FFXIV Red Mage (RDM) Basics Guide & FAQ – Shadowbringers Updated!

Shadowbringers Updated! A guide on the basics of Red Mage! RDM unlocking & requirements, why play a Red Mage, and other FAQ’s

MIN & BTN Leveling Guides updated. Other notes...

Botanist Leveling to 90, as well as Miner Leveling to 90 are updated for the Endwalker tier. Older tiers needs some fixing, although I modernized what I could quickly – I placed the important notes on the top of the aforementioned guides reflecting the major things that you need to take note of.

I will post a personal update soon, for those that are curious…

Raring to be a Red Mage? Rest assured you’ll read up about the RDM job, basic information and FAQs in our Red Mage Basics Guide. Read on if you’re expecting to learn about unlocking RDM, Red Mage Job Identity, trait and skill list, crafters and gatherers related to RDM, and link to other important Red Mage info!

Red Mage is a Ranged Magical DPS job (“caster”) released in 4.0 Stormblood. RDM’s came out alongside Samurai in the same expansion, and were preceded by two other casters, Black Mage and Summoner. While their in-game role is strictly caster, they do have melee combos – essentially making them the first hybrid class playstyle wise.

How to become a Red Mage? Unlocking RDM:

Unlock and become a Red Mage by doing the quest, “Taking the Red”, which is found at Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (NPC: Distraught Lass). The only requirement is having a level 50 Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic leveled. 

Unlike the Heavensward classes, I’m almost certain you can rush into using RDM once you have the level requirement – and is not locked behind unlocking Stormblood content.

Note that, upon completing the quest you MUST EQUIP the “Soul of the Red Mage” to actually formally BECOME a RDM.

Rushing to or want to know how to unlock a certain class? Learn more:
FFXIV Job Unlock & Requirements Guide.

Red Mage Playstyle & RDM Job Identity

If you’ve asked yourself, “Why play, try, or choose Red Mage?” – here’s my attempt at selling you the RDM class.

Red Mages are, thankfully, on the simpler side of the caster DPS spectrum. The White and Black mana system is pretty cool – you have to generate both as “equally” as you can, while keeping into account your procs. While you can “mess up” and be punished by building up too much of one color… it’s not something you’ll run into after you get your chops.

And RDM’s have a melee combo to spend your carefully built up mana – which is damn cool. They’re also BY FAR the most mobile caster class (and pretty damn mobile compared to all jobs in general) – with the infamous rush, and backflip (of which you’ll fall off the edge at one point in your career). You can heal in a pinch too, heh.

Aesthetically and thematically, the FFXIV Red Mage borrows heavily from the greater Final Fantasy Red Mage allure. The versatility, mobility, jack of all trades feel, the rapier… it’s a hybrid caster and melee DPS with flair (not Flare, that’s BLM). Sounds great? Then RDM is for you!


DISCLAIMER: This is not meant to be a blurb that aligns with the current meta. That changes from patch to patch. Our goal here is to provide you with an idea of what the job is trying to be, getting cues from both the Developers’ concrete decisions on job design, as well as our own feedback.

What Crafters & Gatherers should Red Mage level?

While it’s common in MMORPG’s to think you want to craft your own gear as you level up your RDM… I DO NOT RECOMMEND IT.

Leveling up your DoH and DoL jobs should be thought of as a different activity completely. To be honest, if you’re a newer player, simply ensure that you DO NOT OVERCAP Levequests (always have less than 100).

The only relation a combat job has to a crafter or gatherer class is “which classes do you need to repair your gear”? My advice, ultimately, is pretty much all or nothing – level up all DoH classes in tandem. As a separate project, level up all DoL classes in tandem (with the optional Fisher).

What’s the best race for Red Mage?

Racial stats are (was?) a thing. However, I highly recommend not caring about it. The difference in performance between the “best” and “worst” race for you is not even 0.1%.

My advice? Pick for aesthetics. Will you stay the same job forever? If you change mains, will you race change? Ultimately, the difference is so microscopic that I cannot in good faith tell you that racial stats are an integral part of your character.

I won’t even link the Racial Stats Guide, as I haven’t checked up on this in a while – and I don’t want to cement the idea that the “best race” really matters.

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Here are s a few useful links for you:

Upcoming Odds and Ends

Here’s a few things we’ll be adding on here in the near future:

  • Adding a “links to further resources”, we’re doing a site restructure so once those links are set, they’ll go in here.
  • Human-readable, newbie-friendly skill and trait list.
    > I used to have the in-game skill list here, but I found it useless as the in-game one is better… I’d rather have a new player friendly rundown.
  • More descriptive job identity? Pics?
    > I dunno… pictures of the job gauges? A gif of some flashy skills?
  • Feel free to suggest anything else via comment or socials!

Summary & Outro

Well that’s about it for a really, really basic guide that hopefully points some lost souls in the right direction, or answers some of your questions regarding Red Mage.

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FFXIV Caster DPS Role Actions: Guide & FAQ

All you need to know about Caster Role Actions in FFXIV, the replacement for cross-class skills!

Here’s quick  guide about Magical Ranged Role Actions! Shadowbringers has brought yet another update to the Role Actions system (previously the cross-class skills system). This time around, we no longer have to choose – and have access to all Role Actions!

(As a note, people informally refer to these classes as “Caster”)

What Jobs get the Magical Ranged Role Actions?

Job Classes

Black Mage (BLM)
Summoner (SMN)
Red Mage (RDM)

Base Classes

Arcanist (ACN)
Thaumaturge (THM)

Caster DPS Role Actions – Navigation:
Caster Role Actions List | Role Actions Uses & Discussion

Magical Ranged Role Actions List

8AddleLowers target's intelligence and mind by 10% for 10s.10Instant90
18SwiftcastNext spell is cast without cast time.10Instant60
24Lucid DreamingRegain MP over time.21Instant60
44SurecastSpells can be cast without interruption. Ignore most position altering effects.6Instant120

Caster DPS Role Actions: Quick Strategy & Discussion

Here we talk a little bit about each of the role actions, and their applications.


Very useful for raids and other boss fights. Severely reduces the targets magic damage for a short period of time. Usually used to help mitigate heavy tank busters or raid AoE. Remember it only works on magic damage!


Usefulness depends from class to class, but generally speaking any caster can benefit from this. Will mostly be used to “move while doing a cast”, and can be saved for a fast Resurrection for Summoners. Black Mages love this, while Red Mages, well… It comes up every now and then.

Lucid Dreaming

Slowly restores mana. Should be used as often as possible for Red Mages and Summoners to regain mana over longer fights. Is it even useful for Black Mages!?


Very niche skill in some raid encounters. It’s super rare that a strategy would require the use of Surecast, but please be aware of this skill in your repertoire in case it does!

Caster DPS Role Actions – Navigation:
Caster Role Actions List | Role Actions Uses & Discussion

Well, that’s about it for the Magical Ranged Role Actions! FOR NOW! I’ll be adding to this soon.

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FFXIV Red Mage Leveling Guide

Level up your Red MAGE (RDM) ASAP! Setting up – Early Rotations – Gear Checks and more!

If you’ve found yourself here, you’re likely leveling up a Red Mage. You’ve found the right place. Hopefully, our Red Mage Leveling Guide helps you out – especially with setting up and the early L50+ rotation!

Red Mage Leveling Guide Navigation:
Page 1: Unlocking, L50 Skills & Rotation, L50 Gear, Class Quest List
Page 2: Leveling RDM 50 to 60 (Basic info for now)
Page 3: Leveling RDM 60 to 70 (Basic info for now)

For those who jumped right into this page, we will add a little blurb about unlocking Red Mage, if you haven’t already.

Unlocking Red Mage (RDM) Job

Quest Name: Taking the Red
Quest Location: Ul’dah – Steps of Thal (Merchant Strip) (X:14, Y:12)
NPC Name: Distraught Lass

You will be rewarded with the Soul of the Red Mage, your main hand weapon (Mythrite Rapier), and a free coffer of 115 left side gear (Red Attire Coffer)! Equip them as soon you have them!

Since Red Mage starts at level 50, there are a few things you have to “catch up to”… Namely, your Skills, Rotation, and to a lesser extent, Gear.

Fresh Level 50 Red Mage Rotation & Skills

RDM Rotation Summary

Red Mage is all about generating Black and White mana “equally”, then subsequently dumping it using our melee combo. We use Dualcast on every “long spell”, which is Verthunder or Veraero.

It’s also HEAVILY influenced by procs.

In the next tab we go into the nitty gritty, and talk about EVERY SKILL you’ve unlocked just now.

L50 RDM Single Target Rotation
L50 RDM Basic Single Target Rotation

Gaining Mana Phase

Jolt (L2) (DUALCAST ON).
Verthunder (L4) or Veraero (L10), use what boosts your LOWER mana (DUALCAST OFF).
Proc triggered? Verfire (L26) or Verstone (L30), Use that (DUALCAST ON).
No Proc? Jolt (DUALCAST ON).
Verthunder (L4) or Veraero (L10), Use what boosts your LOWER mana (DUALCAST OFF).
Repeat from here (Either Jolt, or Proc Triggered)

It may seem a little odd reading it – but try it out first, it makes a lot of sense after a few cycles. After the gaining mana phase, it’s melee time.

80+ Black and White Mana? Melee Phase

Corps-a-corps (L6) (optional – to dash close to them)
Riposte (L1) (Melee Combo A)
Zwerchau (L35) (Melee Combo B)
Redoublement (L50) (Melee Combo C)
Displacement (L40) (Optional – backflips out)
(Go back to gaining mana phase)

Also, use Fleche (L45) whenever able.

L50 RDM Basic AoE Rotation
L50 RDM Basic AoE Rotation

For 2 Enemies: Use Single target rotation on one of them.

For 3 Enemies: Scatter (L18) spam is “ok”, but generates colored mana slowly. I would replace all Jolts with Scatter, and try to use as many Dualcasts on Veraero and Verthunder. Any procs gained should be saved for when 1/2 guys remain.

For 4+ Enemies: Scatter spamming seems best. While mana charges slowly, you’ll do far more damage.

At 52 (might as well give you an idea now), Moulinet is an AoE melee attack which uses your Black and White mana – so don’t worry, you have an AoE rotation for both ends.

L50 RDM Misc (Cooldowns, Utility)
L50 RDM Misc skills (Cooldowns, Utility)

Acceleration (L50): ENSURES that the next spell you cast will trigger its proc. Obvious uses, use as often as possible.

Fleche (L45): An off-GCD nuke to be used as often as possible.

Tether (L15): Binds enemies, largely useless.

L50 RDM Role Actions

TL;DR – for general usage:
Lucid Dreaming > Diversion > Swiftcast at 32

Caster role actions are pretty slim pickings…

For a more detailed write-up check out our Caster DPS Role Actions Guide.


Fresh level 50 Red Mage: Gear Check

The free gear you get from completing the Red Mage quest is item level 115. All things considered this ain’t so bad. HOWEVER, it is missing the right-side accessories, and belt.

Ignore this section if you plan to sully yourself in PotD forever.

I want better than 115 item level!

There are only 2 possible item level upgrades from 115, and 4 possible sources:

  • 120 gear from World of Darkness (hassle if you don’t have it already)
  • 120 Ironworks gear from “old tomestone” (not too bad to obtain!)
  • 130 Dreadwyrm gear from Final Coil (hassle if you don’t have it already)
  • 130 Augmented Ironworks gear (needs Carbontwine and Carboncoat…)

While I imagine many people have these lying around – I can only faithfully vouch for only ONE of these tiers – 120 Ironworks from older tomestone gear is easy to obtain, and can be fairly worth it as they’re shared between many classes.

And, if you happen to get Carboncoat and Carbontwine from WoD (queue up that Alliance Raid!), great!

If you read the clicky above, you can FILL UP THE BLANKS with the left table, or TRYHARD AND UPGRADE with the right table. I will not be listing Dreadwyrm or WoD gear in these tables, due to their difficulty to obtain for people who weren’t there at the time.

L50 RDM Basic GearL50 RDM Better Gear
L50 Red Mage Gear – Basic of the Basic (i115)
WeaponMythrite RapierFREE from coffer
HeadRed HatFREE from coffer
ChestRed BilaudFREE from coffer
HandsRed GlovesFREE from coffer
BeltHQ Rainbow of CastingCrafting / Market
LegsRed GaskinsFREE from coffer
BootsRed BootsFREE from coffer
EarringHQ Mythrite Earrings of CastingCrafting / Market
NeckHQ Rainbow Ribbon of CastingCrafting / Market
WristHQ Mythrite Bangle of CastingCrafting / Market
RingHQ Agate Ring of CastingCrafting / Market
RingHQ Agate Ring of CastingCrafting / Market
L50 Red Mage Gear – Tomestone (i120+)
WeaponIronworks Magitek DegenTomestone
HeadIronworks Hood of CastingTomestone
ChestIronworks Doublet of CastingTomestone
HandsIronworks Gloves of CastingTomestone
BeltIronworks Belt of CastingTomestone
LegsIronworks Breeches of CastingTomestone
BootsIronworks Boots of CastingTomestone
EarringIronworks Earrings of CastingTomestone
NeckIronworks Choker of CastingTomestone
WristIronworks Bracelet of CastingTomestone
RingIronworks Ring of CastingTomestone
Ring(Cannot use 2 of the same!)

Purchased from Auriana – Mor Dhona (X: 22.7, Y: 6.6)
For the other ring, use one from the other tab, Dreadwyrm, or Augmented Ironworks.

Red Mage Class Quests: Where!?

It happens to everyone, don’t worry. We will be listing the relevant chunks per tier on the respective page of this leveling guide as well, for easy reference.

Red Mage Job Quests 50 to 60
50Taking the RedUl’dah -Steps of Thal – Merchant Strip1412Distraught Lass
Soul of the Red Mage; Mythrite Rapier, Red Attire Coffer
50The Crimson DuelistCentral Thanalan2021X’rhun Tia
52A Rewarding StruggleEastern Thanalan1222X’rhun Tia
54Tracking the CabalWestern Thanalan1213X’rhun Tia
56A Vermillion VendettaWestern La Noscea2828X’rhun Tia
58On Lambard’s TrailWestern La Noscea2826X’rhun Tia
60Stained in ScarletNorthern Thanalan2021X’rhun TiaManafication
Red Mage Job Quests 60 to 70
60The Color of Her HairMor Dhona238X’rhun Tia
63Traced in BloodIdyllshire65X’rhun Tia
65NightkinIdyllshire65X’rhun Tia
68Child of LilithIdyllshire65X’rhun Tia
70With Heart and SteelThe Pillars1111X’rhun TiaVerholy, Duelist’s Attire Coffer


Red Mage Leveling Guide Navigation:
Page 1: Unlocking, L50 Skills & Rotation, L50 Gear, Class Quest List
Page 2: Leveling RDM 50 to 60 (Basic info for now)
Page 3: Leveling RDM 60 to 70 (Basic info for now)

I’m sure you’re itching to level up – and I hope you took the above preparations to heart! Just continue onwards with the links just above!

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