FFXIV 3.2 Machinist (MCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.2 UPDATED! MCH Best in slot guide! “BRB buying bullets in town”. MCH Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

Hopefully you’re as lucky with your procs as you are with gear drops! I realize that statement can work both ways! Thanks for checking out our Machinist Best-in-slot gear guide! We discuss the various gearing options for MCH in this patch. I initially thought the gear for MCH was pretty sad, but it’s pretty decent… Thanks for all the advice from Tiffany Faye: our resident Gun Chump Machinist!

Quick stat summary: CRIT >>> DET >> SS

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Heavensward Machinist Best-in-Slot

For the sake of “interchangeable filler slots”, Machinist’s <-> Gordian serve as natural replacements to each other (May or may not be discussed within guide, but take that as an ‘unspoken truth’).

MCH SlotBiS - Diurnalfillerfiller
WeaponGordian Musketoon
HeadMachinist's Goggles
BodyMachinist's Shirt
GlovesGordian Armguards of Aiming
BeltFabled belt of Aiming
LegsMachinist's Brais
BootsGordian Sabatons of Aiming
NeckGordian Neckband of Aiming
EarringsFabled Earrings of Aiming
BraceletFabled Bracelet of Aiming
RingFabled ring of Aiming
RingGordian Ring of Aiming
FoodBaked Pipira Pira

There are a few non-critical gear pieces here and there that could be exchanged, it will be discussed below.


MCH BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

Well, overall this set is a no-brainer. ‘GET AS MUCH CRIT AS YOU CAN’ was my first goal. After that ‘REDUCE AS MUCH SKILLSPEED FOR DET AS YOU CAN’. After fulfilling these, something huge came up “TOO MUCH DAMN ACCURACY”!! After solving these three statements, you get the BiS listed above.

Weapon: Ferdinand – to buy or not to buy? Well, it’s not the worst thing in the world, it still has crit. If you main a MCH and A4S seems like a distant dream, buy this thing first.

Head: The head slot is quite flexible. Gordian Hood of Aiming isn’t a bad filler if you pick it up. This slot and the hands share the same fate.

Hands: Same with Gordian Armguards of Aiming. this and the head have ACC/CRIT which is good if you’re missing accuracy. Even if you never buy the ESO pieces, the stat differences aren’t that critical.

Accessories: are pretty much set in stone. If you need that littttle bit of SS for an extra hit on Wildfire, you’re gonna want it from Fabled Necklace of Aiming. (The MCH SS treshold is preferential and varies on latency, IMO). I wouldn’t really recommend it, but there will be people who would ask.

A1S Pages: Ring > Necklace

A2S Pages: Boots (Safer, has accuracy) > Gloves > 4x Gobcoat

A3S Pages: 3x Gobtwines > Fillers (Head > Leg?)

A4S Pages: Weapon > Filler (Nothing else you really want)

3.0 Machinist Esoterics Buy Order

“What should I buy first with Esoterics for my MCH!?” Well, here you go!

  1. Weapon: Even though Ferdinand isn’t BiS, again… If you realistically want to increase your power…
  2. Machinist’s Brais: An amazing piece of gear that will last you this entire patch and beyond!
  3. Machinist’s Shirt: Good enough bang for buck, and has accuracy.
  4. Machinist’s Goggles:
  5. Fabled Belt of Aiming: Finish up left side purchases first.
  6. Fabled Bracelet > Earrings > Ring: Then buy all the right side ESO pieces.

On belt: If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, buy it sooner than you would have.

MCH Melded Gear Viability? VIT Accessories?

If you ever find your MCH in need of VIT: First off we identify the worst accessory. That would likely be Fabled Ring of Aiming . Bad news is, the “terrible BiS accessories” don’t line up with the “great melded ones”, so I’ll just advise you on the safest choices. Check out the Bard BiS for more a more detailed version…)

Lesser evil: Chrysolite Ring of Aiming. Fabled sucks, but so does this ring. This is purely a lesser evil result.

Machinist crafted 180 left and melding

The melds are exaclty the same as Bard.

Griffin Leather Blinder of Aiming: ACC IV – ACC IV – ACC IV – CRIT III – CRIT III
It caps crit with the above, and ACC can be freely changed out to DET.

Griffin Leather Longcoat of Aiming: ACC IV – ACC IV – DET IV – DET IV – DET IV
This is the best possible meld here. Again, ACC can be changed to DET.

Griffin Leather Gloves of Aiming: DET IV – DET IV – Any ACC/SS from here.
Strange item… It caps det with DET IVx2, and the rest basically doesn’t matter.

Astral Silk Sash of Aiming: ACC IV – Any DET from here.
Another weird one. After ACC IV, just stick any DET afterwards.

Astral Silk Slops of Aiming: CRIT IV x 5.
Well… not much to say. Use some III’s if you’re poor.

Griffin Leather Thighboots of Aiming: CRIT IV x 4 – CRIT III
Cleanly caps crit with the melding above.

Usefulness Summary
HAT: ESO is BiS, so this probably isn’t worth the investment.
BODY: An amazing filler since you can save the ESO you would have spent on shirt.
GLOVE: Same situation as the hat. The ESO gloves are amazing.
BELT: An amazing filler piece that will last you till A4S.
LEGS: ESO leg is damn good. Since I’d buy that first, this item purely luxury.
BOOT: Probably not worth it since the 190 is quite good already.

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Well, given the clear cut nature of the class and drops, it’s a pretty good thing to know what exactly you’re looking for in terms of loot! It’s also equally frustrating when it never drops for you lelelgetrekt.


Best of luck in procs and gear drops for your MCH!

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15 thoughts on “FFXIV 3.2 Machinist (MCH) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear”

  1. Please update this info its all outdated and im sure you know this? so why you still have this old gear and melds here?

  2. Would the 240 MCH Relic become best in slot just due to it being 120 crit 115 det and 5 acc? I think that would outweight the 245, but not sure.

  3. “MCN Lore Tomestone Buy Order

    The below spending strategy is purely to obtain BiS fastest:

    Weapon: Horrific stats, luckily you’re forced to buy other items due to waiting on Hypercharged Tomestone… “what do”. You’ll have to buy this at some point, man.”

    But but, ideal sedondary stats (being delicious capped-crit, and det) on the lore weapon, horrific?


    Is it possible you skimmed the stats and misread the crit as ss, or perhaps confused it with the stats on the relic? (=

  4. Personally I’m going with Torent Body + Midan Legs. The bodies don’t feel drastically different in stats, but the legs are Crit + Acc vs Crit vs Det, and I would rather the Crit +Det, then I just stack on some det Materia to really pad it out. Still over 700+ Acc which is more then enough, but also have a sweet amount of Crit and Det added. My only concern is that my SS is sitting at 470+ and sure it’s dirt, but I would personally prefer it to be at 500-600. But maybe that’s just me.

  5. There’s no way this BiS is right, you’re not even meeting the flank cap for A8 much less the frontal, 703 is simply too low. MIDAN BODY + MIDAN LEGS has nearly identical stats with accuracy cap to meet the flank requirement, I’m sure there’s several other ways to do this, but what you have here is purely wrong and you’ll have people wasting lore on body/legs when they’re simply not going to be used.

    1. EDIT: At first glance I thought there was a mislinked Item but everything was in order… I will address your 2 concerns of Accuracy and MIDAN/MIDAN vs. TORRENT/TORRENT body/legs combo.

      Now for ACCURACY there’s 2 factoids goin on here. 723 is too high, the original number thought to be frontal A8S is supposedly wrong. It’s closer to 712. As we know early on we cannot be exactly sure, in which case my advice listed in the guide is as follows:

      “Frontal Accuracy? This set is 20 points away from Frontal ACC cap. If you find yourself needing it, simply replace 1 (2 max) DET melds for ACC.” So until the final word comes out, I smartly recommended a single change that would accomodate 720+ or 700+, it’s a modular solution while data is in flux and affects ZERO body pieces.

      As for your second concern about the Augmented Torrent Body and Augmented Torrent Legs combo – you can literally interchange those two to MIDAN+MIDAN , the solution to your conundrum is also listed within the guide:

      Technically, you can swap the body and legs, as both of those slots have mirrored stats. This BiS just assumes everyone will get the legs sooner than the body. Just tossin’ that out there…

      The BiS you’re talking about merely switched the two pieces of gear that have mirrored stats but HARDER TO OBTAIN. I chose to use TORRENT BODY + TORRENT LEGS since A7/8S is further down. Your suggestion of MIDAN BODY + MIDAN LEGS is EQUAL IN STATS but harder (or merely a different method) to obtain.

      To say that LORE BODY and LEGS are useless and wouldn’t be used are a little extreme since it has the same exact stats as the MIDAN + MIDAN combo you’re stating.

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