FFXIV 2.4 Patch Information, Patchnotes & Changelog

READY FOR 2.4!? FFXIV reveals a MASSIVE patch with a chunky amount of new content! Find out MORE about 2.4 HERE! (Release Date, Information, Patchnotes)

ffxiv 2.4 patch notes changelog information

FFXIV Patch 2.4  is finally here!!! Here’s our “human friendly” FFXIV 2.4 patchnotes and changelog! As usual we will have 2 major chunks in this guide, a starting quest table and new content guide.

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2.4 Starting Quests Chart

We will be putting together a table of quests in 2.4 that unlock newer content, much like in our 2.3 Patch post. It will be up as soon as the specific information is available.

Traitor in the Midst
(Story Quest Continuation)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Rising Stones (X:6 Y:5)
NPC: Minfilia
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Brave New Companions.”
Fragments of Truth
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Waking Sands (X:6 Y:4)
NPC: Urianger
Players must first complete the quest “Alisaie’s Resolve.”
Eight-armed and Dangerous
(Hildebrand Continuation)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Eastern La Noscea (X:32 Y:30)
NPC: Ellie
Players must first complete the quest “A Case of Indecency.”
Death of a Mailman
(Delivery Moogle)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:10 Y:11)
NPC: Deputy Postmoogle
Carrier level 12
It’s Definitely Pirates
(Sastasha Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8)
NPC: Bloezoeng
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
The Wrath of Qarn
(Sunken Temple Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8)
NPC: Hugubert
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon,” and have completed The Sunken Temple of Qarn.
Peasants by Day, Ninjas by Night
Rogue level 30 / Pugilist level 15
Limsa Lominsa – Lower Decks (X:8 Y:16)
NPC: Jacke”
Players must first complete the quest “Cloying Victory.”
The Path of the Righteous
(Snowcloak [Middle of story quests])
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12 Y:17)
NPC: Drillemont
Players must first complete the quest “First Blood.”

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What we know so far?

(FFXIV 2.4 Patch Official Trailer)

New Class and Job: Ninja and Rogue

ffxiv 2.4 ninja and rogue preview

For the first time in FFXIV:ARR a new class and job are introduced! Rogue and Ninja! As far as we know the Rogue and Ninja are Melee DPS classes which HOPEFULLY uses DEX as their main attribute so the loot distribution will be more even. Since Ninja is an advanced job, we currently do not know what the other level 15 class requirement is. We will be updating that when we can!

On Ninja Gear & Stats: Ninjas will be using any gear Monk can use that was introduced PRE 2.4. Coming 2.4 (FCoB Allagan drops), Ninja will have their own unique gear drops. Their main stat is DEX, and as such will be sharing right side drops with Bard. Ninja Primal Weapons and Relic weapon will be introduced as well.

The Rogue class cannot be chosen upon character creation. If you’re a new player wanting to be NINJA you should choose Pugilist then level it to 15, then proceed to become Rogue.


Preview of Rogue Skills | Preview of Ninja Skills

New dungeons!

Snowcloak: A brand new dungeon featuring FENRIR! The BGM of this dungeon is super sweet!
Sastasha (Hard): It’s DEFINITELY Pirates!
Sunken Temple of Qarn (Hard): Avoirdupois, come back…

New Primal Battle: Shiva

Well, finally! One of the three primary elemental summons(in the FF universe): Ifrit, Ramuh and Shiva are finally complete! The Shiva encounter location name is: The Akh Afah Ampitheatre. (Shiva preview in trailer)

The Final Coil of Bahamut

The sweet name on that one! 2.4 DELIVERS with, almost certainly, 4 more bosses! Is it time to see… “Him”? Item level is 130. Supposedly boss 3 and 4 are “Huge Spoilers”. The Oil of Time and Sands of Time system will be re-implemented in this coil (with different name of course). The new High Allagan gear (130) is called DREADWYRM.

You have come far… to know the truth.

Turn 10: “Allagan Behemoth”
Turn 11: “Allagan Hydra”
Turn 12: ???
Turn 13: “Is it Bahamut?”

Preview FCoB in trailer.

New tomestone: Poetics. (Tomestone Gear)

Mythology is now gone, Soldiery taking its place. Poetics is the new highest tier tomestone. Poetics tomestone gear is called IRONWORKS, with raid drop upgrades AUGMENTED IRONWORKS.

i110 Crafted Gear, New Glamor Gear

i110 Crafted left-side is confirmed. i110 right side (accessories) will probably come in a future patch.

Crafter & Gatherer Updates

New gear and recipes will be available for DOH and DOL classes. Here’s the breakdown…

New slots for both DOL and DOH

  • Off-hand
  • Hands
  • Legs
  • Feet


  • Chest

IXALI OAKNOTS are very important for these upgrades. So if you’ve been lazing off in your Ehcatl Nine quests… (like me) it’s time to help some beastmen.

Future Plans for FFXIV (Possibly 2.4-2.5)

3.0 Expansion: Heavensward announced. [Link: Heavensward Trailer] A token based loot system to mitigate RNG
The ability to help train friends in coil even if your loot lockout is finished.


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Well I think that’s about it! If you have anything to add, or we missed something let us know! As always, like us on Facebook for updates!

FFXIV Patch 2.3 Changelog, Patchnotes and Information

What’s new coming in FFXIV Patch 2.3? A more human-friendly version of the patchnotes & Changelog of 2.3!


Patch 2.3 in FFXIV is comin up, and it’s a big one!!! Here’s our version of the 2.3 Patchnotes, with a more “human friendly” changelog, haha. This guide has 2 major chunks, 1 – Starting quest locations and what they’re for and 2 – Our notes.

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The Great Divide
(Leads up to Ramuh)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
The Rising Stones (X: 6 Y:5)
NPC: Minfilia
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Through the Maelstrom.”
Syrcus Tower
(CT 2)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:30 Y:12)
NPC: Rammbroes
Players must first complete the quest “For Prosperity.”
The Business of Betrothal
(Hildibrand continuation)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Western Thanalan (X:13 Y:14)
NPC: Ellie
Players must first complete the quest “The Three Collectors.”
Of Errant Epistles
(Delivery Moogle)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:30 Y:13)
NPC: Klynthota
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
Sing Me Another Song
(ScoB Brutal)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:21 Y:8)
NPC: Alys
Players must first complete the quest “The Ultimate Ballad” and have completed the Second Coil of Bahamut – Turn 4.
Simply to Dye For
(AF Dyeing)
Level 1
Mor Dhona (X:21 Y:8)
NPC: Alys
Players must first complete the level 50 job quest for a Disciple of War or Magic, and also have completed the quest “Color Your World.”
Bird in Hand
(Chocobo Raising)
Level 30
Central Shroud (X:20 Y:21)
NPC: Luquelot
Players must first complete the quest “My Feisty Little Chocobo” and also belong to a free company which owns an estate.
Gone to Pieces
Disciple of the Hand level 30
Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (X:4 Y:10)
NPC: Syntgoht
Players must first complete the quest “Life, Materia, and Everything.”
Magiteknichal Difficulties
(Mount emotes?)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:21 Y:7)
NPC: Slafborn
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon,” and have also acquired a magitek mount.
The Greatest Story Never Told
(Winebaud’s Riddles)
(New type of Puzzle Quest)
Level 1
Western Thanalan (X:18 Y:17)
NPC: Valiant Hart
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
King of the Hull
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:22 Y:8)
NPC: Bloezoeng
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
Corpse Groom
(Tamtara Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X:12 Y:8)
NPC: Paiyo Reiyo
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
Blood for Stone
(Stone Vigil Hard)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Mor Dhona (X:21 Y:8)
NPC: Faillicie
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”
Like Civilized Men and Women
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Players must first complete the quest “A Pup No Longer” for any of the three Grand Companies.
Let the Hunt Begin
(Hunting & Marks)
Disciple of War or Magic level 50
Players must first attain the rank of Second Storm Lieutenant.
The Greatest Story Never Told
(Winebaud’s Riddles)
(New type of Puzzle Quest)
Level 1
Western Thanalan (X:18 Y:17)
NPC: Valiant Hart
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “The Ultimate Weapon.”


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New Primal Battle: Ramuh (The Striking Tree)

Just like Levi, there is a Hard (story version, pretty much) and Extreme (LOOTS!). EX required ilvl 85+.

Ramuh, the Lord of Levin finally makes an appearance in 2.3!
Drops: ilvl 100 Weapons and ilvl100 Ring.

Completion of new story quests is required to fight Ramuh!

Second Coil of Bahamut: Brutal / Type Zero

A new version of each boss in SCoB, which are supposedly extremely difficult. There are no loot rewards, but there are titles gained from each boss killed. (Lockout is shared with normal coil). The only real requirement to undertaking these turns is completing ScoB Turn 4 (Turn 9).

Boss (Turn #) : Title

Rafflesia (Turn 6): Rafflesias Reaper
Melusine (Turn 7): Melusine Mauler
The Avatar (Turn 8): The Avatar
Nael (Turn 9): Domitor

Yes, the turn 8 title isn’t a typo.

The Hunt has been added!

There are no quest requirements to begin hunting – they’re only there for tutorials!

There are two types of hunts. Elite Marks which reset weekly, and Normal Marks which reset daily. Mark Bills are found on a new job board in each Grand Company headquarters.

Completing Marks give you special currency that you can exchange for the following: (Major rewards listed)

  • Sand of time
  • Oil of time
  • Alexandrite
  • Minions
  • Special Weapons
  • Special Armor

Regular Marks are different per player, Elite Marks are shared by everybody.

3 New Dungeons!

Hullbreaker Isle – Starting Quest from Mor Dhona “King of the Hull“.

Tam-tara Deepcroft (Hard) – Starting Quest from Ul’dah, Steps of Nald “Corpse Groom“.

Stone Vigil (Hard) – Starting Quest from Mor Dhona “Blood for Stone“.

Each dungeon has a requirement of at least item level 70 – rewards are currently unknown.

Syrcus Tower or “CT 2”

The second level of Crystal Tower has been added, rewarding iLvl 100 armor pieces in all left side slots!

The same weekly item limit applies to this floor too, sadly. Characters may only loot 1 Item per week. The final boss of CT2 may spawn a fourth chest (not 100%). The item inside DOES NOT follow the 1 item per week rule.

Frontlines PvP

A new form of group PvP has been added to FFXIV!! Players are able to go up against each other in Grand Company vs Grand Company fashion.

The only requirement is being level 50, and finishing the quest “Like Civilived Men and Women” from your GC HQ.

Crafting Updates & Desynthesis

A higher level weapon is available for crafters. They seem to be upgraded versions of the original blue weapons. New mastercraft recipes are available.

More powerful right side accessories can now be crafted. Naturally we will be updating our crafting gear guides to account for this.

Desynthesis… the details arent really fleshed out on this. AFAIK you can desynthesize anything if you have the crafter level for it. There is also a Desynthesis Level. All 8 crafting classes “share” a Desynthesis EXP pool. You cannot max all of them. You will usually get Shards/Crystals/Clusters and relevant crafting materials as you desynthesize. However, there are special rewards that can only be obtained thru desynthesis.

Apparently, gatherers can also desynthesize.

Gathering Updates & Treasure Hunts

New nodes have been added and new items. Not so sure if they’re unspoiled, normal or both. Will be updating. In both good and bad news, GP CAP is increased with ilvl 55+ accesories.

There is now a Tier 2 treasure map. “Unhidden Leather Map” can be obtained in chest rewards from completing other treasure maps. Required level 50, and item level 70 is recommended for undertaking these challenges.

Timeworn Toadskin Maps now drop “Rush Grass”.

Chocobo Raising (NOT RACING)

After completing the quest “A Bird in Hand” (Central Shroud), and are part of an FC with a house – you can become a Chocobo Raiser! You can raise your chocobo level above 10 by using a Thavnarian Onion. (Ain’t nobody got times fo that!)

You can also give them food to increase their stats while fighting. (…yey)

Personal Chambers

You can have your own little room in your FC house! Only players with in FC House may have private quarters. (Note: Ward 6 has been added in all housing regions). It costs 300,000 gil. A current limit of 50 furnishings can be placed.

Class Changes

  • TL;DR – BLM’s do more single target damage.
  • Defiance and Oaths dont drop from tanks when dying.
  • WHM’s PoM is now a lot better.
  • SMN Bio II cost reduced, Aerial Slash is instant now!
  • ALL CC in PvP reduced considerably.


The Greatest Story Never Told – (Central Thanalan) is a new type of quest that supposedly gives no clues to the player.

AF1 Armor dyeable: Your old armor can now be dyed! Complete the quest “Simply to Dye For” in Mor Dhona. Then it requires an item we’re not quite sure on how to get (yet).

Chocobo respec: You can reallocate your chocobo skills using Raegan Pepper from your GC. It costs a whopping 48k marks.

Company Action costs reduced: A healthy reduction to most company actions. This is a welcome change indeed!

Reduced GC switching time limit: from 30 to 15 days.

Gardening: Gysahl Greens / Krakka Root / Thavnairian Onion / Curiel Root / Sylkis Bud / Mimett Gourd / Tantalplant / Pahsana Fruit / Onion Prince / Eggplant Knight / Garlic Jester / King Tomato / Mandragora Queen / Pear Roselle can now be obtained from gardening.

What do these guys do? who knows. And a very strange line in the update: Certain seeds obtained from intercrossing have been changed.

OFFICIAL 2.3 PATCHNOTEShttp://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/1b12a119f8bcda2698811c441c0982e8d9d7cd95

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Well I think that’s about it! If you have anything to add, or we missed something let us know! As always, like us on Facebook for updates!

FFXIV Patch 2.2 Information Compilation

ffxiv 2 2 patch notes changelog information

Patch 2.2 is upon us! And there’s ALOT OF NEW STUFF! Through the Maelstrom is the official name for FFXIV Patch 2.2, and by the looks of Leviathan, through the Maelstrom seems pretty appropriate! Bookmark this page, folks! (Also, feel free to tell us anything you know! Hit the Comments below!)

*All info here is, like always, tentative until release.

When is 2.2 Patch coming? (Date): March 27th 2014
Tentative Maintenance Time: 25h

New Primal Battles!

Leviathan, The Whorleater (Hard & Extreme) – A brand new primal, Leviathan, will be added to the duty finder.

Good King Moggle Mog XII, Thornmarch (Extreme) – King Mog is back with a higher difficulty setting!

Bahamut’s Coil Turn 6-9!

4 more turns will be added to Bahamut’s Coil! Supposedly you have to beat Turn 5 first, though…
The dropped armor is iLvl 110. The new weapons are iLvl 115. (Gear is called High Allagan)

Bahamut’s Coil Turn 6

Bahamut’s Coil Turn 7

Bahamut’s Coil Turn 8

Bahamut’s Coil Turn 9

From what we’ve seen, It’s gonna be pretty wild.

Zodiac Weapon

Some kind of new “relic related” weapon is in the works. Here’s what we know…

  • Long term task (Starts in 2.2 – and continues thru multiple future patches)
  • Stats can be “customized” to an extent!

New Dungeons & Difficulties!

Lost city of Ampdapor – The soundtrack here seems amazing!

Brayflox’s Longstop (HARD)
Halatali (HARD)

These hardmodes of older dungeons look really really awesome. What iLvl will these dungeons drop? It’s currently unknown.

Retainer Ventures!

This is really interesting, I wonder how this will play out! Here’s all we know about them..

  • Retainers are considered one of three possible “classes” (Fighter, Sorcerer, Gatherer)
  • Their level cap is equal to your max level in those classes.
  • They can hunt for items, and some items can only be obtained by ventures.
  • They can be equipped to tackle more difficult ventures.
  • You need a special Venture Token to send them out.
  • They need to eat food!

You can also buy 2 additional retainers @ 200Y ea (Around 2USD), but sadly this is a monthly price.

Glamours (Vanity Slots)

f i n a l l y, we can customize how we look! Apparently ANY piece of gear can be glamoured (even accessories).


Glamours can be done as long as the following are met:
The two items are the same type/slot.
The “look” item has equal or lower item level.
Same class/job requirements.
Same race/gender requirements.

You need a Glamour Prism / Glamour Dispeller to do these things. (Crafters?)

How can we get vanity gear!? Luckily, the quest location is already known.

Quest NameA Self-improving Man
Required LevelLevel 50
Quest LocationMor Dhona (X:22, Y:6) – Wiscard

It seems like a long-term goal, but we wish to compile all vanity sets screenshots… HOH.

Official Post on Glamours

New Beast Tribe Daily Quests!

Kobold Beast Tribe Quests (789th Order Dig) – Kobolds who have presumably released themselves “Under the Weight” of Titan.

To unlock the Kobold Beast Quests, go to…

Quest NameRequired Level and Location
Highway RobberyDisciple of War or Magic level 41
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:12 Y:12)
NPC: Trachraet

Sahagin Beast Tribe Quests – Just in time for Leviathan, these fishdudes will be the part of the next set of friendly beastmen!

To unlock the Sahagin Beast Quests, go to…

Quest NameRequired Level and Location
They Came from the DeepDisciple of War or Magic level 41
Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks (X:13 Y:12)
NPC: R’ashaht Rhiki

Of course there will be new mounts and minions!

Official Post on 2.2 Beast Tribes

Crafting & Gathering Changes!

Disciples of Hand

New crafting recipes for level 50 and below will be added. Also, “Master Recipes” will be added to supposedly challenge even the most geared of crafters. Alot of vanity gear will be added to the crafting recipes.

Some changes for lower level crafters, such as a FC Housing Workbench giving CP BOOST to crafters level 40 and below. Also a system to upgrade your crafting weapons while leveling up!
For max level crafters, apparently some high-end crafting gear will be extremely difficult to get.

We will be attempting to compile all new recipes for 2.2 – (link)

Disciples of Land

As mentioned down there in the gardening section, Seeds and Soil will be gathered by Botanists and Miners respectively.

New Mining & Botany Nodes will be added, for sure we will attempt to update our:
Mining Node Locations Botany Node Locations As quick as possible.
(These nodes are be high-level, luckily their location is given…)

Level 50 Quarrying
Western Thanalan – Nophica’s Well
Unspoiled Mineral Deposit
Lower La Noscea/Central Thanalan/Northern Thanalan
Unspoiled Rocky Outcrop
Middle La Noscea/Western Thanalan/South Shroud
Unspoiled Mature Tree
Middle La Noscea/Upper La Noscea/North Shroud
Unspoiled Lush Vegetation Patch
Western La Noscea/Lower La Noscea/Central Shroud

Big Fishing – Quite vague for now… but it sounds pretty cool.

Official Post on Crafting & Gathering in 2.2


We all secretly loved Harvest Moon, right? Gardening is done in FC housing, and settings can be placed on who can farm/gather/water your garden. How to start farming it up?

Buy a Farming Plot from one of these vendors:

Mist (X:11, Y:11) – Housing Merchant
Lavender Beds (X:11, Y:8) – Housing Merchant
The Goblet (X:11, Y:8) – Housing Merchant

There are 3 types of plots, varying in size. They allow for 4/6/8 seeds respectively. Maintenance of your plants isn’t going to be a hassle, which is a relief. Plants may take up to 3-5 days to grow fully. Of course, different seeds will yield different item. There are items which can be obtained through Gardening ONLY.

Plant Cross-breeding is also available. Not much is known as of yet but planting 2 different plants next to each other may result in them cross-breeding!

Echo Buff for Old Content

Alot of older content will have the echo buff applies. The more times a party dies (after 3 or more minutes of fighting), the stronger they become – to increase their chances in clearing the duty. This of course has a cap.


New Hairstyles will be added in 2.2

New Quests!

Expanded main scenario quests, and of course, Hildebrand.

Whats in Store Past 2.2…

They mentioned a few things in the Live Letter.

[To be Added]

Well, I think that covers it for now. We will be adding to this as we learn more! For updates, check us out on Facebook!

FFXIVGuild Into the Aether 004: Geomancer & Chemist!

ffxiv arr weekly editorial banner into the aether 004
Welcome to the fourth issue of Into The Aether! This is the final post in a series where we are speculating the next possibly classes and jobs for FFXIV! Last week on Into the Aether, we revealed the Berserker, Fighter & Spellbow. We do apologize for the delay while we fixed up our bugged out menus but here it is! The last two jobs of our speculations: Geomancer and Chemist!

This weeks Reveal/s:


Requirements: CNJ 30 THM 15

Conjurers have always been considered the masters of the worldly elements, taking control of earth, wind and water. Although they are mostly revered for their healing magic, some Conjurers have honed their control of the elements to become potent mages on the battlefield. These new Geomancers use their control of the aether of the environment to destroy their enemies using the very ground they stand on.

Core skills – what makes the GEO a Geomancer?

Geomancers Stance (Trait) – Changes Cleric Stance into Geomancers Stance. Increases elemental damage, increases INT, reduces healing. All elemental spells have a chance of reducing the resistance of its specific element for a short duration, stackable.

Stone III – Massive single target damage. When earth elemental resist debuff stacks reach 3, the next Stone III spell will become an AoE and consume the stacks.

Water Ball – Channeling single target water damage spell. Launches multiple water balls over the duration. If water resist debuff is at 3, the next Water Ball will also regain some mana per ball hit.

Aero III – Wind damage and Wind DoT. If Aero I, Aero II, and Aero III  are all applied on the target and the wind resist debuff stack is 3, they combine onto one DoT debuff called Tornado that also deals damage to all enemies around the target.

Whirlpool – Leaves an AoE that deals water damage while within it. Increased chance of placing a water elemental resist debuff per tick of damage. Also applies heavy.

Terra Break – Over a large area, applies max elemental debuff for all elements, Tornado on each target and a larger, more potent Whirlpool.

We wanted to keep the elemental theme taken from the CNJ into the GEO. We also thought about incorporating the constant Final Fantasy “Terrain” mechanic but we concluded that it would be hard to balance. This is because this would mean that you would only see a certain skill in certain encounters. At least with our current speculation, you still have that feeling of being able to adapt in the battlefield.

Geomancers in other FF’s: Geomancers are fairly prominent in the FF series and in all of their iterations they all have the same mechanic, Terrain. Their skills/spells would be based on the terrain that they, or their target, would be standing on.



Requirements: MSK 30 CNJ 15

Every Lominsan boat crew needs its own purveyor of potions and remedies. Having expertise with local flora and fauna, these Chemists brew their own home made potions, forgoing those made by local Alchemists deeming them too weak and ineffective. They help their shipmates through these potions that seem to make the men faster, stronger, smarter and last longer in the battlefield, making them almost essential in a fight.

Core skills – what makes the CHM a Chemist?

Healing Salve – Single target heal with a Regen that starts out stronger based on missing health and reduces in potency over time.

Healing Balm – AoE heal with a Regen that starts out stronger based on missing health and reduces in potency over time.

Disinfectant – Removes status effects on target and in a small radius around target. All players hit will be immune to other status ailments for a short duration.

Battle Tonic – increases attack and magic power for a short duration, only one buff may be active at one time per target

Stimulant – increases skill and spell speed for a short duration, only one buff may be active at one time per target

Anesthetic – increases magic and physical resistances for a short duration, only one buff may be active at one time per target

Unstable Mixture – massive single target heal with a long lasting Regen that gains in potency over time. Gives all buffs of Battle Tonic, Stimulant and Anesthetic at double strength but leaves the target exhausted after its duration. Exhaustion leaves the target unable to receive buffs from Chemists and has reduced offensive stats for the duration.

The CHM falls into this weird pesudo 4th role, support, just like the BRD. Although this time, its a healer support instead of a dps support role. Since only one buff may be active at one time per party member, a CHM needs to know when to juggle which buff on which person. Making sure everyone has offensive buffs on a DPS race or throwing that clutch defensive buff at a dying party member.

It would be nice to see this kind of active healing/supporting in FFXIV.

Chemists in other FF’s: Ofcourse, our first fond memory of a Chemist class is the one from Final Fantasy Tactics, which is kind of where we based our Chemist on. Chemists are found in quite a few FF’s but are also sometimes called Alchemists.

So here’s our final weekly tracker:


Gear Distribution

Striking – MNK BSK
Maiming – DRG DKN
Aiming – BRD GNS

That’s it for our job speculation series! Stay tuned next week for an all new themed Into The Aether!

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[ Into the Aether Archives ]

FFXIVGuild Into the Aether 003: Berserker, Fighter & Spellbow!

This week on Into the Aether will be our third speculation on the next/new classes of FFXIVARR. Berserker, Fighter and Spellbow!

ffxiv arr weekly editorial banner into the aether 003

Welcome to the third issue of Into The Aether! This is the third in a series where we are speculating the next possibly classes and jobs for FFXIV! Last week on Into the Aether, we revealed the Gunslinger, Templar and Astrologer!

This weeks Reveal/s:


Requirements: MRD 30 LNC 15

Seeking to refine their mastery of heavy weapons: the more “forward” members of the Marauders guild trained with the great spears of gridania. These axe-wielding madmen had seemingly lost their sense of self-preservation somewhere along the line. These “Weaponmasters” soon found a new unofficial, but more fitting, name amongst the people. The Berserkers.

Core skills – what makes the BSK a Berserker?

Bloodlust (Stance) – Every combo finish grants one stack of Unstoppable, each stack of Unstoppable grants 2% Damage Increase and a 5% chance to resist all forms of disable.

Bloodboil – Consumes all stacks of Bloodlust and decreases total enmity, Grants a 20% increase in Skill Speed for 20s for each stack consumed.

Hatred – For the next 20s, all enmity gained during this time is converted into damage. Enmity gained during this time is 0.

Wild Cleave – All basic attacks and weapon skills will now cleave during the duration. Consumes all stacks of Bloodlust and decreases total enmity. (Also changes animations of each skill)

Reckless Abandon – Gives full stacks of Unstoppable. During the duration, skills no longer require the previous skill to gain its additional combo effects but also increase damage taken by 15%.

Since enmity was such a big part of the Marauder package, we needed to think of some way to use that into a DPS class. Now, the Berserker can use this emnity as a damage source as well. He also needs to manage his enmity levels because of the default emnity gains on his highest damage combo skill.

Berserkers in other FF’s: FFV, FFX-2, FFTTA2, Berserkers were most memorable to me in FFV, where you couldn’t give them any commands! They just purely attacked any enemy target with a huge bonus to ATK power. While this would be stupid implemented in an MMO, you can learn more about the history of the Berserk Status.

berserker in FFV

I really hope they retain the look of wearing animal hides!



Requirements: PGL 30 MRD 15

Just like the Monks of old from the ruins of Ala Mhigo, Fighters were once thought of as a lost art of the Ala Mhigan army. After the defeat of the Garlean forces in Eorzea, lost tribes are now reappearing from the dunes, eager to join society once more. Unlike Monks who choose to train to destroy their enemy with pure combat mastery, Fighters train to use the enemies strength against themselves. From the harshness of the sand dunes, Fighters seem to have equal parts of finesse and fury when disposing of his enemies.

Core skills – what makes the FTR a Fighter?

Harsh Training (Trait) – Fist of Earth is now renamed to Fist of the Sands. All combo skills now generate increased enmity. Reduces damage dealt by 20%.

Fist of the Sands – Reduce damage taken by 10%, increase dodge by 15%.

Crippling Punch – Must be used in Raptor form. Gives enemies a debuff that has a 3% chance to miss attacks or skills. Stackable to 3. Changes form to Coeurl.

Debilitating Strike – Must be used in Coeurl form. Reduces enemy damage by 5%. Stackable to 2. Changes form to Opo-Opo

Ironwill Strike – Combo from Haymaker. Reduces enemy damage by 15%. Also applies paralyze.

Rush – Jumps to a target enemy and taunts them. Increases dodge by 10%. Must be 5 yards away to use.

Steel Body – Increases magic and physical damage resistance by 50%. Reduces skill speed and move speed by 50%.

Fighters in other FF’s: Hmmm… they’re usually associated with the Warrior Class. While we wanted to speculate the infinitely more popular “Samurai”, we tried to stick with the limitation that the advanced jobs will use the same weapon as the base class.

A “martial arts” tank isn’t really a popular theme in FF. Strangely, the Monk from FFTactics would be the most similar. Do you remember any “tanky” martial fighter from other FF’s? Please let us know!


Requirements: ARC 30 ACN 15

Core skills – what makes the SPB a Spellbow?

Vengeful Aria – (Song) Increase unaspected Magic damage dealt by party members by 10%.

Forest Nocturne – (Song) Increase healing potency of party members by 10%.

Essence Break – combo from Bloodletter – A long duration DoT.

Poison Kiss – a “DoT” which gains potency if Windbite/Venombite/Essence Break are present on the target.

Bondfracture – Increase DoT damage taken by target by 20% for 15 seconds.

We wanted another Unaspected Magic Damage dealer to round things out! Similar to SMN, these guys are DoT based.

Spellbow in other FF’s: I really cannot think of a heavily spell based archer. The Sniper from FFTA2 comes to mind, however. This is more popular in the DnD world, Eldritch Archers / Arcane Archers are pretty commonplace in that lore!

So here’s our weekly tracker:

Plain Text = Already Known
Italicized = Our Speculation
Bold = To be revealed next week!

CNJ – WHM ???
MSK – GNS ???

Gear Distribution

Striking – MNK BSK
Maiming – DRG DKN
Aiming – BRD GNS
Healing – SCH WHM AST ???
Casting – BLM SMN ELE ???

What’s in store for next weeks Into the Aether? We will be revealing the last two of our speculated new jobs coming from Musketeer and Conjurer. Stay tuned!

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FFXIVGuild Into the Aether 002: Templar, Gunslinger, Astronomer!

What are the possible new / next jobs of FFXIV? We will be revealing three more of our speculations in this issue of Into the Aether!

ffxiv arr weekly editorial banner into the aether 002

Hi readers! Welcome to another installment of Into The Aether! With todays weekly editorial we have been doing a series which covers our theories into what the next possible classes & jobs are for FFXIV:ARR. Again I would like to remind you that these are all theories and speculations, nothing you see here has been confirmed.

This weeks Reveal/s:


Requirements: THM 30, ACN 15

Thaumaturges in the Coerthas Observatorium have long looked to the stars for new discoveries. With the help of the Arcanists of the Observatorium, the guilds have discovered something new: the control and use of Aether from the heavens itself. These magick-users then found the guild of Astrologers.

Core skills – what makes the AST an Astrologer?

Stargazer (Trait) – Umbral Fire now also affects Heal the same way it does with Fire. Umbral Ice now also affects Heal the same way it does with Blizzard. Every tick of Thunder heals a random party member for it’s damage.

Stardust – Gives Astral Fire , single target heal, has a chance to proc Moonlight free and no cast time.

Moonlight – Gives Astral Fire, does an initial heal and a regen both based on missing health, more health missing the stronger the heal and regen.

Constellation: Azeyma – Gives Umbral Ice, AoE heal and grants a weaker Apocostasis for a few seconds.

Constellation: Nophica – Gives Umbral Ice, small initial heal and a barrier that greatly increases physical and magical defenses for a short time

Equinox – Expends all of your current mana to heal and give a shield for double the mana spent. Removes all Umbral Ice or Fire stacks. Instant Cast.

Basically, you use the constellations on Umbral Ice phase, and Stardust/Moonlight on Fire Phases. The total potency of their heal skills are FAR below WHM and SCH to balance their “infinite” mana pool.

Astrologers in other FF’s

As far as we know, there is only one other Astronomer in the FF series. Olan from FF Tactics. He’s the one that spams the fearsome “Galaxy Stop”. Another note of trivia, when you fight Olan in the lions war, his main weapon equipped (book) is called the Omnilex! Hmm…



Requirements: MSK 30, ARC 15

The sailors from Limsa Lominsa are no strangers to firearms. Some members of the Marauders guild have dedicated themselves to the mastery of guns. With help from the Woodwailers in Gridania, this once crude weapon has become an example of precision and accuracy in Eorzea. These Gunslingers, masters of pistols, are now a mainstay in any ship leaving the ports of Limsa Lominsa. They are often seen carrying more than two sets of pistols on them and are the envy of many because of their speed, accuracy and their spirit of exploration.

Core skills – what makes the GNS a Gunslinger?

Maelstrom Gunslinger (Stance) – With a maximum of 24 Bullet Stacks, the Gunslinger can expend these stacks to cast certain skills. Combo skills now deal additional bleed damage but use 1 Bullet stack.  You can regain bullet stacks by using certain abilities or the main Gunslinger mechanic: Reload.

Reload – Gain 6 Bullet stacks.

Speed Reload – Gain 24 bullet stacks. Long cooldown.

Pistol Shot – 2 Bullet Stacks. Combos from a basic skill. Increases damage taken from any damage over time source.

Double Tap – 12 Bullet stacks. Deal massive damage to a target, critical hits have a chance to deal extra damage. Also has a chance to refund the Bullet stacks spent.

Volley – 18 bullet Stacks. Channeling. Deal AoE damage in an area that also slows movement.

Rapid Fire – Channeling. 6 Bullet stacks per second. Deals damage and leaves a DoT based on how long the channeling was active.

Gunslingers in other FF’s

There are various Gun-type jobs found in FF. FFTA’s Gunners, FFX-2’s Gunmage and a whole host of others.

As for main characters many were known to have guns. In FFXIV alone, Merlwyb (Admiral of the Maelstrom). Vincent Valentine (FFVII), Irvine Kinneas (FFVIII) and Sazh Katzroy (FFXIII).


Requirements: LNC 30, GLD 15

With increasing threat on the nation the Gridanian Wood Wailers, Discovering the lack of a true front-line, decided to train a new kind of fighter. Emissaries from the esteemed lancers guild traveled to Ul’dah to train with the gladiators. Eschewing the use of the shield, these heavy knights favored heavy armor and a deadly halberd. They decided to honor the Temple Guardians of old, and named their new-found fighting style the art of Templars.

Core skills – what makes the TMP a Templar?

Art of The Templars (Stance) – Removes the need for positioning on skills and all combos now also generate increased emnity. This also increases magic and physical defense but decreases damage dealt.

Combat Preparation – The Templar readies himself, giving him increased defenses and resistances

Ring of Fire – Combo from Ring of Thorns, leaves a ground effect that deals damage over time. Has emnity generation.

Head Stab – Silences an enemy and leaves him vulnerable to attacks for a short period of time. Also increases the Templar’s resistances and defenses.

Defender – The Templar plants himself firmly on the ground. During the duration he takes 50% reduced damage and has reduced movement speed (Heavy). He cannot be disabled,  slowed or knocked back during the duration.

Templars in other FF’s

Strictly speaking, Templars only ever appeared in the FFTA series. Are they other Templar-like people from FF’s? (Heavily armored spear-users). Although a lot of “dragoon” like characters come to mind… (Freya, Kimahri, Cid…)

The first thing that comes to mind is Odin! While he’s been known to have a sword these days, there are times he’s depicted with his spear Gungnir!

So here’s our weekly tracker:

Plain Text = Already Known
Italicized = Our Speculation
Bold = To be revealed next week!

MRD – WAR ???
CNJ – WHM ???
PGL – MNK ???
MSK – GNS ???
ARC – BRD ???

Gear Distribution

Fending – WAR PLD TMP ???
Striking – MNK DKN
Maiming – DRG ???
Aiming – BRD GNS
Healing – SCH WHM AST ???
Casting – BLM SMN ??? ???

What’s in store for next weeks Into the Aether? We will be revealing THREE MORE  of our speculated new jobs from the base class Pugilist, Marauder and Archer! 

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FFXIVGuild: Into the Aether 001 “New classes & Jobs!?”

Welcome to the first issue of “Into the Aether”! For this week and the next issues, we will be discussing the possible next/new jobs and classes!

ffxiv arr weekly editorial banner into the aether 001

Into the Aether is one of our weekly editorials where we discuss and share our thoughts about what could be in store for FFXIV:ARR in the near future. These posts are purely our speculations and should not be considered as official announcements. We’re just letting our imagination run wild!

One of the most exciting things to wait for in FFXIV:ARR is the release of more classes and jobs. Over the course of the next few weeks, “Into the Aether” will reveal to you our predictions and discussions on what are the possible upcoming jobs and classes. Note that we are in no way “serious” or telling you that “We bet our souls it’s gonna be this!”. This is purely an exercise in fun!

First off, we decided that no one class can have two jobs of the same role type or have two of the important roles (healer & tank). There is however ONE exception which you will find out in the weeks to come!

We also took into heavy consideration the Gear Distribution and Role Distribution. We are also considering MUSKETEER as an existing base class because of the existing guild emblem in Limsa Lominsa.


So here’s going to be our weekly tracker:

Plain Text = Already Known
Italicized = Our Speculation
Bold = To be revealed this/next week!

GLD – PLD ???
MRD – WAR ???
CNJ – WHM ???
THM – BLM ???
PGL – MNK ???
LNC – DRG ???
MSK – ??? ???
ARC – BRD ???

Gear Distribution

Fending – WAR PLD ??? ???
Striking – MNK ???
Maiming – DRG ???
Aiming – BRD ???
Healing – SCH WHM ??? ???
Casting – BLM SMN ??? ???

This weeks Reveal:


ffxiv dark knight speculation

Requirements: GLD 30, THM 15

With advancements by the thaumaturges guild, control of the aether has been deemed safe for others to use. Because of this, Gladiators looking for a new style of fighting have come to learn channel the aether into their attacks. These new “Aether Knights” have been affectionately called, Dark Knights by the Coliseum fans. Although considered heretics by the Paladin Order, Dark Knights have been welcomed into Ul’Dah society by the populace. Are they trust worthy enough with their manipulation of the aether?

Core skills – what makes the DKN a Dark Knight?

Dark Oath – Converts all damage to Unaspected Magical Damage. All weaponskills use  Magic Damage Potency to determine damage. This also reduces emnity generation. All skills that increase defenses increases Magic Potency instead. All combos from GLD skills, adds one stack of Void Aether. Void Aether increases HP regeneration and life steal % per stack.

Corrupt – Consumes one stack of Void Aether to deal a DoT. Uses MP.

Shadowbite – Combo from Fast Blade. Deals Damage and consumes any remaining duration of Corrupt to deal extra damage. Consumes one stack of Void Aether. Uses MP.

Bloodsword – Combo from Riot Blade. Consumes all Void Aether to deal massive damage and at the cost of your own HP. The more Void Aether stacks consumed, the stronger the damage.

Void Surge – Instantly doubles current Void Aether stacks and can go over the maximum. Lasts for 15 seconds.

Drawing from Gladiator skills ,we had to find a way to change up the “tanky” nature of their skills. As a Dark Knight, choosing when to consume your Void Aether stacks will be vital. Do you keep your stacks for sustainability? Or burst your target down with Void Surge and Bloodsword?

Dark Knight in other FF’s

There are quite a few Dark Knights in other Final Fantasy titles. Names like Gafgarion from FF Tactics and of course, Cecil from FFIV. Dark Knights are also found in Final Fantasy XI as a playable class. (Yes, we’re aware some sources say Goffard Gafgarion was a “Fell Knight”.

What’s in store for next weeks Into the Aether? We will be revealing three of our speculated new jobs. Stay tuned! These jobs will be coming from Thaumaturge, Lancer and Musketeer!

This page will of course be updated as the game progresses and patches, and more gear will be introduced into the game.

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FFXIV Patch 2.1 Information Compilation

All we know about FFXIV 2.1 Patch – what to look forward to! [Updated 11/27]

ffxiv patch 2.1 patch notes changelog information

Here, we will be posting all information we know about the upcoming big content patch – FFXIV Patch 2.1. As time progresses, this page will be more and more populated with information and links, eventually turning into our official changelog / patchnotes for 2.1. Please feel free to comment or let us know on Facebook when something new appears! Bookmark this page, folks! (Also, feel free to tell us anything you know!)

*All info here is, like always, tentative until release.

Extreme Primal Battles

Extreme Primals now drop ilvl90 Accessories. One specific slot per primal. From what we can see with the stats, they come with either DET or Skill Speed.


Ifrit Extreme Mode  – will be added in patch 2.1

Garuda Exteme Mode  – will be added in patch 2.1

Titan Extreme Mode – will be added in patch 2.1

The ordering of difficulty is: Garuda > Titan > Ifrit

Each of the above links will initially contain a teaser video and eventually contain all we know about the encounters, and finally be turned into our official guide/strategy page for them.

Two New Primals

Good King Moogle Mog [Thornmarch] will be added as a primal battle.

Ultima Weapon [Minstrels Ballad] will be added as a primal battle.

New “Primal Relic Weapon” Quest

Details regarding this weapon aren’t final, but you can obtain a high level weapon by beating the extreme mode primals.

Player / Free Company Housing

Player housing will be introduced in Patch 2.1 (or soon thereafter) Housing will supposedly come in two forms:

  • Player Housing (Will be linked)
  • Free Company Housing (Will be linked)

Housing will be located in the 3 main cities:

  • Gridania Housing: Lavender Beds
  • Ul’dah Housing: The Goblet
  • Limsa Lominsa Housing: Mist 

Investing in your house is said to give you certain buffs and bonuses. We can assume player housing and free company housing buffs stack. It’s currently unknown wether these buffs will be released in 2.1.

One fact we know: Housing will not be cheap. Housing can be obtained through a “silent auction”, and any unsold lots will reduce in price every 6h. There will definitely be a LIMITED AMOUNT OF LOTS. eventually adding as time passes.

The eventual links above will contain all we know about Player Housing.

PvP – The Wolves Den

(FFXIV PvP General Guide & FAQ)

PvP is finally coming in this patch with the introduction of The Wolves Den. The wolves den will be a 4v4 or 8v8 map with one single objective: “No member of the opposing team is alive“. Intense!

Here’s a fact about PvP mentioned that the FFXIVGuild team is excited about: PvP Skills will be different / balanced seperately from PvE! This is a great move by SE. The ripple effect from PvE and PvP in previous MMO’s was an unwelcome “feature” of having a universal skill set. So why not separate them! Good job!

You can only seem to use 10 skills in PvP – but the pool you can select from is rather large. Job, cross-class and maybe even Grand Company seems to affect your pool of skills to choose from. This is very similar to the Guild Wars 1 combat system (Which had very good PvP)

The Wolves Den Aetheryte can be accessed from Moraby Drydocks.

New Dungeon – Pharos Sirius

One brand new dungeon will be added to the game (with a pretty awesome soundtrack)

Pharos Sirius – (Will be linked)

Crystal Tower – 24 Man Dungeon

Crystal Tower is being introduced in patch 2.1, and will have four bosses:

King Behemoth
Bone Dragon

At 2.1 launch, you may not queue with a pre-made 24. You can queue as a full party of eight, and will be combined with 2 random 8-man groups. Crystal tower loot is item level 80, and will also have a Crystal tower item ticket system (details currently unknown).

Hardmode Dungeons

2 Dungeons will have a hard mode added! Copperbell Mines and Haukke Manor

Copperbell Mines Hard  – (Will be linked)

Haukke Manor Hard – (Will be linked)

Daily Duty Finder “Duty Roullette”

You may now participate in a daily duty finder, for Easy, Medium and High level dungeons. Rewards seem to give Myth/Philo tomes, gil, exp, company seals and more! There are Four categories to choose from, which you can do once a day for the bonus rewards. We can assume these were put in to ease queue times for lower level content. You can only queue up solo (for now).

Duty (Low Level)

Duty (High Level)

Main Scenario



You can now change your hairstyle for a cheap price. 2,000 gil! Aesthetician location to be updated.

Class Changes

Of course, everyone knows about the upcoming Warrior Changes. (will be updating our class/job page…)

a slight nerf on utility

positional damage increase

A detailed list will be added here, and we will be updating ALL class skills/ changes for 2.1.

Beast Tribe Daily Quests

Daily quests with the beastmen tribes will be implemented. We can assume the currency gained is traded with the respective tribe. These are currently in the game (unobtainable) but you can see them through the Marketplace.

At 2.1, Only the Amalj’aa and Slyph beast tribes will be available. They have an NPC that sells items but to gain access to them, you need to earn reputation through their daily quests.


Ixali Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Ixali Willowknot
Ixali Mapleknot
Ixali Ebonknot

Sylph Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Sylphic Brownleaf
Sylphic Yellowleaf
Sylphic Redleaf

Kobold Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Titan Copperpiece
Titan Myhtrilpiece
Titan Electrumpiece

Sahagin Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Greentide Psashp
Redtide Psashp
Goldtide Psashp

Amalj’aa Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Bronze Amalj’ok
Iron Amalj’ok
Darksteel Amalj’ok

Qiqirn Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Ququroon Doom-die
Gagaroon Luck-die
Peperoon Fate-die

Goblin Daily Quests (Will be linked)

Currently have 3 tiers of currency:
Brass Gobcog
Silver Gobcog
Gold Gobcog



Feel free to bookmark, Like us on Facebook or check us out on YouTube for updates – and chime in on any communication line if you feel information should be added to this page. In the next few days we will be creating the subpages for all the new content in preparation for patch 2.1!

FFXIV Crafting (DoH) Gear Guide

Crafting gear: When to upgrade!? My inventory is ful!? Relax… find out best DoH gear on your road(s) to 50.

Hey guys! Here we will be discussing about DoH gear, why you should update your gear every so often, and when you should do it!

Why upgrade your crafting gear?

There are many many ways to level a crafting class…

  • Crafting your own levequest items.
  • Casually crafting your way to 50, completing logs etc…
  • Grinding (not so ideal, hehe).
  • Buying levequest items from the marketboard for you to submit.
  • Having someone else craft leve items for you to submit.

If you’re part of the “buying items” or “having someone else craft” group, this guide is largely useless to you. You guys should proceed to the Crafting End-Game Gear (+Max Melds) Guide.

Crafting your own levequest items is the most cost efficient method in leveling a Disciple of Hand class. But for that you’re going to need two things. A good sense of crafting technique, and some decent crafting gear. Of course, we will be discusing the latter here.

Getting better gear means being able to:

  • Prevent failure when crafting.
  • Obtain HQ items more reliably
  • (and in the best scenario) Obtain HQ items from No-Quality materials.

All of the above reasons, and more, make it ideal to get decent crafting gear. Your return on investment will be massive!

Should I buy every crafting gear upgrade I can find!?

Well, not really. If you have the money for it, or can craft it yourself – why not. But not all upgrades are as equal! Some pieces of gear are more important than others. The three key pieces you NEED to update are: Main Hand, Off-hand and Chest.

Following that are the CP granting accessory slots: Neck, Wrist, Rings, Ear. These are pretty important, but not as critical.

Then least important are the control only slots (Non-chest body pieces): Head, Hands, Waist, Legs, Boots.

I’m confused! There’s so much DoH gear! When do I upgrade?

We made tables of that. The first one represents all pieces worn on the body. Left is most important (chest). Followed by accessories, then non-chest body pieces. (Click the class to sort by it or enter your level in the search box!)



Disciple of Hand (DoH) Main-Hand Weapons

We were surprised they weren’t uniform either… (Click the class to sort by it or enter your level in the search box!)


Disciple of Hand (DoH) Off-Hand Weapons

Non-uniform levels here as well… (Click the class to sort by it or enter your level in the search box!)


Cost efficient Disciple of Hand Gearing strategy

Of course, if you can afford all pieces and you’re planning to get all crafting classes to 50, investing in good gear for every tier is going to pay off MASSIVELY. Do you NEED them? No, not really. So here we discuss how and when you should buy gear…

Main Hand, Off-Hand and Chest should be upgraded as often as you can. (As a very general rule, check every 4 levels. Look at the table above to be more specific). You can ditch the level 47 ones since you’re nearing 50 anyway.

Accessories are also very important. They aren’t that expensive, and CP really does alot for you. You can skip the copper tier, and begin your investment in brass (Level 15~19). You can live to 50 with this, but I prefer upgrading this all the time. Electrum Choker(49) and Red Coral Earrings(45) should be picked up ASAP since they are best in slot.

Non-chest body pieces are the least priority. You should get a complete HQ low-level set (15~) at least, as they’re inexpensive. You can comfortably get to 50 with this. If you want to upgrade, I would suggest skipping the Velveteen tier (expensive). Upgrading to the Linen tier (Level 32-38 for a complete set), since it’s much cheaper than Velveteen and Felt. And live with that until you’re 50. I wouldn’t really invest in Felt because you’ll be 50 soon after. Raptorskin Merchant Pouch (48) is an exception. It’s the best possible waist slot right now, and you might as well pick up an HQ as soon as you can.

Investing in gear getting to 50 is worth it, and becomes more so when you plan to get more than one class to 50. Using the guidelines above, and tables, you don’t need to be confused and check the MB every time you level up. Hopefully this helps you out!

So you got to 50, ey? Then it’s time to gear up. Check this out: Crafting End-Game Gear (+Max Melds) Guide.

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FFXIV Patch Notes [2.05] 10/15/2013

More places to get Philosophy & Mythology? Check that our and more, here!

ffxiv patch notes 10152013

[Date & Time]
Oct. 14, 2013 from 8:00 p.m. to Oct. 15, 2013 2:00 a.m. (PDT)

[Affected Service]

[Update Details]
The following features have been implemented:

2.05 also contains a bunch of hotfixes and bug fixes, and quality of life issues, here’s what we know so far:

  • More ways to get Allagan Tomestones of Philosophy & Mythology.
    • Wow, this is great. No more grinding AK, a bit of variety is always good! Naturally our guide will be updated once we get to see what’s up.
  • Level 50 Dungeons difficulty adjusted.
    • Presumably more difficult, and some mention of rewards for killing trash.. ?
  • adding more servers and enhancements to counter the congestion to enter “Amdapor Keep.”
    • Hopefully the above fixes all contribute to this!
  • Increased experience from farming Botany Nodes and Mining Nodes. and their respective Fieldcraft Levequests.
    • Thank god. This mindless grind was in need of change. Fishing remains the same, people have mixed responses about that…
  • Diremite and Karakul spawn and drop rates adjusted up.
    • Newer weavers rejoice!
  • Anti-FATE lagging measures (population caps, rendering issues) being “addressed”
    • Dunno how effective this will be, but a welcome addition! This was implemented on Oct. 11, though.

All in all, patch 2.05 fixes alot of issues for us players, and hopefully makes Eorzea a little funner for all of us. The changes to end-game tome farming were much needed. Grinding AK for mythology became boring FAST, hopefully they come up with some creative ways to bring variety into it. I have to say, I’m quite excited for this one!

They also released a teaser for PvP today:

[New Tab] PvP Video Teaser: The Wolves Den

Check it out! The FFXIVGuild team is extremely excited for PvP and hopefully you are too!

Reference, Links, Additional Info

Official post about FFXIV patch 2.05
World Transfers
All Saint’s Wake “Halloween” event
Cactaur and Bomb Earring Vendors Added

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