FFXIV 4.0 Omega: Deltascape (NORMAL) Quick Guide

A quick guide on this tiers normal difficulty raid

Hello there! This guide is a quick and simple rundown of the bosses you’ll be facing in the 4.0 raid Omega: Deltascape NORMAL. I repeat, THIS IS FOR NORMAL! But for the most part, I know why you’re here – you don’t wanna be the dreaded, “That Guy”.

Feel free to comment on anything I missed, or things I’m unclear about. Some of these ended way too quickly, or some obscure mechanics that are maybe “derpable” I didn’t / couldn’t take note of.

Minor spoilers for boss names. Although I highly doubt people reading this specific guide would really care about that.

“Behold! The son of our maker!” – Mahikotron 4.0

Omega 1N (Alte Roite?) “SKINNY DRAGON”

PREEMPTIVELY Stay away from fireballs, they eventually pulse for damage, it’s too fast to avoid.

Wind skills interact with the balls. Predict their movement.

Be wary of the Ice “floor is slippery” “shiva” effect. AKA Moving slides you across.

Twinbolt is a double tank buster. (Hits 1st and 2nd aggro?)

Nothing truly “wipe worthy” here, just the usual dodger mcdodge.

Omega 2N (Catastrophe) “EYEBALl”

Like Lakshmi Extreme you have a duty skill, “Levitate”. Levitate determines what mechanics you can deal with, or dodge.

Sinking black ground: levitate or die

Gravity Manipulation: A guy gets the “stack with me” arrows. Fly or stay on the ground depending on his state.

Yellow AoE: flying guys will be petrified

Blue AoE: ground guys will be petrified

How do I dodge the yellow / blue combo? There’s a safe spot somewhere (middle or sides, depending) or one will expire before the other.

Tentacles? Are a bit unclear to me. Just AVOID the ones with the lighted marker, they release a large AoE.

While there’s a lot of mechanics it’s super forgiving. The only way you’ll truly fail is a cascade of failed mechanics from majority of the raid.


Omega 3N (Halicarnassus) “jestergrill”

There’s a lot going on here. Quite fun. Lots of DODGING.

Ribbit makes you a frog. There is no telegraph, but its a large cone from where she is facing.

Queen’s Waltz (?): Stay on the light colored tiles.

Floor tiles with symbols: Stay on your respective symbol as tank healer or DPS. If it’s a frog symbol – PURPOSEFULLY GET HIT BY RIBBIT.

There’s a lot more “combinations” of mechanics you’ll see within the fight, but aside from the above mentioned skills, it’s just a lot of dodging.

Omega 4N (Exdeath) “2 Year Old’s diagram of knight”

***Apparently I’m blind and it’s all ELEMENT III – but you have to watch for clues as to which one is which. Please comment to clarify***

Thunder II : OUT. It’s a large circular AoE from him without a telegraph.

Thunder III: is a tank buster with a stacking vulnerability. Don’t have more than 3, I guess…

If you’re worried, just GET OUT WHEN ITS THUNDER!

Fire III: Take more damage the more actions you do until the debuff expire.

Blizzard III: MOVE AS THE CAST ENDS – you will get a vuln up if you do not. (As a reminder think of it like “you don’t wanna get too cold so you move”).

Fire II and Blizzard II are typical AoE dodge. Failing too many of these result in heavy vulnerability stacks.

Phase 2

GIANT HEAD: get out of where it’s facing. It’s a pretty significant cone stemming from… well… where it’s facing.

Decisive Battle: “Star” (tentacles), ONE of the extreme edges is safe.

THERE IS A KNOCKBACK SKILL which I forget, so don’t stay too close to the edges.

Fire, Thunder and Blizzard continue in this phase.

Loot & Rewards

I’ll be posting a simplified loot list in terms of gear you can exchange – but for now…

It follows the usual token distribution:

Normal Difficulty Loot Distribution
  • Limited to one per turn per week (No restriction after some patches).
  • A fourth piece of loot is also randomly chosen from the possible three.

Also, Exdeath has a chance (or is it sure?) to drop a minion, Wind-up Exdeath.

Welp, that’s about it. Hopefully I helped you out not to “be that guy”.

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