FFXIV Beast Tribe Daily Quest Guide & FAQ

What are beastmen daily quests?

Beastmen daily quests are repeatable quests which give decent rewards and an opportunity to get reputation with certain beast tribes. The higher reputation you have – the more rewards you can obtain from them.

How many can I do in a day?

You’re given 6 allowances every day. At Neutral reputation, you may only spend 3 allowances per tribe a day. You can spend all 6 on a tribe once you have reached Recognized or above.

What are the currently implemented beastmen i can gain reputation for?

Tribe – (Map) – [Nearest Aetheryte] – X:Y

Amaljaa – (Southern Thanalan) [Little Ala Mhigo] – 23:14
Sylph – (East Shroud) [Hawthorne Hut] – 22:26

What are the beast tribe daily quest rewards?

While reputation is what you’re really after here – quests give other little rewards shown below.

Quest RankReputationGilEXPVenturesMythology


Strangely, Sylph quests are 1 level lower than Amaljaa…

What do beast tribe vendors sell?

Various crafting items, Unique dyes and eventually Minions & Mounts. For beast tribe specific vendor item info – visit the respective pages:

Amal’jaa Sylph |

How long does it take to rank up in reputation?

Neutral to Recognized takes 10 days regardless. (3 quests a day)

After Neutral you unlock the Recognized quest giver.  You can actually spend all 6 quests on one beast tribe if you wish to focus on them!

Recognized to Friendly (focus on one) takes 10 days.
Friendly to Trusted (focus on one) takes 10 days.

Splitting the quests between tribes gives more TOTAL reputation, but slower to rank.

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