FFXIV Culinarian Leveling Guide L1 to 90 (EW Updated DT Soon!)

5.25 Shadowbringers UPDATED! CUL L70 to 80 segment updated to account for the new skills, and added new rotations!

DAWNTRAIL HYPE! Initial guide updates...
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How to Unlock Pictomancer & Viper


Ending world hunger in Endwalker?

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So you’re gonna Ramsey it up and be a Culinarian, ey? Get your inventory space ready!

Before you begin…

Where is the Culinarian Guild? How to become a Culinarian? You can become a Culinarian by visiting the Culinarians’ Guild in Limsa. If you have at least L10 in any combat class – you’re good to start cookin’!

Updating your Cooking Gear is quite important if you’re going to be crafting your own leve items. We have a Crafting Gear Guide to help you out on that.

Culinarian Class Quest Item Reference:

CUL 01: Maple Syrup
CUL 05: Grilled Trout
CUL 10: 2x Grilled Dodo
CUL 15: Meat Miq’abob
CUL 20: Dried Plums
CUL 25: Aldgoat Steak
CUL 30: (HQ) Smoked Raptor
CUL 35: (HQ) Ratatouille
CUL 40: (All HQ) Blood Currant Tart, Pastry Fish, Chamomile Tea
CUL 45: (HQ) Dzemael Gratin
CUL 50: (All HQ) Eft Steak, Beef Stew, Trapper’s Quiche, Crowned Pie

Just use the above as a quick reference if completing multiple Culinarian class quests at once.

Levequest Items Discussion?

For Culinarian: Repeatable Leves are extremely worth it! (Save inventory space)

Every tier has 3 kinds of Leves:

  • [1]Single Submit Leves: Levemete & submission are just a short walk from each other.
  • [C]ourier Leves: Levemete is from the [H]ometown, to be submitted to the [L]ocal Levemete.
  • [RC] or Reverse Courier Leves are from the [L]ocal, submitted to [H]ometown.
  • [R]epeatable Leves.


  • [1]Single and [3]Repeatable Leves (1 each) are from the [H]ometown, and [L]ocal levemete.
  • [C]ourier leves will always give the Highest EXP per craft, but require a lot of time and travel costs.
  • [3]Repeatable leves will always give the Highest EXP per Leve. If you value your leves a lot or don’t have many left, these are good. But, they are MORE expensive. We will recommend the best [1] and [3] levequest(s) for every tier. Note that this depends on server prices and might not apply to you (Unlikely). We will comment on every tiers [C] levequest but will likely never recommend it. Use [C] levequests at your own discretion!
  • A Precursor item means it requires a fully crafted item AS A MATERIAL.

Useful links to have open: Crafting Gear Guide | Culinarian Leves Guide


Ixal Beast Tribe Daily Quests: Bonus Crafting/DoH EXP !

Putting it here to remind or notify you that such a thing exists, but:

I SUGGEST USING THESE ON CRAFTERS L15+ (use on low level if forced)
Since the early levels are quite easy. (But you can unlock it asap)

Starting Quest: A Bad Bladder
NPC & Location: Scarlet at New Gridania (9, 11)
Prerequisite MSQ: Pursuit of the Past

These dailies are best used to push past “bad tiers”, or simply on your highest level non 50 crafter. I suppose you can also use them on crafting classes which are lagging behind for one reason or the other.

If you’re super fresh and have all low level crafters, and happen to unlock it early – you CAN do them now. While I don’t recommend it, I suppose it’s better than them just disappearing!

Culinarian Level 1-15: The early levels

We DO NOT advise using Leves for these low levels. If you really feel like using leves for these tiers:

CUL 1 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Grilled Trout
CUL 5 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Jack-o’-lantern
CUL 10 Leve Recommendation: [H][1] – Grilled Carp

You can get to CUL 15 in less than an hour if you buy a Company-issued Engineering Scroll. The GC Scrolls can be bought from your GC’s supplier NPC. Culinarian is a bit different. While you “can” complete your early crafting log for fast EXP, we suggest stocking up on important “Ingots” you will need in the future:

Buy the following items:

  •  32x Rocksalt
  • 32x Distilled Water
  • 16x Mineral Water
  • 33x Rye
  • 99x Beehive Chip
  • 49x Maple Sap
  • 132x Sunset Wheat
  • 38x Buffalo Milk

The above Items can be found in the CUL Guild Supplier.

Then Craft these in order (+GC Scroll):

  •  32x Table Salt (Yields almost 2 stacks of Table Salt)
  • 49x Maple Syrup (You’ll be using some for the next step…)
  • 45x Maple Sugar (Made from 15 of the Maple Syrups.. Yields one stack)
  • 33x Rye Flour (Yields 1 stack Rye Flour)
  •  33x Honey (Yields one stack of Honey)
  • 19x Smooth Butter (Yields almost a stack of Smooth Butter)
  • 33x Sunset Wheat Flour (Yields one stack of Sunset Wheat Flour)
  • 16x Pie Dough (Yields nearly one stack of Pie Dough)

It’s up to you on how you want to do this: Quick Synthesis loses a lot of EXP, so you wanna manually craft maybe 5-15 of each item then Quick Synth the rest. The reason for this is to make use of these low level crafts to gain EXP while they’re still relevant. You’ll be using any number of these for as long as you’ll be cooking. Yes, you can buy a few of these from other NPC’s, but might as well maximize the exp now.

With Pie Dough, You might want to craft all of it manually.

While completing the Crafting Log might be “better” in terms of leveling, this is a low-impact, AFK friendly (and inventory space friendly) way. Again, you’ll be using all this stuff anyway.

After completing the shopping list above, activate your scroll and be 15++ quick!

Culinarian Leveling Guide – Navigation: [0-15] | [15-35] | [35-50]
[50-60] | [60-64] | [64-70] | [70-80]

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FFXIV Culinarian Levequests (Complete List)

All Culinarian Levequests Information. CUL Levequest locations, leve items needed – and more!

Hey guys! Here is a listing of ALL CULINARIAN LEVEQUESTS. If you’re reading this – you’re going to want to open our CUL Leveling Guide!

Culinarian Leves level 20 and above marked with T means they are triple turn ins, while S is a single turn in. Submitting High-quality Alchemist crafted items give DOUBLE EXP REWARDS


Culinarian (CUL) Levequests

1Pork is a Salty FoodTable Salt9SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
1Trout Fishing in LimsaGrilled Trout3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
1In Hot WaterBoiled Egg3SLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Stead
1Meat- lover's SpecialMarmot Steak3SRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Stead
1What a SapMaple Syrup5SRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Stead
1It's Always Sunny in VylbrandRaisins3SRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsa
5Jack of All PlatesJack-o'-lantern3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
5Whip ItSweet Cream5SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
5A Real FungiChanterelle Saute3SLimsa LominsaRed Rooster Stead
5Butter Me UpKukuru Butter5SRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Stead
5Putting the Squeeze OnOrange Juice3SRed Rooster SteadRed Rooster Stead
5Fishy RevelationsBraised Pipira3SRed Rooster SteadLimsa Lominsa
10Keep Your Powder DryKukuru Powder5SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
10Pretty Enough to EatGrilled Carp3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
10Go Ahead and Dig InMole Loaf3SLimsa LominsaSwiftperch
10Chew the FatGrilled Dodo3SSwiftperchSwiftperch
10Fisher of MenSalt Cod3SSwiftperchSwiftperch
10The Bango Zango DietParsnip Salad3SSwiftperchLimsa Lominsa
15Omelette's Be FriendsDodo Omelette3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
15Shy is the OysterRaw Oyster3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
15A Total Nut JobWalnut Bread3SLimsa LominsaAleport
15Rustic RepastChicken and Mushrooms3SAleportAleport
15Sweet Smell of SuccessLavender Oil5SAleportAleport
15Flakes for FriendsApple Tart3SAleportLimsa Lominsa
20A Grape IdeaGrape Juice3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
20Brain FoodWalnut Bread9/27TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
20Feast of All SolesSalmon Meuniere3SLimsa LominsaQuarrymill
20Food FightShepherd's Pie3SQuarrymillQuarrymill
20For Crumb's SakeHoney Muffin3SQuarrymillQuarrymill
20Picnic PanicApple Tart9/27TQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Convalescence Precedes EssenceGinger Cookie3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
25Fever PitchChamomile Tea9/27TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
25Cooking with GasChicken Stock9SLimsa LominsaQuarrymill
25I Love LampreyEel Pie9/27TQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Love's Crumpets LostCrumpet3SQuarrymillQuarrymill
25Whirled PeasPea Soup3SQuarrymillQuarrymill
30Bloody Good Tart, ThisBlood Currant Tart3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
30True GritsCornmeal6/18TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
30Pretty as a PictureDark Vinegar5SLimsa LominsaCosta del Sol
30Gegeruju Gets DownCornbread3SCosta del SolCosta del Sol
30Point Them with the Sticky EndTuna Miq'abob3SCosta del SolCosta del Sol
30Sole SurvivorBaked Sole9/27TCosta del SolCosta del Sol
35Don't Turn Up Your NoseSauerkraut3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
35Feeding FrenzyAcorn Cookie9/27TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
35No More Dumpster DivingKnight's Bread3SLimsa LominsaObservatorium
35Leek Soup for the SoulCawl Cennin9/27TObservatoriumObservatorium
35Rise and DineCheese Souffle3SObservatoriumObservatorium
35Winter of Our DiscontentMugwort Carp3SObservatoriumObservatorium
40Made by Apple in CoerthasApple Juice9/27TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
40The Perks of Life at SeaJerked Beef3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
40Moving Up in the WorldRolanberry Cheese5SLimsa LominsaWhitebrim Front
40Good Eats in IshgardSalt Cod Puffs3SWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
40Pagan PastriesPastry Fish9/27TWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
40Rolandberry Fields ForeverRolanberry Cheese5SWhitebrim FrontWhitebrim Front
45The Bread in the CloudsLa Noscean Toast9/27TLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
45The Egg FilesDeviled Eggs3SLimsa LominsaLimsa Lominsa
45Culture ClubCrowned Pie1SLimsa LominsaSt. Coinach's Find
45Comfort Me with MushroomsButtons in a Blanket3SSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
45Drinking to Your HealthMulled Tea3SSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
45Red Letter DayRolanberry Lassi9/27TSt. Coinach's FindSt. Coinach's Find
50Little Orphan CandyFig Bavarois3SFoundationFoundation
50The Aroma of FaithBaked Onion Soup6/18TFoundationFoundation
50The Next to Last SupperStuffed Cabbage Rolls3SFoundationFoundation
52Loving That Muffin TopIshgardian Muffin3SFoundationFoundation
52Persona non GratinDhalmel Gratin6/18TFoundationFoundation
52Such a Butter FaceFermented Butter7SFoundationFoundation
54Breakfast of ChampionsEmerald Soup3SFoundationFoundation
54Old Victories, New TastesDhalmel Fricassee6/18TFoundationFoundation
54The Nutcraker's SweetsRoyal Eggs3SFoundationFoundation
56It Goes Down SmoothlyFrozen Spirits3SFoundationFoundation
56Persuasion of a Higher PowerBaked Pipira Pira6/18TFoundationFoundation
56Saucy for a SuitorHollandaise Sauce7SFoundationFoundation
58Don't Let it Fall ApartLiver-cheese Sandwich6/18TFoundationFoundation
58Let's Not Get SappyBirch Syrup7SFoundationFoundation
58Soup That Eats Like a KnightClam Chowder3SFoundationFoundation
60All You Can StomachBaklava3/9TKuganeKugane
60LoquaciousLoquat Juice3SKuganeKugane
60Oh No UdonGyr Abanian Flour3SKuganeKugane
62Hunger is No GamePopoto Soba3SKuganeKugane
62Soup for the SoulKasha3SKuganeKugane
62The Frier Never LiesCottonseed Oil3/9TKuganeKugane
64A Shorlonging for the FamiliarShorlog3SKuganeKugane
64Sweet Kiss of DeathRice Vinegar3SKuganeKugane
66No Othard ChoiceEgg Foo Young3SKuganeKugane
66Persimmony SnicketPersimmon Pudding3SKuganeKugane
66West Meats EastNomad Meat Pie3/9TKuganeKugane
68Fish BoxChirashi-zushi3SKuganeKugane
68Fits to a TeaDoman Tea3SKuganeKugane
68Herky JerkyJerked Jhammel3/9TKuganeKugane
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