FFXIV DoL Gathering Collectables Guide

Hello fellow dusty gatherers! This is a quick n dirty guide on DoL / Gathering Collectables. Why did make this? Well, I don’t want to repeat myself in the gatherer leveling guides many times every tier. Instead, Whenever I need to mention or explain this information (which happens quite a bit), I’ll simply link our aspiring Disciples of the Land here! As always, the black sheep of the bunch, Fishing, gets its own segment near the bottom.

If you’re a returning player and wondering what happened… The system was reworked around the back half of Shadowbringers.

Unlocking the Collectables system

Basically you need to be a few MSQ’s into Heavensward (you have Ishgard city unlocked), and a Level 50 Crafter or Gatherer.

  • Quest: Inscrutable Tastes.
  • NPC & Location: Morgayne, Ishgard – Foundation (x10 y10).
  • Requirements: Level 50. Main Scenario Quest Pre-req: The Better Half.

This unlocks the Collectable system for both crafters and gatherers.

Gathering Collectables: How does it work?

Once you find the gathering node you’re looking for, if you attempt to gather a collectable item you will AUTOMATICALLY be “converted” into the collectable minigame for gatherers. From here, your goal is simple “Get to the desired collectability ratings” and “Gather as many times as you can by the end”. Look, it’s an oversimplification for sure, but at it’s core that’s it.

Gathering Collectables “minigame”

It’s a bit basic compared to before, but a lot more streamlined, since the skills are “contained” in this minigame. Discussing HOW or what rotation you should use is not in the scope of this guide. It’s not too complex, though. Use Scrutiny if you must to reach your desired collectability safely with Scour, and gather as many as you can. Go for consistent rotations and “highest collectability” isn’t always best if you can gather one more piece.

If you’re a bit confused, I’ll be reworking and updating the gathering rotations guide a little after Endwalker launches, as I suspect there will be a few changes then…

Finally, you submit them to any Collectable Appraiser found in many “main cities”, and gain a corresponding amount of EXP, Scrips, and Gil depending on the item collectability and tier.

Gathering Collectables: Uses? Worth it?

Easy answer? YES. If you like EXP and Scrips, then definitely Yes. I mean, its another option in your ascent. It was my main method of leveling DoL jobs for many expansions. I don’t expect this to change any time soon, and even if it does I’m sure DoL collectables will remain a viable source of EXP and or scrips.

Custom Deliveries: a weekly activity that gives you, well, quite a lot of EXP.

Rarefied Turn-ins: an infinitely repeatable way to gain decent EXP, and scrips. It’s honestly your basic source of EXP while leveling up. It’s quick and free.

Checking the Collectable Appraisers for possible submissions

What can I gather and submit as a Collectable? (See above and below pictures): Well, first you have to FIND OUT what item is being accepted as a collectable. The main sources for gatherers are the basic rarefied turn-ins and custom deliveries (more on this later). If you’re not familiar with the items you can submit, go to any Collectable Appraiser and see what they’re taking from you at your level. From there, you can right click the item and “search for gathering method”. You can also search for “rarefied” items.

Searching for rarefied gathering items via the gathering log

Fishing Collectables!?

Obviously, fishing has a different system. It still uses the toggle-able “collect”. That’s basically it. If you have Collect on, it will convert any fish you catch INTO a collectable if it’s possible. It doesn’t turn “uncollectable fish” into “useless collectables” don’t worry. That’s basically it. There’s no change whatsoever to the process of fishing.

I’m guessing there will be changes here too sometime in Endwalker… but maybe not? It’s gonna be a pain updating the system for FSH.

Summary and Outro

There’s really not much to say here. It’s a very specific guide, and I made it primarily for a central place I can link to from other guides so I only need to update in one place. But, it is what it is, and I hope I answered most of your questions. If you have other ideas or things I should add here feel free to mention it!

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  1. for leveing DoL (minus fisher) from 80 to 90, i exclusively used levequests. Had 100 stored up and didn’t even need all of them. each levequest gets you over 1M exp each and plus you earn EXP as you gather. Doing collectibles for EXP and waiting for GP to regenerate just isn’t that efficient in my opinion.

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