FFXIV 3.1 Dungeons: Arboretum, Pharos (Hard)

A quick one page strategy guide for both of the new 3.1 dungeons: Saint Mociannes Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard).

Hi guys! Thanks for reading our 3.1 quick dungeon guides: these are namely Saint Mociannes Arboretum and Pharos Sirius (Hard). I decided to make a universal guide for both the dungeons since I feel they don’t need a page each.

Quick Navigation: Arboretum : Pharos HM

Basic FAQs about both:

  • iLevel requirement to enter: 170
  • Drops items with iLevel 185
    • Some very unique helmet and chest models – make sure to try on!
  • Has some interesting new mechanics and design – a bright sign for future duties!
  • Always remember the golden rule of dungeons…

“When in doubt – dodge the shiny AoE!”


Saint Mociannes Arboretum

Unlocking Saint Mociannes Arboretum, the quest can be found in Dravanian Hinterlands (12, 19), Quest Name “An Overgrown Ambition”, NPC: Tetchy Treasure Hunter. The nearest aetheryte is Idyllshire, then walk out of the left entrance.

Arboretum 1st Boss: Morbol (Rose Hip)

Periodically spawns small cute morbols that do a small cone AoE. The boss himself will also do an AoE, which he rotates around the room.

Kill adds or bad things happen.

Arboretum 2nd Boss: Bee (Queen Hawk)

Okay so this is the only troublesome mechanic here: BEES WILL SPAWN OUTSIDE THE MAP. These bees will shoot a laser straight down the path they’re looking. These 2 chunks of bees will always spawn in a “crosslike” formation so you have to pay attention where they are and where they will shoot. That’s about it.

Kill adds or bad things happen.

Arboretum Last Boss: Plant (Belladonna)

Okay i’ll be honest with you here. I don’t exactly know what the hell is going on. But dodging and healing seems to be enough to pass this boss. I’m not sure if there are special interactions (which I’m sure there is), feel free to let me know. I’m pretty sure one of them is a gaze attack you should face backwards one.

In any case, yeah, this boss… I’m not sure what happened but thankfully there’s no mechanic with a “wipe if failed” thing. So uhhh.. yeah… lemme know.

Pharos Sirius (Hard)

Unlocking Pharos Sirius (Hard), the quest can be found in Limsa Upper Decks (12, 12), Quest Name “Things are Getting Sirius”, NPC: Trachraet. The nearest aetheryte is Limsa Lower Decks, then take the aethernet to ‘The Aftcastle’.

Pharos has two non-boss areas which can cause trouble, I listed them below as “Long hallway with bombs” and “Bomb Room”.

Pharos Hard 1st Boss: “dude” (Ghrah Luminary)

Bring tethers to spheres. Only one tether can be attached to one sphere (?). Spheres become adds then kill them. No other notable mechanic.

Map Mechanics: Long Hallway with bombs

This long pull starts when you see some big armored dude. You can tell when you see little bombs suiciding to bother you guys. Proficient groups will pull ALL THE WAY TO THE END. Otherwise this is a huge time sink.

Pharos Hard 2nd Boss: Mr. Kobold (Be Gu)

Main mechanic is: DPS should pull slimes to vents, killing the slimes will ‘seal’ the vent – and prevent bad things from happening.

Kill all adds to prevent buffing boss (buffs if close, afaik).

Map mechanics: Bomb Room

Little bombs will spawn from machines and target walls – if they destroy a wall things get messy. So for this room with three “bomb-generators” simply have the tank pull all baddies, and have dps kill all bomb generators.

Failing to do this properly or fast enough is a massive time delay, and overall hassle.

Pharos Hard Last Boss: Fat Fire (Progenitor)

In the first phase (while he’s red), nothing special really happens here. The second phase (while he’s blue) has some interesting mechanics:

Blue and Red bombs can be pushed:  You do not need to kill these guys, simply prevent them from uniting! Ranged DPS or healers are the best bet to “reset” these guys, but of course, as melee – if you see it you may as well.

Grey Flame are the adds you have to kill.

Big Burst deals more damage if your DPS is lower. So try to do a bit more when he casts this. I don’t think any group with braincells will wipe to it regardless.

Quick Navigation: Arboretum : Pharos HM

Overall, I gotta say I was very happy with the new dungeons in 3.1 – they went slightly outside their comfort zone with mechanics and it’s a bright sign for things to come! Hopefully this guide saved you from a wipe or two – GLHF with these great new dungeons!

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Heavensward Dungeons & Trials (Story) Quick Guides

A quick guide about all 3.0 dungeons and trials (storyline)

“If they do not know, teach them.” – Mahiko ‘Mister PUG’ San.

I don’t know what else to say about this page. Since I don’t feel storyline dungeons and trials need a full guide page each, here’s a compilation of all storyline dungeons and trials, with any notes to beat them. ***Forgive me if I use humor***, it’s to keep me sane during this hectic time.

This guide DOES NOT INCLUDE 60+ dungeons and EX primals (Stops at Aetherochemical RF)

Heavensward: Dungeons & Trials
Dusk Vigil | Sohm Al | The Aery | The Vault | The Great Gubal Library
Ravana, Thok ast Thok (Hard) | Bismarck, Limitless Blue (Hard)

Dusk Vigil boss strategy

Dusk Vigil itself has no notable trash mob or map mechanics.

Dusk Vigil boss 1: Elephant

  • Isolate targeted guy. If its you, GTFO from your team. If its your friend, abandon him.
  • He will get wombo combo. It’s fine.


Dusk Vigil boss 2: Ghost

  • He has many ghostly friends.
  • More friends from the beyond.
  • Kill them all, again. Twice.

Dusk Vigil boss 3: Bird

  • He’s casting tornado? Hide behind rocks. You don’t stay in the open in an IRL tornado, do you?

Sohm Al boss strategy

Sohm Al boss 1: Plant

  • Memories of T6… Avoid AoE after eat.
  • Hornet spawn. I assume it’s good to kill. We burned lel.

Sohm Al boss 2: Dino

  • Lookin at you? GTFO.
  • Lots of single spike damage. Keep party healthy.

Sohm Al boss 3: Dragon

  • Marker on top of you? It’s a meteor.
  • Land these on the OUTERMOST EDGE POSSIBLE.
  • Once the marker fades -> move back towards center.

Ravana (Hard) Thok ast Thok strategy

  • Butterfly kill. Fast.
  • Avoid knockback by having an intact wall behind you.
    • That’s 99% of the fight right there.

The Aery Boss Strategy

The Aery boss 1: Skinny Dragon

  • Tether to poles lel.
  • AoE 1: Safe spot is ring inside.
  • AoE 2: Melee proximity knockback.
  • AoE 3: targetted bolts.

The Aery boss 2: Medium Dragon

  • Poison clouds spawn.
  • Mustard Gas eats Clouds.
  • I cant tell you exactly what happens here. I assume killing adds is good. We burned.

The Aery boss 3: Fat Dragon

  • Lookin at you? Move a bit. Leaves fireball.
  • Fireball rush soon after.
  • Free imprisoned friends (Don’t tunnel lel)
  • Keep DRG alive (The NPC, not your bad teammate).
  • Kill add before massacre, stand in shield.

The Vault Boss Strategy

All bosses have random AoE damage and a single spike damage skill. Just keep yer damn party healthy.

The Vault boss 1:  Sword Guy

  • Lots of fancy abilities.
  • Balls explode. lel.

The Vault boss 2: Axe guy

  • Colorful AoE. Do not stand
  • Knockback? Make sure youre NOT behind a ball.

The Vault boss 2: Robot Griest

  • Avoid marching robot (there’s spaces in between)
  • Sickness shall be purged, AoE heals.
  • Kill fireballs asap, they dont have aggro.
  • Avoid firelike “plumes”.
  • Break tethers by spreading apart from friend.

Bismarck (Hard) Limitless Blue strategy

  • Do not fall. (Tornado lel)
  • Shield in center irrelevant if your DPS has a few braincells.
  • Use harpoons -> MUST BE STANDING ON WHALE to DPS #WhalerightsPETA
  • Party takes damage while on whale, AoE heals.
  • Separate adds from each other.

The Great Gubal Library Boss Strategy

Library boss 1: Demon Wall II

  • Avoid the lane AoE.. gives slow n heavy. Demon Wall AK memory.
  • Ice floor? one press of movement makes you slide.
    • Remove little girl subligar.
    • Wear big girl subligar.
    • Deal with it.

Library boss 2: Bull

  • Fat line AoE? MOVE TOWARD HIM, FOOL!
  • Kill books.
  • Bring tether to boss.

Library boss 3: Refrigerator

  • Step on pink ‘summoning point’ to prevent adds.
    • ALL minipoints must be stood on to prevent adds in that circle.
    • comes in minipoints of 1’s, 2’s then 3’s.

Sorry for the light bordering stupid tone used in this guide. Since story dungeons are pretty damn intuitive, these will make your life a little bit easier.

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FFXIV ARR Haukke Manor Dungeon Guide

Once used by seedseers as a place for spiritual reflection and meditation, Haukke Manor was long frowned upon by the people of Gridania as a symbol of excess. After years of protest, the building was finally sold to a wealthy duskwight by the name of Lady Amandine.

While little is known of the Lady, it was said that she was exceptionally vain, and that to maintain her impeccable beauty, she would spare no expense. From facial creams concocted from rare Coerthas honeys to shampoos derived from the milk of exotic phurbles, her daily ritual of beauty treatments escalated until it was rumored she was bathing in the blood of her virgin maidservants. No amount of man-made tinctures, however, could hide the hideous scars she eventually suffered during the Clamity, and from that day forth she was forced to turn to a darker solution, signing away her very soul in a final effort to “save face.”

Haukke Manor Objective

Haukke Manor is a 3 story building. You start on the first level, moving to the cellarage and finally to the 2nd level where you fight the final boss Lady Amandine. Make sure you visit all rooms to get keys so you can unlock the doors to all the treasure coffers. Roaming monsters called Manor Maidservants traverse the halls of the manor and add a flavor to the battle if kept unnoticed, make sure you pull them away from your fight. In this dungeon, your TANK’s skills will show their worth.

Haukke Manor Requirements

  • Party Size: Four
  • Either a disciple of war or magic
  • Level: 29 (Sync from 31)
  • Time Limit: 90mins
  • Must have the level 28 story quest, Skeletons in Her Closet

How to get to Haukke Manor?

Where is Haukke Manor? It’s located in the Central Shroud near the White Wolf Gate of Gridania or Bentbranch Meadows FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-how-to-get-to-Haukke-Manor

Haukke Manor Map/General Strategy/Tips

FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Map click image to enlarge   Patrol Monsters: Throughout the halls of Haukke Manor you will notice patrol monsters that, if given the chance, will join in your fight if you take them for granted. The best strategy is to pull these monsters away from the pack before encountering other monsters. Manor Maidservants: these monsters are annoying to say the least, because they join in fights and they cast PBAoE spells that deal significant damage. The key is to either lure these Maidservants to encounter them first before taking care of the other monsters. FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Manor-Maidservant


Haukke Manor Boss Strategy

Manor Claviger

The Manor Claviger has a few tricks up her sleeve but nothing to worry too much about, all the party needs to do is make sure the TANK keeps enmity while party members face her back to avoid the cleave attack, make sure everyone coordinates their stuns for her Dark Mist skill.

  • Cleave (cone based Cleave attack): the Manor Claviger has an ability which she uses at will, it is targeted to whoever has her enmity. It’s best to keep the party facing her back while the TANK stays up in front to minimize damage of the team. Her sword then turns
  • Dark Mist (PBAoE): This ability is disruptable by stunning the Claviger, if left to cast, it will deal significant AoE damage, if you cannot stun the Claviger while she is casting this, or are unsure if one of your party members can, move away from the cast circle.
  • Void Fire II (Targetted AoE): We noticed the Claviger casts her Void Fire to party members who are fighting her from a distance, she will cast

FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Manor-Claviger-Void-Fire FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Manor-Claviger-Cleave

Manor Jester and Manor Steward

This can be a difficult fight if the party keeps changing targets… We usually attend to the Manor Jester first, while ensuring the TANK keeps enmity of both the Jester and the Steward. The Manor Steward casts a Soul Drain (PBAoE), but nothing that a coordinated disruption by stunning him cant handle. The TANK is the star of the fight in this battle.

  • Manor Jester: Ranged attacker with Ice based abilities
  • Manor Steward: Melee attacker
    • Soul Drain (PBAoE): Much like the Dark Mist of the Claviger, the Steward casts Soul Drain at random intervals but easily avoided with a coordinated stun. Again, if you are not sure that your party can stun the Steward, get out of that casting circle!


Lady Amandine

The overall strategy to defeat Lady Amandine is to ensure that each player executes their role the way they should. TANK and HEALER keeps emnity of Lady Amandine and any ADDS, while the DPS extinguishes lamps and defeats ADDS. All party members should be alert for casting circles and stay away from them. The most important skill to stun is the Dark Mist. All other details of the fight are below:

  • Void Lamps: Lady Amandine lights up lamps located at the four corners of her chamber, if you leave them unnoticed they will deal AoE damage (Void Fire) every 10 seconds or so. It’s important to interact and disable the Lamps before the AoE damage overwhelms your HEALER. The TANK should keep the emnity of Lady Amandine.
  • Dark Mist (PBAoE): Just like the Manor Maidservant, the Lady has an AoE that can be disrupted by stunning her, if you let her cast this at the wrong time this it is an easy wipe. Stay away from the casting circle if you cannot stun or you feel no one in your party will be able to!
  • Void Fire II (Targetted AoE): Much like the Manor Claviger, Lady Amandine casts Void Fire AoE, the fight will be a lot easier if the party stays away from its casting circle
  • Lady’s Candle (Bombs): At random times in the encounter Lady Amandine will summon bombs, be careful of these bombs, when they explode and you are within the explosion radius, they can kill you and your party members, make sure to stay clear from their exploding raduis!
  • Last Hurrah! (AD wave): The lady is a tough one, and when she reaches about 25% of life she will summon ADS that need to be disposed of or else the healer will not be able to cope up. There are two ways to handle this, fastest way is to save up your limit break for the THM, if your party has one and have them use it at this stage, the other way is to have your DPS make short work of each ADD while the tank keeps emnity on both the Lady and the rest of the ADS. Oh and BTW, these ADS seem to be immune to sleep!

FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Amandine-Ads FFXIV-ARR-Haukke-Manor-Amandine

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