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Hey guys, thanks for visiting our site, and for being curious about who we are.

Who are we?

We’re a group of IRL friends who have gamed together for over 20 years. During this time we have played a multitude of games including some popular titles like Ragnarok Online, Guildwars 1 & 2, DOTA, League of Legends and most if not all of the Final Fantasy series of games.

One sad thing is… We never really chose to play an active part the the community for any MMORPG. Until now.

Why choose FFXIV? Why now?

Well, in our age group, the Final Fantasy series does bring quite the feeling of Nostalgia. Within our group, we’ve probably clocked well over 10’s of thousands of hours playing Final Fantasy and Square Enix games. (without MMO’s).

That being said, why didn’t we play FFXI or FFXIV 1.0? Who knows. When we heard FFXIV was going through a major change, we just had a recent itch to play and contribute to the community as a team. We were always ranked the top 1% of any game we played. (Except LoL, where we played Dominion, and now Howling Abyss almost exclusively).

Well, we never do anything half-assed. So we’re planning to do some big things in FFXIV. Both in PvE and PvP. So there’s something here for everyone!

Whats your plan for FFXIVguild.com?

First of all, we want to bring high quality content to our readers. Why? So we can indirectly make the game better. The better the players = the better the game. Balancing happens faster, the game evolves quicker and stays more fresh.

While we don’t plan on being a wiki type site, we will still provide information on game basics. We envision our site to be somewhere a gaming veteran would look to research FFXIV ARR before creating their character. Furthermore, the very same veteran would be going to our site finding out our strategy on beating the latest content.

Like we mentioned above, we love challenging PvE, and we love PvP. We have big plans for our site, and you should be a part of it.

Our last goal, and arguably most important, is to build a community. Nobody wants to be alone in an MMO, and neither should you be. Join our Forums, or Contact us! Also, never miss an update by subscribing to us via Facebook or Twitter!

7 thoughts on “About Us”

    1. The guides are available for all jobs. Just use our search bar for now, the menu is under maintenance.

  1. Love the site! So much great stuff here. Sorry to say I’m not on Tonberry, but I have seen on my server (Fairy), is that you guys too or someone else just using the same FC name?

    1. Thanks! on the Fairy server, Its another group of folks using our name, we are only starting to affiliate with other FC’s cross server, Fairy is not on our list just yet

  2. I have been trying to make some kind of community through my guild work in Tera Online, glad to see a group doing something along those lines in such a great game as well :D

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