on your deeps, + the demands of the encounter.

      CRIT & PIE is still the best and safest option leading up to an A8S kill

  2. I go crit focus for my sch, but the weapon thing irks me. I have the i190 weapon from Ravana (83 crit <3) but my static is saying I should get my eso weapon (whm stats eww) because of the +2 weapon damage on it…I'm very torn here since 3.1 and new relics are right around the corner.

    1. You also have to understand the spell speed isn’t a WHM only stat anymore. It affects how much damage all DoT ticks do, including SCH DoTs going in to HW. Crit>SS is widely accepted now, with Piety under importance for progression.

  3. Why the dreadwyrm tonbans of healing… i have the pants but i personally see more scholars using the demon skirt a little loss in stats but the extra crit and det are worth it… plus who piety on a sch is helpful but not needed imo

    1. The SCH pants slot is very flexible. The observation you made is correct, but the same statement can be said for the reverse: “VIT to survive mechanics, a larger MND stat overtakes the DET in demon” etc etc

  4. Shouldn’t the BiS for hands be ironworks? When it boils down to it SCH is never really hurting for MP and the DET from ironworks not only increases heals but also increases shields. SpS is the outlying stat which ironworks has more of as well (granted I don’t know any SCH’s that gear for SpS lol).

    1. Hand slot is very iffy for SCH. It comes down to preference. My SCH partner uses the Kirimu with some ACC!

        1. Alot of options on the gloves – Kirimu, Demon – they’re basically up to what’s best in-line with your goals and needs as the SCH of your group.

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