FFXIV possibly coming to XBOX!

FFXIV coming to XBOX? Cross-platform gamers rejoice! HOLD ON – It’s not 100%, but discussions are in the works. Better than nothing I say!

FFXIV coming to XBOX? Not just a rumor, but not exactly set in stone, either!

Microsoft’s announcement at E3 2016 is that they “want to build the capability for players on both PC and Xbox to enjoy the variety of games for each platform”, basically they’re pushing cross-platform engagement. A wise choice in this day and age!

When is this happening? There is no confirmed date on when this will be a reality. Thankfully, we know now it’s possible technologically.

Yoshi-P expressed interest in this stating that it’s now up to negotiations between Microsoft and Square. There are many variables that need to be ironed out between the two corporations, but we do know that both entities have had positive communications.

Speaking of ‘cross-platform’ SE promises the continued support of compatibility with PS3 up to the FFXIV 3.x series of patches. Beyond that? Who knows.

What does this mean for us? A larger playerbase is always welcome. It ensures that we have new people to play with! The continued success of a game we’re invested in is always great insurance.

Hopefully FFXIV can finally expand its horizons to XBOX, and Eorzea can be seen on the microsoft consolse. It’s a win-win situation for all involved, and it’s something everyone should be looking forward to.

Final Fantasy 14 continues to be one of the top MMORPG’s. Wether you’re a fan of the franchise or not – you can jump in to immerse yourself in the games rich and beautiful world. I personally wish our friends on the XBOX can try it too.

If anything, bonus 100 tomestones ain’t bad! What do you guys think about this development? Is it too late for FFXIV to jump into the Xbox platform? Will this help the in-game community? We’d like to hear from you on the comments!

Square Enix in talks to bring Final Fantasy 14 to Xbox One | Polygon

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