FFXIV 3.3 Astrologian (AST) Best in Slot (BiS) Gear

3.3 UPDATED! AST Best in slot guide! “Always play the hand ‘yer DEALT!”. AST Lore buy order, Melding, Pages & Normals, more!

If your class is messy, random and full of options – your BiS will be too! Welcome to our Astrologian Best-in-slot gear guide! Here I try, as best as I can, to discuss some gearing options for your AST!

Quick stat summary:
Diurnal: PIE > SS > CRIT >= DET
Nocturnal: PIE > CRIT > SS >= DET

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Heavensward Astrologer Best-in-Slot

For the sake of “interchangeable filler slots”, Welkin <-> Gordian serve as natural replacements to each other (May or may not be discussed within guide, but take that as an ‘unspoken truth’).

AST SlotBiS - DiurnalNotesBiS - Nocturnal
WeaponAtlas (or ANY)Gordian Astrometer
HeadWelkin Hat<- value ->Welkin Hat
BodyGordian Gown of Healing Welkin Robe
GlovesWelkin Half SleevesGordian Gloves of Healing
BeltFabled Belt of HealingGordian Belt of Healing
LegsWelkin Breeches (or ANY)Gordian Brayettes of Healing
BootsGordian Gambieras of HealingWelkin Shoes (or ANY)
NeckGordian Necklace of HealingFabled Necklace of Healing
EarringsFabled Earrings of Healing<- value ->Fabled Earrings of Healing
BraceletFabled Bracelet of Healing<- value ->Fabled Bracelet of Healing
RingFabled Ring of Healing<- value ->Fabled Ring of Healing
RingGordian Ring of Healing<- value ->Gordian Ring of Healing
Food (Any)Marron Glace (Spell Speed)Hot Chocolate (Piety)
Frozen Spirits (Piety)
Baked Pipira Pira (Crit)

AST’s, regardless of stance would want a healthy pool of Piety. Diurnal BiS focuses on Spellspeed, Nocturnal BiS focuses on Crit. More discussion just below.


AST BiS Discussion, Notes & Options

Diurnal Astrologian – Absolute max SpellSpeed: I listed Piety over SS, so I sacrifice a bit of it to get a larger MP pool. Why? Piety is the more ‘stable’ choice. However, SS is undoutedly far more powerful. If you want to experiment on this, make the following changes from the list above:

  • Gordian Crown
  • Fabled Necklace
  • Gordian Earrings
  • Gordian Wristband
  • Gordian Ring -> 200 unupgraded Ardent Ring (?)

Nocturnal Astrologian – Absolute max Critical: Well, the SCHs turned Astros may want this. The instant speed crit off aspected Benefic will make alot of mechanics in savage quite laughable, so it’s a gearset worth toying around with. Trying these means making the switches from the Nocturnal list above:

  • Welkin Shoes (not ANY)
  • Fabled Necklace
  • Gordian Earrings

A lot of the slots in the table above are really quite loose depending on MANY things that a singular guide cannot encompass. Little adjustments to “Can I get away with less piety?” “What class am I likely to co-heal with?” “Which stance should I gear for primarily?” are things I cannot help you with. But one things for sure: following the BiS Table listed above is pretty damn SAFE. Or the suggested optimizations in this section, too. 

When in doubt, I highly suggest you read the WHM BiS and SCH BiS for other healing-related insights too complex to discuss for this “hard to write for class”.

!!How to spend Gordian Manifesto Pages!!!

Diurnal Pages
A1S Pages: Ring > Neck > Filler
A2S Pages: Boots > 4x Gobcoat > Filler
A3S Pages: 3x Gobtwine > Filler
A4S Pages: Weapon or Gobdip (whichever weapon you feel is BiS) > Body

Nocturnal Pages
A1S Pages: Ring > Filler
A2S Pages: Gloves > Belt > 4x Gobcoat > Filler
A3S Pages: Legs > 3x Gobtwine > Filler
A4S Pages: Weapon or Gobdip (whichever weapon you feel is BiS) > Filler

3.0 Astrologian Esoterics Buy Order

“What should I buy first with Esoterics for my AST!?” One list for each stance, showing you a decent way to spend your eso tomes.

Diurnal buy order

  1. Weapon: ANY STANCE you main, buy ATLAS first. Because Hive Planisphere isn’t so hot.
  2. Welkin Breeches: A great buy you can even use on noct.
  3. Welkin Hat: Because, to quote myself, “The 210 Gordian is horrifying”.
  4. Welkin Half sleeves: Last of the big body pieces… the 210 Gordian isn’t bad.
  5. Fabled Belt: Piety > SS on this piece wont disappoint.
  6. Accessories: Fabled Earring > Bracelet > Ring
  7. EVERYTHING ELSE IS NON-BiS: Buy if you need more “power”, or for Nocturnal use.

On belt: If you have the Illuminati Gobcoat, move it up to your next buy. Upgrading this asap to 210 is value.

Nocturnal buy order

  1. Weapon: ANY STANCE you main, buy ATLAS first. Because Hive Planisphere isn’t so hot.
  2. Welkin Robe: Sickeningly good stats.
  3. Welkin Hat: Because the 210 Gordian is generally never spoken of in public.
  4. Welkin Shoes: Not the best, use Gordian as filler or Piety buffer (no big deal on this piece).
  5. Accessories: Fabled Necklace Bracelet > Earring > Ring
  6. EVERYTHING ELSE IS NON-BiS: Buy if you need more “power”, or for Diurnal use.

AST Melded Gear Viability? VIT Accessories?

If you ever find your AST in need of VIT: First off we identify the worst accessory. That would likely be Fabled Ring of Healing. Luckily the melded counterpart isn’t bad. Here’s how I would meld…

DiurnalChrysolite Ring of Healing: VIT IV, VIT IV,FLEX, SS IV, SS IV

NocturnalChrysolite Ring of Healing: VIT IV, VIT IV, FLEX, CRIT IV, CRIT IV

What to meld in FLEX slots? FLEX can contain a VIT IV, or CRIT/SS IV. Also note than any SS or CRIT meld can be Accuracy instead. If you really want VIT, you can replace the last slot with VIT II, leaving space for only one STAT materia.

Crafted 180 Left Side for AST

Okay since the whole stance thing exists…

For those who main Diurnal Stance – Check out the White Mage BiS melds.

For those who main Nocturnal Stance– Check out the Scholar BiS melds.

HOWEVER, all Noctural Astrologers (+AST’s in general!) please note: I VALUE PIETY over CRIT & ACC when melding. Of all three healing classes, AST has the most “randomized” secondary MP refresh. Only do otherwise if you’re extremely confident in your skills and group. The Astral Silk Doublet of Healing is your BEST CHOICE for Accuracy regardless of stance.

The usefulness of each piece of crafted gear can also be seen in the respective class pages linked above.

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AST BiS | Discussion | Esoterics Buy Order

Overall, it’s hard to really recommend anything concerning astro BiS… Why is it hard you say? AST’s non-linear playstyle and wildly variable role depending on main stance/co-healer class make for difficult choices when making a BiS guide. If you have any questions or any sections you need clarification on please comment!

Pray to the stars you get your BiS for AST in 3.0!

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